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Normal library
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The Normal Public Library has reopened to the public, after being closed for seven months.

Normal library
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Hand-washing is one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. And it’s also the main reason why the Normal Public Library is still closed, even as other public spaces have reopened.

Bloomington And Normal Public Libraries Go Fine Free

Jul 15, 2020
BPL exterior
Rhonda Massie / Bloomington Public Library

The Bloomington Public Library (BPL) and Normal Public Library (NPL) are no longer charging fines on overdue items. All overdue fines prior to Wednesday will be forgiven for all patrons. 

Both B-N Libraries Now Ready For Curbside Pickup

Jun 9, 2020
Normal library
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UPDATED 2:45 p.m. | The Normal Public Library this week joined Bloomington’s library in restarting curbside pickup, though both remain closed to the public because of the coronavirus.

Normal Public Library podcast
Normal Public Library

If it seems like everybody is doing a podcast these days, it might almost be true. That includes governments.

As digital technology has made it cheap and easy to deliver anyone's message to the world, WGLT explores how municipalities and other public bodies are using podcasts to communicate with constituents in new ways and wonder if it's making a difference.

Datebook: Contra Dancing Has Room For All

Aug 9, 2019
contra dancers hold hands
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Martha Tyner drew a bow across her fiddle and grimaced at the resulting sound.

rusted car
Justin Hamm

Sagging barns and rusted out cars in the rural landscape offer inspiration to artist Justin Hamm, who needs more than just words—and more than just images—to express his feelings about what he encounters out and about in the Midwest.


Normal Town Council member R.C. McBride sees Rivian as an example of how Normal and McLean County can turn challenges of the changing economy into success stories.

Normal Library Board Sees Possible Renovation Plans

Aug 29, 2018
Normal Public Library
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After postponing plans for a new library, the Normal Public Library is now considering renovation.

Lodge exterior
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Agreements that ended a long-running property tax dispute involving student apartments and Unit 5 schools have left other taxing bodies with lots of questions.

Libraries have been a staple for knowledge for thousands of years, but in Bloomington-Normal some schoolchildren have yet to take that first step—their very own library card.

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The Normal Public Library has received a $25,000 grant from the American Library Association to create a new technology mentorship program for youths in the community.

Carlo Zappa / Qatar Foundation

An associate dean of Illinois State University's Milner Library said his recent trip to the Gulf state of Qatar to help create that country's national library was an exciting adventure.

Upcycling And Crocheting Helps Homeless

May 25, 2017
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Instead of letting old plastic shopping bags clog our landfill or flutter around on the whims of the wind, one local group is upcycling them to help folks in need.

Animal House: Once Upon A Canine...

Apr 11, 2017
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

One great way to help kids get more excited about reading is to pair them off with a furry pal.

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Normal Town Council candidates said they find the idea of combining the Bloomington and Normal public libraries an intriguing one.

At a GLT candidates forum held at ISU's University Galleries, candidate Chemberly Cummings embraced a question about merging library services rather than building a new library in Uptown South in Normal and an expansion in downtown Bloomington.

Joe Mabel / Wikimedia Commons

The Normal Public Library Board and staff, Town of Normal officials, and citizens providing input are all considering a library that could be one of the most environmentally friendly in the nation.  However, a Normal Town  Council member says it all depends on the cost.

Meghan Rogers / Normal Public Library

Before 2016 even ends, The Normal Public Library is filling in their 2017 calendars with a variety of events for young and old...and reasonably limber.

Normal Library Board Evaluating Architects

Aug 30, 2016
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Members of the Normal Library Board of Trustees are in the process of choosing an architectural firm for a planned library south of Uptown Circle. During a joint meeting with the Normal Town Council, Engberg Anderson Architects, OPN Architects and HGA presented their qualifications for designing the facility. 

Normal library
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The library board in Normal recently agreed to study a potential new location in Uptown south of the train tracks. Library Director Brian Chase said the analysis will be complex but the end result will be much different than the current library.

GLT Datebook: Library Opens The Books On Summer

May 14, 2016
German Poo-Caamano / Flickr via Creative Commons

The Normal Public Library offers a wide variety of adventures this summer, from those on the page to those on the stage.

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The Normal Public Library is working with OPN Architects to look at possible designs for a new public library to the south of Uptown Normal. The proposed project area came from Farr Associates as part of the Uptown 2.0 Master Plan, but no plans have been set in stone to build a library at that location