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UPDATED 5:05 P.M. | McLean County health officials announced 35 new coronavirus cases on Friday, and an equal number of patients recovering.

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Dan Muller is used to dealing with lots of unknowns heading into a basketball season. But his ninth season as Illinois State University men’s hoops coach will most certainly include more unknowns than any other.

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McLean County saw an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations on Thursday as its rate of new cases and positive testing dipped.

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Illinois State University trustees will consider a contract to use space in two hotels to house any potential overflow of students who become sick, or who have come in close contact with someone who tests positive for the coronavirus.

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Chestnut Health Systems of Bloomington conducted an exercise Wednesday to test its preparedness to administer a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

Bloomington Junior HIgh School
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UPDATED 3:20 P.M. | Superintendent Barry Reilly has announced District 87 will resume in-school instruction in a hybrid format as an option for students in grades 7 through 12, starting in January.

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McLean County health officials announced 44 new cases of the coronavirus on Wednesday as the county’s seven-day testing positivity rate reached its highest level in five weeks.

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McLean County health officials announced three more COVID-related deaths Tuesday.

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McLean County health officials announced 40 new coronavirus cases on Monday as the county’s seven-day testing positivity rate rose to 4%.

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McLean County health officials announced the county’s 27th COVID-related death Sunday, along with 77 new coronavirus cases. That’s the highest single-day total in a month.

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Contract tracing has been around since at least the early 20th century and it remains one of health care's most critical infectious disease responses.

Melissa Graven, McLean County Health Department's communicable disease supervisor, said tracing who infected people have been around is more critical during COVID-19 because hardly anyone is immune. 

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McLean County health officials reported 35 new coronavirus cases on Saturday while the county’s seven-day testing positivity rate held steady at 3%.

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Two more McLean County residents have died after contracting COVID-19, while several McLean County nursing homes are dealing with coronavirus outbreaks.

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The pandemic may be wrecking a lot of things for a lot of people. But one part of the economy that’s doing well is home improvement.

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A McLean County man in his 80s is the 24th resident to die from COVID-19 related complications.  According to the McLean County Health Department (MCHD), he had underlying health conditions and was associated with a long-term care facility.

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Both candidates running for the 13th Congressional District want to see the White House and congressional leaders continue negotiating on another COVID-19 relief package.

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A recent change in state of Illinois policy regarding insurance reimbursements for COVID-19 testing has raised concerns that the public may be billed for the tests, but health officials say that’s not the case.

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The McLean County Health Department is reporting no new cases of COVID-19 for the first time since June.

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The McLean County Health Department reported 43 new confirmed COVID-19 cases Tuesday. That’s the second time in a week the daily caseload has exceeded 40, as the county’s testing positivity rate climbed to 3.4%.

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The start of the fall semester was rocky for Illinois State University. Original plans for COVID-19 test supplies fell through just two weeks before the start of classes. Students saw their once blended schedules moved nearly all online, triggering questions about whether students should move back at all, and why they’re paying full price.

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Bar and restaurant owners in McLean County have had to get creative to keep customers during the pandemic. But one key feature that's likely been the biggest boost, expanded outdoor dining, is fading fast as fall approaches, and they are now bracing for a long, cold winter with less room for customers.

McLean County Health Department
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McLean County health officials are looking into creating a call center to answer the public’s questions about COVID-19.

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The McLean County Health Department reported 19 new coronavirus cases on Monday, as the testing positivity rate ticked up slightly.

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There were 46 new coronavirus cases reported Saturday, as McLean County's testing positivity rate rose a full percentage point.

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With District 87 planning a return to in-person learning for elementary students, some parents think keeping the remote learning option isn't enough. They say the hybrid format doesn't sufficiently reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection and stunts progress kids are finally starting to make with virtual learning.

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McLean County has reached a new record with 13 COVID-19 hospitalizations, up two from Thursday.

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Even with COVID-19 case numbers falling in Bloomington-Normal in recent weeks, a lot of Unit 5 school district parents don't want their kids returning to the classroom.

The district has reported parents of 22.6% of students have chosen to stay with remote learning when Unit 5 goes back to a hybrid class schedule starting Oct. 19. That's about 2,829 students roughly evenly distributed across grade levels.

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The Town of Normal and City of Bloomington said Thursday that families are discouraged from door-to-door trick-or-treating this year because of COVID-19. But local officials also offered guidance if families choose to do it anyway.

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The McLean County Health Department reported 21 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Thursday, as two more people were admitted to the hospital.

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s saliva-based COVID-19 test has never operated under emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, despite prior claims that it did, an FDA spokesperson tells Illinois Newsroom.