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Criminal Justice System

Settlement Permits Release Of Up To 1,200 State Prisoners

Mar 25, 2021
 Logan Correctional Center
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The Illinois Department of Corrections and a number of elderly and medically vulnerable prisoners seeking early release from state prisons due to COVID-19 reached a settlement Tuesday in a lawsuit brought by the inmates against the department.

McLean County Law and Justice Center
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The pandemic has slowed programs in McLean County that help keep people out of prison and the county jail.

Michael Donavan, the county's court services director, said recovery court and drug court usually offer intensive therapy and other services, but they are not seeing as much use right now.

John Milhiser
U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois

It’s not uncommon for the adrenaline to rise when a driver sees flashing red lights in the rearview mirror.  but the recent recurring incidents of officer-involved deaths in the U.S. has put a spotlight on how police handle all encounters with the public.

Amelia and Sarah
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It’s hard for rural communities in Illinois to attract or keep the doctors, teachers, or even grocery stores which together make everyday life possible in a small town.

police tape

A Bloomington man pleaded guilty Monday to failure to report a June crash that left a motorcyclist dead.

Fire truck
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A man pointed a gun at a juvenile during a family argument Monday night, Bloomington Police said.

Man stands holding fake gun in outstretched arms before a large video screen while a man looks on in the background
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The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police is traveling the state inviting individuals, elected officials, and the media to engage in various simulations of use-of-force scenarios so they can experience the split-second decision-making officers encounter.

Nancy, Marketta, and Maria
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Editor's note: This is part of a five-story series reported at the Housing Action Illinois conference in Bloomington on Oct. 24-25. The stories ran Wednesday, Oct. 30, on WGLT's Sound Ideas.

The Woodford County courthouse in Eureka
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One day after a 9-year-old was arraigned on murder charges, a juvenile justice advocate on Tuesday questioned the Woodford County prosecutor’s decision to try and hold the boy criminally responsible for his alleged actions.