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The pandemic has led to increased housing insecurity among young people in McLean County, according to a Bloomington-based nonprofit that serves them.

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The pandemic is making life even harder for young people with housing insecurity or family issues, as many faced increased risk from COVID-19 while cut off from their usual resources and supports. 

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U.S. health officials are investigating hundreds of cases of severe lung disease that may be linked to vaping, inciting calls for tighter restrictions to stop e-cigarette companies from marketing to teens. Meanwhile, parents are just trying to separate fact from fiction, for themselves and their children.

Tre Whitelow and Jay Shannon
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Young adulthood is often carved up into milestones—your first job, car, house, or child.

For Tre Whitelow of Bloomington, it was a much smaller achievement that became a turning point of sorts. He recently got his first wallet, at age 21.

Lisa Thompson
Project Oz

Incoming Project Oz Director Lisa Thompson acknowledges she has big shoes to fill as she replaces the man who founded the youth services program nearly a half century ago.

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Project Oz

The man who created the nonprofit Project Oz is retiring as its executive director after 45 years with the youth services agency.

A Bloomington-based nonprofit will be able to help more young people avoid or escape from sexual exploitation thanks to a new $194,000 federal grant.