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Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump has long been a divisive figure in national politics. Now, he has become one within the Republican Party.

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The head of the McLean County Republican Party says Democrats should have focused more on unifying the country in President Donald Trump's final days in office, rather than pursing a second impeachment.

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Republicans logged a lot of wins in McLean County Tuesday night.

Congressman Rodney Davis cinched a closely-watched race. County-wide officeholders fended off Democratic challengers. The county board held a Republican majority, despite efforts for a potential Blue Wave.

Connie, Nikita, and Ryan

McLean County’s top Democrat and Republican are making their case for and against the graduated income tax—one of the biggest issues facing voters this fall.

Connie speaks
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Two Bloomington City Council members on Friday denied creating or endorsing a so-called “boycott list” of conservative-owned businesses, after facing criticism from the McLean County Republican Party chair.

Nicole Bruno and Martin
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The McLean County Republican Party is seeking nominations for its Everyday Hero Award program.

Connie Beard

The chair of the McLean County Republican Party is urging her members to lobby against a bill that would require incoming sixth-graders to get the HPV vaccine that protects against certain cancers.

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The head of the McLean County Republican party said she was disappointed to see President Donald Trump commute former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's 14-year prison sentence on Tuesday.

Connie Beard

McLean County’s top Republican said her party is ready to fight off Democratic challenges on several new fronts during the 2020 election.

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For nearly three decades, Martin Mongiello had the privilege of making meals for important people from across the country and around the world: heads of state, celebrities and even royalty.

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One year into the job, the chair of the McLean County GOP says she’s focused on building up her party’s ground game to push back against newly energized Democrats.

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Women are underrepresented at almost all levels of elected office.

JB Pritzker speaks in Bloomington
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More and more money from outside McLean County—and even Illinois—is pouring into local campaigns with just weeks to go until the Nov. 6 midterm election.

Monday was the deadline for local, state, and federal candidates to report their third-quarter fundraising totals (for the period ending Sept. 30) with the Illinois State Board of Elections and Federal Election Commission. Here’s a closer look at the races GLT is watching:

Davis vs. Londrigan

Connie Beard
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The head of the McLean County Republican Party is coming to the county clerk's defense in what's become a bitter re-election battle.

I Voted stickers on a roll
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Opponents of a referendum asking to dissolve the Bloomington Election Commission made it nearly halfway to their goal Monday as they argued that hundreds of signatures collected to put it on November’s ballot were invalid.

Erik Rankin
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The chair of the McLean County Democrats said Monday that his party plans to file a formal challenge to the signatures collected to put a referendum on November’s ballot to dissolve the Bloomington Election Commission.

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Gov. Bruce Rauner is trying to clarify his remarks about Rivian that some local officials saw as demeaning to the electric vehicle automaker.

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Yes, McLean County Democrats are energized headed into this year’s elections. But Republicans know how to win.

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Normal Town Council member Scott Preston said Thursday he’s considering a run for McLean County Republican Party chair.

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If President Donald Trump has taught us anything, it’s that the way you communicate your political beliefs matters more than ever.

Connie Beard

A longtime local GOP leader said Thursday she wants to succeed Chuck Erickson as chair of the McLean County Republican Party.