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front of old Bloomington Fire Station that is now a restaurant
Epiphany Farms / Facebook

Epiphany Farms Restaurant Group in Bloomington laid off more than 80 people Friday. Three of its four restaurants are effectively closed.

Green Top Grocery beer cooler
Eric Stock / WGLT

Owners of the Green Top Grocery Co-op have elected a new board after social media upheaval contributed to the resignation of the entire board last month.

Cows feeding
Ropp Jersey Cheese

The restaurant shutdown caused by the pandemic has hurt independent dairies in Illinois and prompted them to revert to practices that faded out in the 1970s and '80s: home delivery.

Midwest Food Bank
Eric Stock / WGLT

The coronavirus pandemic has taught many people a lesson in supply chain economics, not least of all the Midwest Food Bank.

The staff at Fort Jesse Cafe in Normal
Facebook / Fort Jesse Cafe

Bloomington-Normal’s restaurant workers need help.

That’s the message from Nick Birky, general manager at Fort Jesse Cafe, the popular breakfast and brunch spot in Normal. His entire staff of nearly 30 people is now out of work. (Fort Jesse Cafe opted not to offer curbside pickup for customer and staff health reasons.)

WGLT's Grow: How To (Responsibly) Forage For Food

Sep 20, 2019
"Three Apples" by Dave Pearson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

There may be food, just free for the taking. But there may also be a few rules you need to observe to be polite ... and safe.

People have been leaving rural midwestern areas for decades. And it’s not just population loss. Often fresh food sellers move away too. There might be hope, though.