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Those living close to the edge have a lot of fear and uncertainty amid the pandemic. Government responses to the coronavirus pandemic have prompted a flood of calls to 211 centers across the state.

United Way of McLean County
United Way of McLean County

The United Way of McLean County said it will provide targeted help to reduce financial damage from the coronavirus pandemic. The United Way has announced a $100,000 allocation to support youth and families in the community affected by the outbreak.

Kim and her volunteers
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Roger Folks of Bloomington drove a semi for 46 years. But these days, he’s got nothing to drive.

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McLean County added nearly 5,000 people to the poverty rolls in one year. That's one of the reasons McLean is on Heartland Alliance's poverty watch list. 

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McLean County’s median household income is almost $65,000, but panelists at a McLean County League of Women Voters forum Tuesday night said despite that, the problem of poverty is creating waiting lists for social service agencies and leaving some people without help.

Santa For Seniors

Mary Shadowens said she has a passion to serve the elderly.

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The poverty rate has inched slightly lower in Illinois but still remains well above the rate that existed before the Great Recession began in 2008.

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Mid Central Community Action is partnering with Commonwealth Edison for another year of low-income energy assistance for customers in Livingston County that meet income eligibility guidelines.

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Livingston County Prosecutors and law enforcement leaders want the state to boost early childhood block grant funding funding by $50 million. Sheriff Tony Childress said that will allow the state to capture more federal funds for preschool.

Childress was with the States's Attorney and another Sheriff reading books to three and four year olds at a Pontiac grade school.

Sarah Grammer, left, and Cheryl Gaines
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The two candidates for Normal Township supervisor have opposing views on making the public assistance program more efficient.

Township duties are to determine the value of property for taxation, to take care of roads not maintained by other government entities, and to distribute welfare to the local poor who are not eligible for other public aid.

Project Love The Ladies

What does a poor woman do when it's that time of the month? It's a difficult question when most available cash goes to putting food on the table.

There is an answer for some in Bloomington Normal. It's called Project Love the Ladies.

Western Avenue Community Center

The Western Avenue Community Center is cutting back its hours and trying to boost the number of volunteers it has.

In a news release, the center says come traditional funding sources have diminished and they want to be efficient with staff time.

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About 260,000 low-income Illinois residents were in danger of losing food stamp priveleges early next year.

The administration of Governor Bruce Rauner has applied for a federal waiver to continue access through 2017.

Community Health Care Clinic

The Community Health Care Clinic in Normal is adding dental service as it opens its expanded facility on Franklin Avenue later this month.

Director Angie McGlaughlin said they have created a four chair clinic to add to what the health department is already doing. Area dentists also offer periodic extraction clinics.

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A nonprofit research group says poverty rates in Illinois are up to three times higher for racial minorities. The Heartland Alliance's research arm released a report Wednesday outlining significant racial disparities for income, unemployment, birth rates and housing, among other things. The 44-page document is called ``Racism's Toll: Report on Illinois Poverty,'' and looks at institutional racism in the state. The report says unemployment rates are 1.4 to 2.4 times higher for minorities than for whites.

Six catholic parishes have banded together to continue the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen in Bloomington. It appeared last week the decades old institution would close with the coming retirement of its director Tina Sipula. The last day for the soup kitchen was to have been November 24th. Sipula also operates the Clare House food pantry. She had been unable to find new sponsors for either social service outlet. Service providers say they believe other food pantries in the twin cities can make up that need.