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Early Childhood

Central Illinois Girl Scouts are seeking new methods to recruit girls to combat a drop in enrollment.

Kids playing with a teacher
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Heartland Head Start will pitch low-income families on its unique mix of early childhood preschool and family support services at a recruitment event this weekend.

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The most popular baby names in Illinois last year? Noah and Olivia.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on Sesame Street? Paul Rudolph doesn't have to guess. He works there.

Rudolph, who grew up in Normal, is the vocal music director of the show. As such, he wears many hats—composing, arranging and recording many of those catchy tunes that stick in the minds of children and not a few adults. He recently won his second Emmy for music editing on the show.

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Livingston County Prosecutors and law enforcement leaders want the state to boost early childhood block grant funding funding by $50 million. Sheriff Tony Childress said that will allow the state to capture more federal funds for preschool.

Childress was with the States's Attorney and another Sheriff reading books to three and four year olds at a Pontiac grade school.


Children's Home and Aid is asking Bloomington-Normal to "go blue" and show support as Child Abuse Awareness month begins. More than 1,600 children are reported as abused or neglected in McLean County and the agency offers preventative programs to help break the cycle.

Human Milk Depot Begins In McLean County

Feb 10, 2017
Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes

A new group is issuing a call for human milk donors in McLean County.

The first milk depot is opening at the health department in Bloomington next week.

Pre-screened lactating women can donate excess breast milk to help medically fragile babies.

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Do you remember playing with little plastic blocks when you were a kid? Building Lego houses, Lego forts, gardens with little figures and animals, kits of Star Wars ships made from Lego?

What if you could do that now? Some people have all the luck.

State Subsidies Restored for YWCA Summer Camp

May 12, 2016
TheMcLean County YWCA Young Wonders Summer Camp begins May 31.
YWCA of McLean County

The  YWCA of McLean County says funds are available to help low income families enroll their children at a discounted rate in the Y's annual Young Wonders Summer Camp.

Liz German, the YWCA's vice president for operations, said the state had eliminated that subsidy last summer, but restored it this year after a public outcry.

    "People with children unfortunately had to stay home with their children. If you're talking about one income families and that person can't go to work, then they are staying home and needing other kinds of public assistance," German said.

Early Childhood Programs May See Funding

Sep 18, 2015

Families with babies, from birth until they're three years old, are eligible for state assistance to help their children learn and grow. It's called early intervention. But without a budget ... Illinois stopped paying the therapists who provide these services. Now, the comptroller and the governor's administration says they've come up with a way to pay again ... even though Illinois still has no budget in place. IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports.