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Parenting during the pandemic isn’t easy. But here’s a sliver of good news: You’ve got about the perfect amount of time left to get your kiddos comfortable with wearing a mask before they go to school.

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The pandemic may have sucked all the oxygen out of the room. But the public health issues that vexed McLean County long before “COVID-19” became a household name still linger.

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The Peoria-based OSF Healthcare system will borrow $450 million this fall with the money financing construction of a new comprehensive cancer center in Peoria.

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The coronavirus story is developing quickly in Illinois. Here are updates from WGLT's newsroom and our partners at Illinois Public Radio, NPR, and The Associated Press.

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In some areas of the country, demographers point to so-called hidden deaths from the pandemic. Those are deaths far above expected average death rates, even considering confirmed COVID-19 fatalities.

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Gov. JB Pritzker’s push this week for expanded testing across Illinois so far hasn’t led to major changes to what’s happening in McLean County.

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The number of COVID-19 cases in Central Illinois remains relatively low compared to Chicago and other metropolitan areas across the country, but many hospitals are still struggling to maintain an adequate supply of N95 masks without rationing and some creativity.

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The health care systems that run Bloomington-Normal’s two hospitals say the federal rescue package will only cover a small part of the revenue lost from the coronavirus.

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State officials have set up digital medical programs with several partner outlets for people with COVID-19 symptoms to keep them in their homes until advanced medical services might be needed.

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OSF HealthCare said Tuesday that some employees will be forced to take unpaid leave or use their paid time off as the system faces a substantial decline in revenue tied to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A new analysis shows how easily Bloomington-Normal’s hospitals could become strapped for space even if a moderate-case COVID-19 scenario comes to pass.

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Health care workers in Central Illinois say they are better prepared to respond to the coronavirus than previous pandemics because of digital technology.

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The head of the Community Health Care Clinic said six months into operations of the new dental clinic they are only scratching the surface of filling the need for tooth care for low-income people in the Twin Cities.


Every month, a handful of people gather on Bloomington’s east side to make music together. The tunes they produce aren’t headed to the top of the charts, but the sounds are likely to improve their lives.

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The Bloomington-Normal YMCA and Easterseals are launching the public phase of a capital campaign to build a new facility.

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The chief lobbyist for OSF HealthCare says he’s optimistic that a divided Washington might come together to lower prescription drug prices.

OSF Opens First Urgo Retail Clinic In Normal

Dec 5, 2018
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OSF Healthcare’s first Bloomington-Normal Urgo retail clinic allows patients to add an urgent care-style visit to their list of errands.

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In a time when concerns are rising about the social and emotional health of youth, there are not enough child psychiatrists to provide services.

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New guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say X-rays and blood tests typically aren't necessary for diagnosing a concussion in children.

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A local group working to stem obesity rates said it will take many years to see progress, but they are encouraged by what they've seen so far.

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The Community Health Care Clinic’s new program that connects patients with primary care physicians instead of using hospital emergency rooms for treatment is on pace to save Advocate BroMenn and OSF Healthcare a combined $1 million in its first year.

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The Bloomington-Normal YMCA plans to move to the city’s east side as part of a joint project announced Tuesday with OSF Healthcare and Easterseals Central Illinois.

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Those with Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance have something to be thankful for—not having to change where they get medical care in 2018.

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OSF HealthCare has broken ground on its new medical center in north Normal.

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Illinoisans with Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO health insurance will no longer be able to get in-network care at OSF HealthCare hospitals around the state, including OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington.

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If you can't remember where you put your keys or a co-worker's name, you might chalk it up to a "senior" moment. But what if you're only 40 years old?

OSF hospital
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OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington will be adding neonatology services to its birthing center next month, hospital officials announced Tuesday.

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OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington is assessing the scene after receiving a bomb threat at one of its physician offices.

Hospital staff immediately called Bloomington Police and Fire Departments. OSF St. Joseph's President Chad Boore says he is glad the crews were able to make it to the hospital quickly.

"They worked with us in a very organized fashion to do a complete sweep of the building, which is Eastland Medical Plaza II, and after working through all of that it was determined that the building was clear," Boore said.

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center
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For the first time hospitals in Bloomington Normal, the McLean County Health Department, and other stakeholders are working together on a community health needs assessment.

GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks with Meredith Nelson of OSF Saint Joseph Medical Center and Health Department Assistant Director Cathy Coverston-Anderson about the plan and why hasn't this happened years ago?