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Federal Aviation Administration

Central Illinois Regional Airport
Ralph Weisheit / WGLT

Central Illinois Regional Airport is getting $2.3 million from the federal government to complete a major pavement rehab project.

Crosswinds Flying Club

50 years is a long time for any institution to be around, let alone one that has high expenses and requirements for sustained expertise. But, the Crosswinds Flying Club is celebrating that half century mark this weekend at the Central Illinois Regional Airport.

Hero Lands In Town For "Evening Of Stars"

Oct 29, 2015
Jim Browne / Staff

The American Red Cross has landed an American hero for their 23rd annual "Evening of Stars" fundraising event, according to Steve Denault of Country Financial.

Flickr user Budi Nusyirwan via Creative Commons

The owner of a Chicago-based aerial photography company is calling the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposal to fine his company almost $2 million dollars ridiculous. SkyPan International owner Mark Segal says the FAA is trying to catch up after years of neglecting to deal with the drone industry.