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The zoning amendment that will go before the Normal Town Council for consideration Nov. 18 would allow cannabis-related businesses to locate in the town — with restrictions.

Sam Cullinane and her husband Patrick
Courtesy Sam Cullinane

After 10 years of marriage, Sam Cullinane and her husband Patrick were ready to call it quits. 

They filed for divorce, and Sam moved from Utah to Spain.

A year later, they decided to get back together—and are still married today.

flu vaccine
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Health officials in McLean County say flu season has been relatively mild this fall.

Housing conference in Bloomington
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Editor's note: This is part of a five-story series reported at the Housing Action Illinois conference in Bloomington on Oct. 24-25. The stories ran Wednesday, Oct. 30, on WGLT's Sound Ideas.

VA outpatient clinic in Bloomington
Eric Stock

The new Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic that will open in Bloomington next month is emphasizing mental health services in addition to primary care and other medical services to veterans.

People sit beside a podium
Rotary, International

The polio virus is present in only two countries in the world now. There were fewer than 40 cases last year in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Only a few decades ago the virus paralyzed tens of thousands in more than 130 countries.

Earl Boitnott, family and coworkers at Bloomington City Hall
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The Eastland Companion Animal Hospital in Bloomington is asking dog owners if they want to participate in research on using stem cells to treat dogs with arthritis.

Keith Sommer speaks
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A Central Illinois lawmaker said he’s encouraged by first steps taken by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the its director’s pledge to “re-focus on safety.”

McLean County

Trauma and the behavioral health concerns that come as a result must be addressed.

Check presentation
State Farm

Youth in the Olympia school district are getting some big help as they chip away at food insecurity in rural McLean County.

Lisa and Tricia
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Our voice is something many of us take for granted—not only that it’s there when we need it but that it accurately reflects who we are.

Kyana and Bridgetta
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Race and healthcare have a dark history together.

The 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis experiment is perhaps the most infamous example, when over 100 innocent black men were infected with the disease and died from its effects.

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As Normal begins to consider how it wants to approach the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana, Town Council members hope to get public input from the business and law enforcement communities.

Carrillo and Emig
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Bloomington's new cannabis task force meets for the first time on Thursday night to help guide the city on policy in advance of recreational marijuana sales becoming legal next year.

Dr. John Burr showing phone image
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A Bloomington lung doctor said he would like the state to set minimum ages to buy e-cigarettes, as vaping is tied to more than 800 illnesses nationwide and 12 deaths.

Jason Barickman
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After the Trump administration this week vowed to ban flavored e-cigarettes, one state senator from Bloomington is saying Illinois shouldn't wait for federal action.

Man vaping
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Several neighboring counties are reporting cases of severe lung disease tied to vaping and McLean County is preparing for it by offering school interventions.

Bloomington Public Works Department sign
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Bloomington plans to spend up to $2 million over the next five years to upgrade its aging water monitoring systems.

Man sits in front of mic
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In an increasingly busy world, there is one constant: advances in technology making life easier.

The Community Health Care Clinic in Normal, which partners with local hospitals and colleges, understands that its patients cannot always make room in their schedules for regular visits. Director Mike Romagnoli says his clinic will test a smart phone app that will remedy this problem.

A studio picture of Mike Romagnoli
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The head of the Community Health Care Clinic said six months into operations of the new dental clinic they are only scratching the surface of filling the need for tooth care for low-income people in the Twin Cities.

Jan Turner at Sunnyside Community Garden
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A vegetable garden that's been growing in a west Bloomington food desert has come to a crossroads.

Medicine on a shelf
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McLean County reports lower sexually transmitted disease rates than its most similar Central Illinois neighbors, but the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health said that could point to a problem.

beam scale
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A coalition of health advocates in McLean County has produced a study which said the most pressing health needs in the county are similar to what they were in 2016 when the group produced its first report.

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The Illinois Department of Public Health has fined a Bloomington nursing home $25,000 for letting a 49-year-old woman with dementia wander away from the facility in stockinged feet.


Every month, a handful of people gather on Bloomington’s east side to make music together. The tunes they produce aren’t headed to the top of the charts, but the sounds are likely to improve their lives.

VisionPoint under construction

Four eye care practices are just weeks away from moving into their newly merged operation on Bloomington's east side.

Woman carrying food at pantry
Seth Perlman / AP

McLean County added nearly 5,000 people to the poverty rolls in one year. That's one of the reasons McLean is on Heartland Alliance's poverty watch list. 

People have been leaving rural midwestern areas for decades. And it’s not just population loss. Often fresh food sellers move away too. There might be hope, though.

Keita and Kai Bates-Diop leading basketball clinic
Jeff Smudde / WGLT

An NBA basketball player brought his skills back to Bloomington-Normal to help bring more defibrillators to schools.

That device saved his brother's life two years ago.