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GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/10/18

10 hours ago

Tom Neal of Hudson is more than a musician, he makes musical instruments. Taking blocks of wood and making beauty, Ryan Denham reports. Plus, Illinois candidates for Governor JB Pritzker and Bruce Rauner met recently in a hostile train wreck of a debate in which mutual dislike emerged more than policy. State Senator Jason Barickman considers that dynamic. And Rivian Automotive CEO RJ Scaringe updated the community on plans for the plant in Normal and for his fledgling tech company. Ryan Denham has that report.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/9/18

Oct 9, 2018

Famed Bloomington Artist Harold Gregor has passed away. Laura Kennedy has an appreciation. Plus, big tent mainline Christian denominations are having a tough time right now navigating the nation's fractured political and social landscape. United Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck of northern Illinois has more on her church's efforts to do that. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/8/18

Oct 8, 2018

Democrat Jenn McMillin is running for the State House seat being vacated by Bill Mitchell. McMillin says she needs to hear more about the tax brackets proposed by JB Pritzker before she signs on. Ryan Denham reports. Plus, Jon Norton talks with controversial cartoonist Keith Knight. And Terry Ryburn tells us what it's like being Zorro, from a recent Next to Normal Story Slam.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/5/18

Oct 5, 2018

GLT hosts a debate between Republican McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael and her Democratic challenger, Nikita Richards. The debate is moderated by GLT News Director Charlie Schlenker, and co-sponsored by GLT and the League of Women Voters of McLean County.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/4/18

Oct 4, 2018

Republican candidate for the Illinois House Dan Caulkins about his priorities running in a rural McLean County district. Eric Stock previews next week's McLean County Behavioral Health Community Forum. We talk to Todd Hovenden, founder of Biaggi's, about the future of his growing restaurant chain. And Mike and Murph debate the value of squirrels on GLT's Grow.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/3/18

Oct 3, 2018

NPR Illinois news director Sean Crawford hosts an Illinois Issues forum in Chicago, focused on the November election. The event is supported by AARP Illinois.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/02/18

Oct 2, 2018

Bill Kaufman has done a lot to revive the dying art of blacksmithing. And he says it's more than just making horseshoes. Mary Cullen Reports. Plus, Jon Norton talks with high school students still active and campaigning for gun law reform after the mass shooting in Florida. Eric Stock talks with hockey legend Bobby Hull. And we have analysis of the recent quarter billion dollar settlement in a lawsuit against State Farm Insurance.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/01/18

Oct 1, 2018

The oldest seed to ever sprout after dormancy was close to two thousand years old, a Judean Date Palm. Scientist Thor Hanson talks about the 'Triumph of Seeds.' Plus, a snapshot of the economy. Economist Mike Doherty gives Ryan Denham Bloomington Normal by the numbers. And Laura Kennedy and the Psych Geeks tackle anti heroes.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/28/18

Sep 28, 2018

Could spending millions more on financial aid stop high schoolers from fleeing Illinois for out-of-state colleges? Democratic candidate for governor J-B Pritzker is in studio with GLT's Ryan Denham talking about his plan for higher education and how he'll pay for it. Plus, the new gender columnist for the Washington Post says the Kavanaugh hearings show we are at a national moment in which men and women should talk about what it means to be men and women. Monica Hesse grew up in Bloomington Normal. She's back to promote a book as well. And jon norton gives us the music of lucero

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/26/18

Sep 26, 2018

GLT's Ryan Denham talks to the creators of a new data dashboard called BN Vitals. Eric Stock hears about a plan to open a new grocery store on Bloomington's west side. McLean County's emergency and public health officials are put to the test during a fake anthrax scare. And Jon Norton talks to a Central Catholic grad who performs the music of the Carpenters. 

GLT's Sound Ideas, 9/25/18

Sep 25, 2018

GLT's Ryan Denham talks with Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner about new tougher rules for problem landlords. Eric Stock discusses the #WhyIDidntReport movement with sexual assault survivor advocates with YWCA McLean County. Mary Cullen previews an Illinois State University speech by a trans advocate. And Laura Kennedy dives into some poetry with Tim Hunt.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/24/18

Sep 24, 2018

GLT's Ryan Denham talks to Illinois Board of Higher Education executive director Al Bowman about up-and-down enrollment numbers and funding formula changes. Eric Stock talks to an Illinois State University professor who's researched the "techno-ference" effect of smart phones on parenting. And you'll meet Joshua Johnson, the host of GLT's newest show, 1A.

Sound Ideas: 9/21/18

Sep 21, 2018

NPR Illinois news director Sean Crawford hosts an Illinois Issues forum in Carbondale, focused on the November election. The event is supported by AARP Illinois.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/20/18

Sep 20, 2018

Get your first look at a new study from the League of Women Voters of McLean County about how local prosecutors make decisions. GLT's Eric Stock talks to McLean County Board chairman John McIntyre about the county's next budget and more. GLT's Culture Maven talks to Laura Kennedy about recent Hollywood casting controversies regarding gay and trans roles. And Jon Norton celebrates the last hurrah for local band Flaccid ahead of their farewell show.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/19/18

Sep 19, 2018

The six candidates vying for three McLean County Board seats appear at a GLT Candidate Forum, moderated by Charlie Schlenker. The forum was co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of McLean County.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/18/18

Sep 18, 2018

ISU Theater Professor Connie DeVeer has a new book to coach stressed out actors. GLT's Laura Kennedy has more with DeVeer. Plus, Mary Cullen reports on how to stay alive in an active shooter situation. ISU president Larry Dietz gives an update on the university's 150 million dollar fundraising campaign. And Bloomington Alderman Scott Black joins us to talk about eminent domain, raising revenue to fund downtown improvements, and a new way for issues to come before the council.  

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/17/18

Sep 17, 2018

Green Top Grocery is reporting to its owners about progress toward financial stability, though much remains to be done for the co op to remain in business. Mary Cullen talks with Green Top Board President Michael Gorman. Larry Carius tells us about three new places to eat as we hear about the Bloomington Normal Restaurant Scene. Eric Stock reports on Food Waste and how to reduce it. And find out from Ryan Denham about young farmers and the impact they hope to make on the local food scene.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/14/18

Sep 14, 2018

Wrongfully convicted man Alan Beaman says he's trying to sue the Town of Normal and former police officers because he wants to have faith in police. Beaman's appeal of his suit for damages is before the State Supreme Court. Plus, State Senator Jason Barickman tells Ryan Denham why he thinks it's reasonable to ask for details on a Democratic Party graduated income tax proposal, even though that is not yet legislation. A stump speech from Illinois Attorney General Candidate Erika Harold. And Laura Kennedy takes us inside an intimate new photography exhibit at the University Galleries.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/13/18

Sep 13, 2018

GLT looks back at the year since prosecutors filed criminal charges against former managers of the coliseum in Bloomington. The FDA wants measures to prevent kids from becoming addicted to nicotine through vaping. Colleen Reynolds looks at the problem in the twin cities. Illinois Attorney General candidate Kwame Raoul gives voters his case in GLT's effort to bring you stump speeches. And Bloomington native Jeni-B releases her folky debut album. Jon Norton reports.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/12/18

Sep 12, 2018

Ryan Denham reports on the changing retail landscape that includes moves to smaller stores and shorter shopping experiences. Kohl's District Manager Kristin Lee says the layout of Bloomington’s Eastland Mall is just awful and not current.Plus, Jon Norton reports on a band that's a cross between Van Morrison and Johnny Cash. It's Matt Garrison and the Robber Barons. There's a new exhibit and a leadership structure change at the Children's Discovery Museum in Uptown Normal. And the Democratic candidate for Governor gives his stump speech.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/11/18

Sep 11, 2018

Unit 5 high school choral music teacher Ben Luginbuhl is an Illinois teacher of the year nominee. But, even he has role models, his own social studies teacher. GLT's Mary Cullen talks about teachers connecting with students. Plus, Heartland Theater puts on Stella And Lou...about a warm friendly place, where everybody knows your name, though it's not clear how much they know about you inside. Laura Kennedy reports. And the city of Bloomington takes steps toward more affordable housing for seniors. Ryan Denham chats with Mayor Renner.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/10/18

Sep 10, 2018

Recording studio owner Eric Nelson says he has been worried for years that cheap home recording technology would kill his business. But, he's busier than ever. Jon Norton reports on the thriving twin cities recording industry. Plus, everyone knows, zoning is important. But, GLT's Ryan Denham achieves the impossible in his report on the zoning overhaul in Bloomington. He makes it interesting. And teachers unions in the twin cities assess the impact of the Janus decision by the U.S. Supreme Court forcing unions to stop charging dues to teachers who are not members of the unions.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/7/18

Sep 7, 2018

Jewel Upshaw was watching her son's basketball game on the internet when he collapsed. Hear more about Upshaw's fight to expand defibrillator use and training with GLT's Eric Stock. Plus, the twin cities has a weekend of drama offerings. Community Players opens Peter and the Starcatchers. And the Coalescence Theater Project opens 'The Dying Breed,' with the help of the prairie pride coalition at the Normal Theater. Hear from the directors of both works, Brian Artman and Joe McDonnell. And student reporter Dania De La Hoya steps into the world of competitive video gaming.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/6/18

Sep 6, 2018

GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks with Illinois State University President Larry Dietz about the big new freshman class. A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist visits Illinois Wesleyan to talk about her chronicle of a transgender youth. You'll meet two young community servants being honored at Sunday's Why I See You service awards. And Eric Stock visits a new exhibit at the McLean County Museum of History that tells the story of local working men and women.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/5/18

Sep 5, 2018

An Illinois Issues Forum...Solutions for the State of Illinois. The panel discussion is on helping Higher Education meet its challenges. It took place in Normal. The forum is supported by AARP of Illinois.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/4/18

Sep 4, 2018

Listen to the four-part GLT series Skipping School, about the state's teacher shortage. We explore why teachers are leaving the profession, the financial hardship faced by new teachers, how the job has changed through the years, and how today's students have different, more demanding needs.

GLT Sound Ideas 9/3/18

Sep 1, 2018

In this Labor Day edition of Sound Ideas we bring you the autobiographical stories of people who stood up in the most recent Next to normal Story Slam. The theme of the evening organized by Devon Lovell and held at the McLean County Arts Center was Re, as in remember, rewrite, rethink, and any other RE word you'd care to think.John Poling from Clinton gives us aremembrance of a career past. Chris Kauffman remembers a story about her first day of marriage to Mark Austill and the comedy and tragedy it entailed. Devon Lovell realized she was really lucky to recover something over and over again. Sometimes mistakes make the best stories. Rhys Lovell recounts a couple of times he should have, or did rethink something. And the most painful incidents in our lives can offer us an opportunity to reconsider the relationships we thought we knew all about. Connie Blick's story is about reawakening and reflection.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/31/18

Aug 31, 2018

NPR Illinois news director Sean Crawford hosts an Illinois Issues forum in Carbondale, focused on the November election. The event is supported by AARP Illinois.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/30/18

Aug 30, 2018

GLT's Eric Stock talks to McLean County officials ahead of an event that will mark International Overdose Awareness Day. We talk to retiring Project Oz leader Peter Rankaitis about his decades of service to community youth. And GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks to Illinois Wesleyan President Eric Jensen about fall enrollment and the new school year.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/29/18

Aug 29, 2018

Healthcare futurist Jeff Bauer says the Affordable Care Act has missed the point. Bauer tells GLT's Ryan Denham the U.S. isn't spending too much on healthcare, but is spending it on the wrong things. Plus, State Representative Dan Brady talks about the prospects for a higher education funding formula. And Chris Kauffman tells her personal story of tragedy and hilarity on the first day of her wedded life. It's a Next To Normal Story Slam entry.