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Woman Charged Using Controversial Felony Murder Law

Apr 8, 2018
Brittney and Cullen
McLean County Sheriff's Department and Bloomington Police

The charge against Brittney Mikesell is based on a controversial provision of Illinois’ murder statute.

Brittney Mikesell smiles
David Proeber / The Pantagraph

When Cullen Hedrick and Brittney Mikesell arrived at a south Bloomington trailer park on a Saturday afternoon in early December, they were looking for trouble.

Will Scanlon / Eleventh Judicial Circuit

The new chief judge for the circuit that includes McLean County is Mark Fellheimer.

Bloomington Police

Illinois public health officials say the number of people in Illinois who have experienced severe bleeding after using synthetic marijuana has increased to 81 cases.

Bloomington Police

Bloomington Police are asking parents to come forward if their children took piano lessons from a local teacher who’s accused of sexually abusing six children and secretly taping at least some of the incidents.

Police and Fire
WGLT file photo

A 39-year-old Bloomington man is in custody after police seized more than $100,000 in drugs—including 13 pounds of cannabis butter—from a mobile home.

Sorensen walks through courthouse
Ryan Denham / WGLT

Former McLean County Board chair Matt Sorensen’s co-defendant was sentenced Wednesday to a stiffer two-year prison sentence for his role in a scheme that defrauded State Farm Insurance.

Ford County Men Are Suspects In Two Bombings

Mar 14, 2018
U.S. Attorney's Office

Three Ford County men have been charged with arson in the bombing last year of a mosque in suburban Minneapolis.

Dr. Cara Rabe-Hemp in her classroom
Ralph Weisheit

Despite slightly declining numbers in this decade, Illinois State University Criminal Justice Sciences professor Cara Rabe-Hemp says female police officers have made gains in numbers and respect since entering policing in larger numbers in the 1980s.

Police Car Lights

A senior softball player at Normal West high school has died from her injuries sustained in a car crash this week, authorities said Thursday.

Bloomington Police have arrested a 31-year-old nurse for allegedly ripping painkiller patches off the arms of nursing home patients and stealing them.

Aaron Schock
Cass Herrington / WCBU

There are signs key portions of the corruption case against former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock may be at risk of unraveling.

Bloomington Police

Prosecutors say two more underage victims have stepped forward alleging sexual abuse at the hands of their former piano teacher.

Police Car Lights

A 17-year-old driver was ticketed for allegedly disregarding a stop sign last week and crashing into a school bus, sending three kids in the bus to the hospital with minor injuries.

Bloomington Police | Missy Pendley

A 50-year-old Bloomington man pleaded not guilty Friday to stabbing his wife to death last week as she was reportedly planning to leave him.

Wilmington Parks Facebook Page

The family of former GLT staff member Liz Larson has filed a lawsuit against the City of Wilmington over her drowning last summer, alleging city officials have failed for decades to protect visitors from a river dam’s deadly underwater vortex.

Bloomington Police | Missy Pendley

A Bloomington man was formally charged Wednesday with stabbing his wife to death this week during a fight at their home and abusing his 8-year-old stepson in two separate incidents last year.

Bloomington Police | Missy Pendley

A 50-year-old Bloomington man has been arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of his wife at their home Monday afternoon.


The FBI is honoring a Bloomington man for helping curb cybercrime.

Bloomington Police

A 36-year-old local piano teacher was arrested Tuesday in Normal on allegations he sexually assaulted an underage girl who was apparently one of his students. Police say there are likely more victims.

McLean County Court Faces Year Of Changes

Jan 30, 2018
Judith Valente / WGLT

There have been a number of changes at the McLean County Circuit Court, including revisions to drug laws and the bond-setting structure, aimed at keeping low-level offenders out of jail. Earlier this month, the court established a new, mandatory electronic filing system.

Illinois State University

A second local judge will be retiring this year.

Brittney and Cullen
McLean County Sheriff's Department and Bloomington Police

A 22-year-old woman now faces murder charges in connection with a fatal stabbing last month at a south Bloomington mobile home park.

Police and Fire
WGLT file photo

A 29-year-old El Paso woman was killed Monday in a crash on Interstate 39 in Hudson.

Illinois Gaming Board

Officials are looking for information about two men they say have been breaking into video gaming terminals in central Illinois and stealing cash.

A McLean County grand jury indicted a Latham man Wednesday on an attempted murder charge connected to an incident in Normal.

Bloomington Police

Bloomington Police arrested a 53-year-old man for multiple counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a victim under the age of 13.

David Proeber / The Pantagraph (Pool)

A woman convicted of luring her mother-in-law to Bloomington for an ultimately fatal confrontation says in a new court filing that a key witness lied during her 2012 trial.

David Proeber / The Pantagraph (Pool)

GLT is partnering with true crime podcast Suspect Convictions to explore the 1998 murder of 3-year-old Bloomington girl Christina McNeil.

John Butler in court
David Proeber / The Pantagraph (Pool)

The former managers of Bloomington’s downtown arena are not owed any unpaid commission money because those sponsorship deals violated their management agreement with the city, according to a new court filing.