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Miller Park Zoo

Zoo entrance
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Miller Park Zoo will reopen Friday and has prepared ways to help keep visitors safe from COVID-19.

Pallas's cat
Miller Park Zoo

Humans aren't the only ones missing out on social interaction during this COVID-19 shutdown.

cute critter
City of Bloomington

The Miller Park Zoo has another cute dose of aww for visitors. Its red pandas have had three cubs. The litter has one male and two females, the first time the zoo in Bloomington has had panda cubs.

Red Pandas were once native to North America. There are fossils as far back as five million years. The zoo said their habitat today is in pockets of mountain areas above four thousand feet in China, Nepal, Burma, and Bhutan.

Zoo entrance
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The head of Miller Park Zoo said the zoo has received plenty of hate mail over the recent death of a flamingo at the hands of a child who hit it with a rock.

Miller Park Zoo Welcomes Four San Clemente Kids

Jun 12, 2019
Four San Clemente Island Goat kids
Miller Park Zoo

Two rare breed goats gave birth to four kids at Miller Park Zoo earlier this month.

Pallas' cat kitten
City of Bloomington

It's safe to say Miller Park Zoo's pair of Pallas' cats were smitten. And now there are kittens.

Miller Park Zoo Welcomes Male Pallas's Cat

Dec 6, 2018
Pallas's cat
Miller Park Zoo

Miller Park Zoo's female Pallas's cat met her perfect match this week.

The male Pallas's cat traveled from the Czech Republic to start a family at the Bloomington zoo. This match makes Miller Park Zoo's first breeding pair of Pallas's cat.

Zoo Superintendent Jay Tetzloff said breeding programs play a major role in the zoo's mission, and contributes to the conservation efforts of the American Species Survival Plan.

Zoo entrance
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A male otter named Spencer is Miller Park Zoo’s latest inhabitant, and he plans to start a family soon.

Zoo entrance
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Bloomington will add more parking and a concessions stand at Miller Park Zoo.

Monkey Brothers Move Into Miller Park Zoo

Aug 14, 2018
Langurs in a tree
City of Bloomington

Bloomington’s Miller Park Zoo is welcoming two new members to its animal collection.

A bewildering maze of hollow plastic pipes charged with air that can keep balls aloft enchants children.
Children's Discovery Museum / Town of Normal

UPDATED 3 p.m. | Back when the state budget crisis was just kicking off, the Department of Natural Resources announced more than $1 million in grant money for Bloomington-Normal museums and the Miller Park Zoo. That money never came, as Gov. Bruce Rauner and lawmakers refused to compromise on a budget and years of standoff turned into years of cuts.

City of Bloomington

Changes at Bloomington's Miller Park Zoo will bring in some new animals this spring, with more arrivals planned for 2019.

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Residents and visitors will see some changes in the city of Bloomington's aesthetics next year.

City of Bloomington

Aldermen will vote Monday on a final design for downtown Bloomington’s new wayfinding signs, as well as a new concession area and more parking for Miller Park Zoo.

'Miracle' Whooping Cranes Make A Comeback

Nov 1, 2017
International Crane Foundation

Whooping cranes have long captured the imagination of poets and painters. They are the tallest birds in North America, avid dancers and can live and breed well into their fifties.

Miller Park Zoo

Miller Park Zoo’s Malayan sun bear—the oldest animal of its kind in North America—has died.

Miller Park Zoo / City of Bloomington

The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington has replaced its Sumatran Tiger. The 10 year old male named Rojo comes from the Topeka Zoo.

The Zoo said Sumatran Tigers are a critically endangered species because of habitat destruction.

City of Bloomington

The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington has welcomed two bundles of furry cuteness. Parks and Recreation Director Jay Tetzloff said the baby otter pups were born about a month ago.

Their eyes are now open, but Tetzloff said they do not yet know how to swim.

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The public is getting its first peek at the penguins returning to Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

The zoo is holding a grand opening for the new Robert and Mayari Pritzker Penguin Cove on Thursday. The $7 million exhibit is home to 12 African penguins.

These penguins are native to South Africa and endangered. The zoo says African penguin populations have been decimated by human impacts, including unsustainable fishing, egg-collecting and oil spills.

The new space features a South African landscape, a pool and nesting areas camouflaged within exhibit rockwork.

Miller Park Zoo Flamingo Exhibit Opens Friday

Jun 21, 2016
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Flamingos at a new exhibit opening at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington have been let out for the first time. More than 20 Greater Flamingos, which are the tallest species, can be seen when patrons first walk into the zoo.