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Looters exit Target
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One of the more than 40 defendants charged with looting in Bloomington and Normal this summer has asked that a new judge handle his case, based on an alleged bias by the judge currently assigned to hear a majority of the cases.

Looters exit Target
Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

Defendants in more than 40 summer looting cases in Bloomington and Normal will not be allowed to present fully negotiated pleas to resolve their cases, a judge said Thursday, in a decision that leaves all sentencing options from probation to prison on the table.

Bloomington and Normal Police said Friday they’ve made nine additional arrests in connection with looting incidents earlier this week at Target and Eastland Mall.

Bloomington Police Chief Dan Donath
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Bloomington Police Chief Dan Donath confirmed Wednesday that his officers used tear gas Monday night to help disperse a crowd of looters outside Eastland Mall.

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Normal Police Chief Rick Bleichner said Tuesday he hopes the arrests of nearly 20 people on looting and other charges stemming from this week's vandalism in Bloomington-Normal will curtail the crime spree.

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The vandalism and looting that has hit Bloomington-Normal in recent days isn't limited to major retailers. Some of it has been happening in neighborhoods.

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Most of the people arrested in looting-related incidents Monday and Tuesday in Bloomington-Normal were McLean County residents, according to police and jail records.