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Homeless In Bloomington

Safe Harbor
Mark Romine / Salvation Army of McLean County

The homeless population in Bloomington-Normal is at increased risk of COVID-19 sickness, according to service providers.

Daughter and mother pose with a social media backdrop for Night in a Car.
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Michael Gregg has two gym memberships. The 68-year-old has run five marathons and wearing a dark henley shirt, jeans, and fashionable black-rimmed glasses, you would never see him as homeless. But, for the past two months, Gregg’s address has been the Billy Shelper shelter at Home Sweet Home Ministries.

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The Midwest Food Bank is teaming up with Olympic gold medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee to provide food to the youth who attend programs at the community center she founded in her hometown of East St. Louis.

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Instead of letting old plastic shopping bags clog our landfill or flutter around on the whims of the wind, one local group is upcycling them to help folks in need.


Editors Note: During our interview series Stretched Thin, we reported on the impact of the state budget impasse on local social service agencies   That was in spring of 2016. There's still no budget. In our new series Stretched Thinner, we check back in with those social social service agencies.  

Mid Central Community Action in Bloomington is keeping its head above water as it tries to deliver services to the homeless, to those escaping and recovering from domestic violence, and to those who are trying to stabilize their lives.

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Tar on a bench and a spate of calls to police complaining about homeless people near businesses in downtown Bloomington last summer focused attention on the issue.

Not a lot has happened publicly since then, but Downtown Bloomington Association Director Tricia Stiller says there has ben an effort to communicate on the issue among stakeholder.

Homeless In Bloomington, Part 3

Jul 8, 2016
Judith Valente

McLean County offers a variety of services to help the homeless find medical care, recovery services, jobs and housing. But the county's two main shelters cannot accommodate everyone. Certain restrictions apply as to who can stay at the shelters, and sometimes both facilities are full.

A new shelter is getting started in downtown Bloomington. It aims to become a one-stop center serving the most difficult cases. The Abundant Life In Christ Church offers food, shelter, showers, clothing, help finding jobs -- and spiritual sustenance. 

Homeless In Bloomington, Part 2

Jul 7, 2016
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Bloomington Police Chief Brendan Heffner says his officers have the difficult task of striking a balance between protecting the rights of homeless people while still responding to business owners’ complaints.

“When they see homeless people down there, they think it doesn’t look good and they call," Heffner told WGLT. "We remind them that unless they are breaking the law, there’s nothing that we can do. They can ask somebody for money and as long as they’re not jumping in front of a person and being intimidating, which would be disorderly conduct, generally we don’t have a problem.”

Homeless In Bloomington, Part 1

Jul 6, 2016
Judith Valente

The recent case of vandalism to a bench frequented by homeless people in downtown Bloomington has reopened a community conversation about gaps in services for the chronically homeless.

Some downtown business owners have stepped up their complaints, while some homeless people say they are unfairly singled out by police. Bloomington police, business owners and advocates for the homeless will meet this evening to discuss what some see as a simmering problem.