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State Farm HQ building
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Bloomington-based State Farm is raising Illinois auto insurance rates by an average of 4.2%. That's less than the nearly 14% drop last year because of reduced driving due to the pandemic.

The rate hike goes into effect March 29, according to a company statement.

State Farm HQ building
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State Farm says it plans to expand the use of a digital bookkeeping technology to speed up and streamline the auto claims process, after a successful trial run with USAA.

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Raging California wildfires on one coast and the most active Atlantic hurricane season in history on the other are just two examples of how our climate is changing. It's also changing how the insurance industry prepares for increased risk of property damage and in some cases, in trying to prevent it.

The insurance business is very competitive—and not just for customers.

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As COVID-19 continues to hang over the economy, more insurance companies say they’re pessimistic about revenue growth and likely to shed employees in the next year, according to a new labor market study.

State Farm HQ
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State Farm’s may not be alone atop the super-competitive U.S. auto insurance business for much longer.

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More retirements, low unemployment, and increased competition from other industries have all contributed to a “war for talent” in the insurance business, according to a hiring expert.

State Farm HQ building
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Bloomington-based State Farm is getting out of banking. The company on Thursday announced plans for U.S. Bank to take over existing deposits and credit card accounts.

State Farm To Reduce Illinois Auto Rates 2 Percent

Feb 19, 2019
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Nearly 3 million State Farm customers in Illinois are in for a lower auto insurance rate beginning next month. The insurance company is cutting rates by 2 percent.

State Farm building
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A new report says that insurance companies will have to be more proactive—and pay more—to find and retain employees amid a “talent crisis” for the industry.

Michael Tipsord
State Farm

The total compensation for State Farm’s top executive is lower than his predecessor’s and several of his peers in the insurance industry.