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Illinois Supreme Court

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A noted and sometimes controversial jurist from central Illinois has died.

Alan Beaman and mother
Daisy Contreras / NPR Illinois

In arguments Wednesday before the Illinois Supreme Court, lawyers for Alan Beaman continued their efforts to allow a jury to determine if several Normal police officers acted improperly during a murder investigation that resulted in Beaman serving more than a dozen years in prison before he was exonerated.

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McLean County’s pretrial services coordinator has been tapped to serve as the manager of pretrial services for the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC).

Alan Beaman and mother
Daisy Contreras / NPR Illinois

Alan Beaman is not entitled to a jury trial on his claim that three former Normal police detectives conspired to wrongfully convict him of murder, the Fourth District Appellate Court ruled in its opinion released Tuesday.

Alan Beaman and mother
Daisy Contreras / NPR Illinois

An Illinois Supreme Court opinion released Thursday reverses the 4th Appellate Court’s dismissal of a claim alleging conspiracy and malicious prosecution against three former Normal Police officers in a 1993 murder case.

Jonathan Wright
Logan County

The Illinois Supreme Court has tabbed Logan County State’s Attorney Jonathan Wright to serve as a circuit judge in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit.

McLean County Law and Justice Center
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The Illinois Supreme Court has named two Bloomington attorneys to associate judge positions.

An image of the McLean County Law and Justice Center
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The Illinois Supreme Court has quelled a two-year legal effort by media organizations to make certain information public in the Kirk Zimmerman murder case. One justice has also filed a dissenting opinion.

The Illinois Supreme Court on Wednesday heard arguments over whether victims of the illegal drug trade can sue dealers.

Two men and a woman in the center with a microphone sitting as panelists
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Two years after the Illinois Supreme Court decided to permanently allow cameras and microphones in courthouses, only half of counties statewide have actually implemented broadcast trial coverage.

Alan Beaman with his mother
Daisy Contreras / NPR Illinois

The Illinois Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday from a man trying to sue the police for wrongfully convicting him.

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State Farm Insurance is settling a class action conspiracy suit for $250 million. At stake if the matter Hale vs. State Farm had proceeded to trial was $10 billion.

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke is calling for a new investigation into sex abuse in the Catholic Church. Church authorities are doing just that, but Burke says the matter cannot be left to the Catholic heirarchy.

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The Illinois Supreme Court is committing to a redesign of pretrial justice procedures, the system in place to deal with individuals from the time they're arrested, until their case is resolved.

The state is working with the national Pretrial Justice Institute, which is trying to get 20 states on board. Its CEO, Cherise Fanno Burdeen, said Illinois is the second. Fanno Burdeen said one aim is to replace the cash bail system.

She said risk should be based not just on the charge someone was arrested for but also their criminal history.

Illinois Supreme Court

A federal judge in Saint Louis has granted class action certification in a civil racketeering case against Bloomington-based State Farm Insurance.

The Clifford Law Office in Chicago alleges State Farm employees ran a dark money campaign to elect Lloyd Karmeier to the State Supreme Court, believing he would support the insurance company once a certain case reached the high court.

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The Illinois Supreme Court has denied a request to reconsider its ruling that a group's initiative to change how legislative districts are drawn is ineligible for the November ballot.  

The court issued the ruling Tuesday on a 4-3 vote. 

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A divided Illinois Supreme Court put out an opinion Thursday rejecting a potential change to the state constitution. 

The question would have asked voters if they wanted to take away legislators’ power to draw their own district boundaries and give that authority to a commission.

A half million Illinois residents signed a petition in support of putting the question on the November ballot.

Independent Maps Case Heads To Appeal

Jul 20, 2016
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A judge has ruled that a voter referendum seeking to change the way Illinois draws its political boundaries is unconstitutional for the November ballot.

It's the second time that such an attempt has been blocked in the courts.

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The Illinois Supreme Court says the case against a shoplifter who lived in Normal is absurd, illogical and unjust.  

Jesse Bradford was arrested in 2012 for stealing two DVDs, a hat, shoes and a bottle of Dr. Pepper from a Walmart in Bloomington. He was convicted of burglary,  a felony that carries three to seven years in prison.

State of Illinois

A Bloomington State Senator says he will carefully read the Supreme Court opinion on the Chicago pension case.

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One McLean County judge has been suspended without pay for judicial misconduct stemming from his actions in the wake of an extra-marital affair with another judge, who is being censured.

Judge Scott Drazewski will begin his four-month suspension May 1st. Following a Judicial Inquiry Board review, the suspension was handed down against Drazewski and Judge Rebecca Foley was censured. The two began an extra-marital affair in late 2010.

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A Peoria County judge has ruled that he didn't err when he found a man accused of murder fit for trial four years ago. Edjuan Payne was found guilty of killing Orvette Davis and sentenced to life in prison in 2012. An Illinois appeals court sent Payne's case back to Chief Judge Steve Kouri in April, taking exception with how he ruled Payne was fit for trial. Appellate judges said Kouri relied on the prosecutor and defense attorney saying a report stated Payne was fit, but that judges typically review such evidence themselves.

State Supreme Court Again Rules For Philip Morris

Nov 4, 2015

The Illinois Supreme Court has once again ruled in favor of tobacco giant Philip Morris, saving the company from a 10-billion-dollar lawsuit. IPR's Brian Mackey has more on the decision.