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Apple logo behind raindrops
Charlie Riedel / AP

The ACLU wants to make sure mobile tracking used to limit the spread of COVID-19 will protect privacy.

Abe in a mask
Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

McLean County residents are staying home about as well as everyone else in Illinois—but we’re apparently using parks more than others across the state.

Dontae speaks
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YWCA McLean County’s program for formerly incarcerated women is one of 10 statewide finalists with a chance to win $250,000 from Google.

Larry Dietz talks to Jon Rosenthal
Cindy Le / WGLT

Illinois State University President Larry Dietz has been picked to help Google choose which nonprofits around the state will receive thousands of dollars in grant funding.

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An online prank that caused the term "shooting range" to pop up when you Googled a local high school has now been removed.