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Olivia Butts

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As a senior case worker at Labyrinth, YWCA McLean County’s transitional housing program for formerly incarcerated women, Vera Traver has witnessed the devastating effects of cash bail.

But she’s also lived them as a formerly incarcerated woman herself.

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Discussions about divesting from police departments continue across the nation in the wake of multiple shootings of Black Americans at the hands of white police officers this year.

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Black Lives Matter BloNo announced a sweeping platform of policy demands Friday that would shrink local police departments, remove officers from schools, and increase the visibility of black history and equity in K-12 schools and universities.

Olivia Butts
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A leader with the local Black Lives Matter chapter is urging the Bloomington City Council to allow cannabis sales as a form of reparations for the drug war’s injustices against people of color.