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Congressman Rodney Davis


In spite of all the controversial statements made by GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, central Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis is sticking by his party's nominee.

Davis (R-Taylorville) talked with reporters last week saying he believes Democrat Hilary Clinton is not trustworthy.

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Republican Congressman Rodney Davis and Democratic State Treasurer Michael Frerichs are barnstorming across Illinois Universities in a bipartisan effort to improve college savings programs.

Among the ideas the two promote is allowing employers to take a tax credit for up to five thousand dollars per worker per year used to pay off student debt.

David Gill

The State Board of Elections has ruled independent 13th District Congressional candidate David Gill does not have enough petition signatures to get on the November 8th ballot.

The Bloomington Physician collected nearly 8,600 signatures, but that's still 2,000 fewer than he needed.

Rep. Davis Reacts To Democratic Sit-in

Jun 23, 2016

Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis said the Democratic protest in the US House was a "publicity stunt." The nearly 26-hour sit-in by House Democrats ended earlier today, but the group vows to come back after a congressional recess "more determined than ever before."

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Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis is supporting five bills to combat opioid abuse in McLean County and across the country. At least four of the measures are expected to be discussed on the House floor this week.


After the President’s recent trip to Cuba, 89-year old Fidel Castro gave a speech slamming the Obama administration.  GLT's Charlie Schlenker talked with U.S. Representative Rodney Davis about the President's visit.

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Congressman Rodney Davis of Taylorville sees President Obama’s recent visit to Cuba as just the start of improved relations with the island country.


Ethan Vandersand is running for Congress against incumbent Rodney Davis in the Republican Primary in the 13th district.

Vandersand is a pharmacist in Jerseyville and owns the Medicine Shoppe. He lives in Carrolton with his wife. He talks with Charlie Schlenker about immigration,  his relationship with God, and his opponent.

Congressman Davis Pushes Access Bill

Feb 5, 2016
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Illinois Republican congressman Rodney Davis is pushing a bill that he says will provide a more open market for things like corrective lenses. During a tour of Identity Optical in Normal, Davis says the bill would allow companies like Identity Optical compete in markets where health care industries limit patient choice.

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Small towns that experience disasters often have to fight very hard to get a federal disaster declaration and accompanying aid to restore things after tornados or floods. Pontiac, Illinois had trouble after floods a decade ago. More recently, Washington, Illinois had no luck. But, the authorizing bill for the governing agency FEMA is up this year in Congress.

And in this interview with Charlie Schlenker, Congressman Rodney Davis has hope that one mechanism or another will come through.


Congressman Rodney Davis is back in the district campaigning before the March party primary. We start with a political discussion about the impact of Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump  on the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary.

Donald Trump's remarks this week calling for banning Muslims from entry into the country has been widely denounced by both Democrats and Republicans. WGLT's Washington correspondent Hanna Gutmann reports some Republicans, including central Illinois' Rodney Davis, are worried about how it will impact the Republicans brand, and worried it could broad brush bigotry across all Republican candidates.

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U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis says he was hoping President Obama's speech to the nation last night would contain a stronger, more comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIS.  In a statement, Davis said "despite the president's claim that ISIS has been contained, it is clear their reach and influence is growing.  But unfortunately, what we heard tonight was much of the same."  Davis says the U.S. needs a plan to destroy terrorists abroad, but that "additional steps need to be taken to protect Americans here at home."

Cars on Veterans Parkway
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The House has overwhelmingly approved a five-year, $305 billion transportation bill that boosts highway and transit spending. The measure assures states that federal aid will be available as they plan major projects. Congressman Rodney Davis touts the $7.5 billion dollars for Illinois and the $668 million increase for the state over the life of the bill. He's also pleased with efficiency measures in the legislation.

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Central Illinois Republicans Darin LaHood and Rodney Davis joined all but two Republicans in the House and 47 Democrats in voting for a bill that would pause the admission of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in response to the Paris attacks. WGLT's Washington Correspondent Hanna Gutmann has the story.

Despite the president's threatened veto, the House passed the measure with a veto-proof majority.


Illinois Republican Congressman Rodney Davis of Taylorville (13th District) says President Obama is missing out on making economic progress by rejecting the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. That's one of the topics covered during a Sound Ideas interview with WGLT's Willis Kern.

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US Representative Rodney Davis spent part of his day Tuesday touring the new crisis and detox unit at Bloomington's Chestnut Health Systems. During the tour, Chestnut Chief Operating Officer Alan Sender told the Republican times are tough.

Davis held a round table at the center, focusing on mental healthcare, and discussed a bill from Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Tim Murphy. The measure promises more beds for patients, and a tele-psych system to make up for a shortage of psychologists and psychiatrists. Davis says the mental health system is 'broken.'

Congressman Rodney Davis says he approves of President Obama's decision to slow withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Afghanistan. Speaking to reporters on a conference call, the Republican Davis said keeping 9,800 troops there until late next year is in the country's interests.

"I think the disastrous results of what we saw from his drawdown in Iraq may have prompted this and I gotta give him kudos for making a decision that philosophically he never thought he would make when he was running for that office."