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Man runs on trail
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Bloomington-Normal is expecting some nice weather over the next few days. That raises new questions about the coronavirus stay-at-home order: Is it OK to go to the park? What about Constitution Trail?

Yes and yes, with some caveats.

Miller Park
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Bloomington is expected to lay out a 15-year strategy for improving city parks and recreation.

Gametime Inc. and Harmony Park Project

A new playground planned for Bloomington's east side is designed for kids with disabilities and to bring all children together.

Citizen-Scientists Document Illinois Plants

May 26, 2017
Judith Valente / GLT News

Walking along Shady Hollow Trail at Comlara Park, Sherrie Snyder spots a small flowering plant in the underbrush that contains a series of delicate deep purple blossoms. She stoops to snap a photograph of it on her cell phone.

"I'm going take a picture of this little guy, the dwarf larkspur," she says.

It's all part of a citizen-science project called Flora of Comlara Park. She and other volunteers—you might call them plant Sherlocks—observe and photograph the current plant life so that botanists can compare the plants growing today with those that grew a hundred years ago in central Illinois.