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Property Taxes

Dan Brady at an event
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As voters start to consider whether to replace Illinois’ flat income tax with a progressive-rate model, lawmakers are starting their work to overhaul the state’s property tax system too.

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The Unit 5 Finance Committee met Wednesday night for preliminary discussions on how to address the district’s growing education fund deficit.

Keith greets candidates
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Two candidates for a seat on the Heartland Community College Board both said they want to be careful to keep property taxes as low as possible, as did a third who is running uncontested.

Unit 5 school board candidates
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With six of seven Unit 5 school board seats up for election this year, there are four current members guaranteed to remain seated.

Unit 5 school board meets
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It looks like substitute teachers in Unit 5 will get the pay raise they’ve been asking for.

District 87
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Eastland Mall’s big drop in its property tax bill could wipe out any tax cut that property owners in District 87 might have been getting.

Chemberly during a meeting
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The Town of Normal has a new plan in place to get more residents’ input on Community Development Block Grant spending.

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Bloomington has joined the growing number of U.S. communities using police body cameras.

Ken Bays
City of Bloomington

Bloomington police officers will soon have body cameras as part of their work attire if the city council follows through with plans to buy them on Monday night.

Unit 5 school board meets
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Unit 5 is looking to replace its current student information system with a new platform district officials say will make life easier for students, parents and teachers.

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The proposed tax levy for the town of Normal could lower the property tax rate by about 1 percent. Town staff have suggested the dollar value of the levy stay the same from last year at nearly $13 million.

Barry Reilly
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District 87 plans to inch its tax levy upward this year, projecting a rosy outlook for property growth in the community.

Lodge exterior
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Agreements that ended a long-running property tax dispute involving student apartments and Unit 5 schools have left other taxing bodies with lots of questions.

Lodge exterior
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It’s not just new businesses like Brandt Industries that are looking to cut their property tax bill.