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McLean County Board
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McLean County is adding staff and proposing pay raises for staff in 2019, one year after cutting about 30 jobs and freezing pay for county employees.

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The McLean County Board is forming an advisory committee in response to a request for proposal to analyze operations of the county’s nursing home.

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Brandt Industries will receive $1.2 million in state tax credits to create its first U.S. manufacturing plant and hire at least 300 workers in McLean County, Gov. Bruce Rauner said Friday.

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A Canadian agriculture equipment manufacturer is working with local taxing bodies on an incentive package that would bring at least 300 new jobs to McLean County, officials said Saturday.

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McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre said Tuesday he is polling board members whether and how they think election functions should be combined between the clerk's office and the Bloomington Election Commission.


A formal request has come for the McLean County Board to consider initiatives to make county government more open and accessible. 

The issue will go to the Rules Committee.

Members Carlo Robustelli and Josh Barnett drove the letter submitted to the board it, but received several other signatures including those of Chuck Erickson, Katherine Metsker, and Victoria Harris.

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McLean County government will remain under financial pressure in the next budget year.

County Administrator Bill Wasson has issued a proposal for board review that totals more than 95-million dollars and anticipates further cuts in state funding.

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Some choices for committee chairs on the McLean County Board caused votes against the package. The Chair's picks for panels usually pass without dissent.

Board member Laurie Wollrab is not fond of Chair John McIntyre's choice of Dave Selzer to head the transportation committee.

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The McLean County Board has approved an additional 216,000 dollars for the County Clerk to cope with increased administrative demands caused by the same day voter registration law.

The move comes in response to three plus hour wait times at precincts on the campus of Illinois State University during primary voting in March.

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After the hubbub of abruptly choosing a new County Board Chair, things in McLean County government are getting back to Normal. Charlie Schlenker talks with John McIntyre about how he's settling into his new job and why he picked Scott Murphy to succeed Matt Sorensen in Distrtict 2.