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Early Voting

People standing six fee apart in line streaming down wing of Eastland Mall
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The parking lot outside the northwest entrance to Eastland Mall was so busy Friday that it resembled a classic Black Friday crowd. But instead of shoppers, they were voters.

Early voters
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The Bloomington Election Commission plans to begin mailing supplemental mail-in ballots starting next Monday to about 9,000 voters whose initial ballots mistakenly omitted two judicial retention questions.

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The Bloomington Election Commission is seeking an emergency court order to allow it to mail 9,000 supplemental ballots to voters who received ballots in which two judicial retention questions were mistakenly omitted.

Voters at the poll
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Early voting in Bloomington will resume Monday after being paused because of a mistake on the ballot.

Voters at the poll
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UPDATED 6:55 p.m. | The Bloomington Election Commission said Thursday it has suspended early voting after learning of a "glitch" with its ballots.

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McLean County has already seen twice the number of early voters for Tuesday’s election than during the last midterm election—with the busiest final days still coming up this weekend.

Nearly 1,700 McLean County voters have already cast their ballots for the midterm election—a heavy turnout for early voting with three weeks to go before Election Day.

Kathy Michael and Nikita Richards
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Democrat Nikita Richards says Republican McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael “broke the law” when she delayed the start of early voting last spring. Republicans say that’s a “bold lie that cannot be allowed to stand.”

Illinois Early Voting Begins Thursday

Sep 26, 2018
Voting machine
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Early voting for the midterm election starts Thursday. Voters in McLean County can head to the polls beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Vote sign
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Less than 200 McLean County residents cast ballots during the first week of early voting ahead of the March 20 primary.

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Early voting for the March 20 primary will not begin this week in McLean County as scheduled because of an ongoing legal fight over who’s on the ballot.