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PATH Crisis Center

Employees standing at front desk at Home Sweet Home Ministries in Bloomington.
Home Sweet Home Ministries

Increasingly, first responders are taking on the role of counselor during the pandemic as the coronavirus stokes fears about health and livelihood.

karen from PATH
Ryan Denham / WGLT

A crisis hotline in Bloomington is handling a sharp increase in calls as anxiety grows due to the pandemic.

Home Sweet Home Ministries
Facebook/Home Sweet Home Ministries

The recent federal stimulus bill includes funding to help those staying in homeless shelters move into isolation if they contract the coronavirus.

Safe Harbor
Mark Romine / Salvation Army of McLean County

The homeless population in Bloomington-Normal is at increased risk of COVID-19 sickness, according to service providers.

Mark searches
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At 10 p.m. on a snowy Thursday in late January, Kimberly Maddox and her volunteer team bundled up and wandered the streets of Bloomington-Normal, looking for something that’s often invisible: those experiencing homelessness.