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What happens when universities see enrollment plunge year after year? For many Illinois schools, they focus on how to hold on to the students already walking their halls. Students often leave between their first and second year.

Kinzinger with media
Matt Rourke / AP

Twenty years ago, Adam Kinzinger was a college kid navigating the politics of the McLean County Board, pushing for fiscal discipline, evening meeting times, and merging the Bloomington Election Commission into the county clerk’s office.

Northern Illinois University will be the fourth research hub for the Illinois Innovation Network.

This hub will be part of a research network that spans three University of Illinois campuses, each focused on different subjects.  Gov Bruce Rauner says the state’s already budgeted $15 million for NIU’s center, and NIU President Lisa Freeman says the center will focus on issues of sustainability.  

"Environmental sustainability, water and food policy, water and food shortages," she said. 

Gov. Rauner said this could lead to significant innovation.

Hugs Of Hope At NIU Campus

Sep 23, 2015

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. IPR's Jenna Dooley reports on a small effort by college students to reach out to those who may be struggling.

Smiling faces greet rushed students at Northern Illinois University’s MLK Commons.

"If someone doesn’t want to get a free hug, that's okay, just tell them to have a wonderful day and move on to the next person who maybe does want one. We are also giving out high-fives, not everyone likes hugs."