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Illinois Wesleyan University

Students standing in front of Ames Library
Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois Wesleyan University plans to house up to 140 students in hotels this fall to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak on campus.

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Illinois Wesleyan University faculty have voted overwhelmingly to ask the administration to hold off on faculty layoffs in programs cut by the board of trustees.

Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University
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Illinois Wesleyan University trustees agreed Thursday to eliminate three more majors as part of a long-term restructuring that school leaders say will strengthen its foundation as a liberal arts institution.

Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University
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Hundreds of Illinois Wesleyan University graduates are closely watching this week’s expected Board of Trustees decisions on the future direction of the institution. A variety of potential cuts and changes will be considered.

Students standing in front of Ames Library
Illinois Wesleyan University

Religious scholars and philosophers are among those encouraging Illinois Wesleyan University President Georgia Nugent and the board of trustees to preserve academic programs.

Students, faculty and alumni join a march
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Few rallies include performances by a brass ensemble. 

Inside empty coffee shop
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A Twin City economics professor says aggressive action by Congress and the Federal Reserve helped spare an economic calamity during the pandemic. But Mike Seeborg at Illinois Wesleyan University said it will be too costly to continue these financial lifelines much longer.

Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University
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Some faculty members at Illinois Wesleyan University are questioning a process that could lead to further program changes and cuts next month. The stakes could be as high as their jobs. Some faculty also frame the discussion as a defining moment for the culture and identity of the 170-year-old liberal arts institution.

The more-than-yearlong effort to help IWU adjust to a new reality in higher education has created winners and losers, some yet to be determined, and more than a little heartache and grief.

Looters exit Target
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Recent looting in Bloomington-Normal and in many states since the death of George Floyd may have something in common with race riots of the 1960s.

Students standing in front of Ames Library
Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois Wesleyan President Georgia Nugent said the university is preparing for at least some online instruction in the fall because of the pandemic that has kept the campus closed since March.

Georgia Nugent speaking at podium
Illinois Wesleyan University

Some students and alumni at Illinois Wesleyan say the university's delayed and muted response to George Floyd's death and calls for racial justice are the latest examples of what they have seen for years.

ISU student's mortarboard
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As graduation approaches for college seniors, career advisers say they should prepare to enter a job market that looks different.

Students standing in front of Ames Library
Illinois Wesleyan University

Central Illinois colleges and universities have no surety in how the next academic year will develop. The pandemic has forced them to plan for a wider range of contingencies than usual, everything from a "regular" school year with in-person classes, to socially distanced courses, to all online.

Heartland Community College
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The coronavirus story is developing quickly in Illinois. Here are updates from WGLT's newsroom and our partners at Illinois Public Radio, NPR, and The Associated Press.

Watterson Towers
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A new estimate suggests the $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package will send enough money to Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan universities to help make up for losses from refunded room and board fees.

Like most colleges and universities in the country, Illinois Wesleyan University is reimbursing a portion of student room and board fees because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University
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Illinois Wesleyan University has sent the results of a faculty-driven evaluation of its academic programs to students and families. The exercise includes significant changes that could result in layoffs.

Magic Johnson retires
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“This week is critical,” said Illinois Wesleyan University Professor Greg Shaw.

Census envelope
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Today is Census Day, when many local governments, schools and civic organizations were planning to ramp up efforts to ensure everyone gets counted. This is to ensure their communities get their share of government funding and representation.

Congress voted during coronavirus outbreak
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An economics professor at Illinois Wesleyan University said a recession is inevitable, but flattening the curve on the coronavirus would limit the economic damage.

Heartland building exterior
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While Illinois State University has told students to stay away due to the coronavirus, Illinois Wesleyan and Heartland Community College have yet to take similar extraordinary measures.

a fence and field with Special Olympics signs.
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Special Olympics Illinois has canceled its state basketball tournament this weekend in Bloomington-Normal and Peoria.

Jimmy John's
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Ten student-athletes and coaches from the Illinois Wesleyan University track team have sued the owners of a Bloomington Jimmy John’s after allegedly getting sick following a meal.

Touring the country with bandmates on the strength of major record label releases can sound glamorous.

Cole Hamels pitching
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An Illinois Wesleyan University professor is studying brain waves in baseball players to see if their ability to focus can be measured and improved.

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We think of chocolate as an unalloyed good. People rhapsodize over it. They say they would sooner go without, well, many things, than chocolate. Some even call it a religious experience.

Jack Sikma speaks to a crowd
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Jack Sikma said coming back to Bloomington and reconnecting with many old friends reaffirmed his decision to come to Illinois Wesleyan University nearly a half century ago.

a stack of books.
Dan Terkla

Maps lie.

But the way in which they mislead is extraordinarily revealing, according to Illinois Wesleyan University Emeritus Professor Dan Terkla.

Illinois Wesleyan University
Illinois Wesleyan University

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corn plans sprouting in a field
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An environmental sciences instructor at Illinois Wesleyan University is concerned that the Trump administration's rollback of regulations could be making our drinking water less safe.