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Jim Auden from Fitch Ratings talks about the pandemic's impact on the insurance industry. Calvin Jones shares his story for WGLT's Living Black in Bloomington-Normal series. And state Sen. Jason Barickman, a Republican from Bloomington, weighs in on House Speaker Michael Madigan's future and ethics reform.

Lissette Hall shares her story for WGLT's Living Black in Bloomington-Normal series. Normal Fire Chief Mick Humer discusses a recent outbreak in his department. And Laura Kennedy checks in with a roving theater company about its latest on-the-move show.

WGLT correspondent Edith Brady-Lunny recaps the verdict in the Anthony Grampsas murder trial. Cedric Williams shares his story for our series Living Black in Bloomington-Normal. And U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood, R-Peoria, on what he thinks the fifth coronavirus relief package should look like.

Central Illinois teachers union leaders react to school reopening plans. Leon Jones shares his story for WGLT's Living Black in Bloomington-Normal series. And Laura Kennedy highlights a new short documentary about the Uptown mural.

Unit 5 and District 87 superintendents unpack their new reopening plans. Normal Mayor Chris Koos recaps Monday's Town Council meeting. And you'll hear another episode of our series Living Black in Bloomington-Normal.

Aubrey Barlow shares his story for WGLT's series Living Black in Bloomington-Normal. You'll hear from the new administrator of the McLean County Nursing Home in Normal, and how the COVID-19 crisis unfolded inside a separate facility in Bloomington.

Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton talks about COVID-19 response measures during a trip to McLean County. A popcorn farmer from Heyworth gives you a tour of his operation. And Eric Stock talks to school leaders and parents about survey responses related to the reopening.

The executive director of the Community Health Care Clinic in Normal talks about the Pursuing Equity Initiative. Dana Vollmer reports on the history of school resource officers. And a high school teacher shares his story as part of the Living Black in Bloomington-Normal series.

The new superintendent at Olympia school district talks about the polarizing issues tied up in reopening. Two Illinois State University student-athletes talk about social activism on and off the field. And you'll hear another installment of the WGLT series Living Black in Bloomington-Normal.

You'll hear an update from the United Way of McLean County on its food, housing assistance, and child care efforts during the pandemic. An Illinois Wesleyan professor talks about the history of riots and looting in the context of George Floyd. Plus, another installment in our series Living Black in Bloomington-Normal.

Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner talks about the possibility of seeking a third term. Illinois Wesleyan alumni share their concerns about this week's Board of Trustees decisions. And another installment of our series Living Black in Bloomington-Normal, featuring Chadman James of Normal.

Bloomington native Thurston Stevenson shares his story for the Living Black in Bloomington-Normal series. Greg Koos from the McLean County Museum of History weighs in on putting complicated historical figures in context. And you'll hear about a new art exhibit in Uptown Normal.

Illinois State University President Larry Dietz gives an update on the reopening plan. Penny Wilson from the Bloomington-Normal Association of Realtors shares the latest home-sales numbers. And a local police officer turned Ph.D. researcher shares his findings on the relationship between physical training and force.

Bloomington native Candice Byrd shares her story as part of WGLT's Living Black in Bloomington-Normal series. Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason responds to the #DefundThePolice movement. Arthur Haynes has a progress report on the West Market Street Council's efforts to eliminate the food desert in west Bloomington.

Normal Mayor Chris Koos talks about mayoral appointments, Connect Transit, and COVID-19. A new smart speaker tool is the latest spinoff from the Labs @ State Farm. And Janine Peacher shares her story as part of our Living Black in Bloomington-Normal series.

State Sen. Jason Barickman says people aren't buying in to some of Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker's executive orders. The Bloomington Republican says there's a cure for that: have the legislature enact pandemic policies with the governor's input. Plus, how universities should keep fall term college classes during the pandemic as safe as possible is a big question. Ryan Denham talks to two scholars who are studying the variables for university spread of the coronavirus.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 03/18/20

Mar 18, 2020

The McLean County Health Department updates the public on the coronavirus in central Illinois. Illinois State University has canceled face to face classes the rest of the semester and will refund part of the room and board fees. ISU President Larry Dietz tells you about absorbing a 15 million dollar hit and other coronavirus matters. Plus, there was an election yesterday. Hear an update on primary results. And at least for now, there is actually some new home construction in Bloomington Normal. 

WGLT's Sound Ideas 03/17/20

Mar 17, 2020

Illinois State University is about to find out what happens to an IT system when the number of simultaneous users increases five fold. ISU Chief Technology Officer Charley Edamala tells you what might happen when on line classes start. District 87 leaders talk about e-learning capacity too. Plus, the Mayor of Normal says police should enforce state restaurant and bar closure orders. And Bloomington schools have hired just the second Latina administrator in their history. 

WGLT's Sound Ideas 3/16/20

Mar 16, 2020

Bloomington Normal churches came together by staying apart. Hear how separation is thinking of the common good. Central Illinois restaurants pivot to survive the state ordered closure to resist the pandemic. Teachers dig in to get ready for prolonged on line instruction. Hear how they'll do it. Construction workers have a higher than usual suicide rate. Chestnut Health Systems Behavioral Health Clinical Director Beth Hilling tells you about a new program to find construction workers who might be in trouble. And tomorrow is an election day and black voters in the twin cities will try to change lower Bloomington Normal turnout from four years ago.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 3/13/20

Mar 13, 2020

The cascade of effects from the pandemic continues. One hotel has lost a hundred thousand dollars worth of business travel business already. Arts venues have begun to suffer too. Hear about Bloomington's work to refresh its Community Preservation Plan. City Planner Katie Simpson says old architecture is sometimes really cool. Plus, if you're in the mood for a story that does not have to do with the coronavirus, catch an ethereal whimsical fantasy tale; Big Fish the musical heads to a Bloomington Normal stage, briefly.

Illinois State University spokesperson Eric Jome explains the decision to close the dorms and shift to online classes because of the coronavirus. Plus, WGLT's Jon Norton talks to a Bloomington-Normal native who's returned for a stand-up set at Nightshop.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 3/11/20

Mar 12, 2020

The workforce in the insurance industry is getting younger. And companies are struggling to find workers. Greg Jacobson from the Chicago-based Jacobson Group tells you about the insurance labor market. Bloomington Normal retirement communities are like everyone else in planning for the arrival of the Coronavirus, except with more urgency because older people are more vulnerable. Healthcare facilities are saying Coronavirus challenges are not just from a potential flood of people in respiratory distress...there are softer impacts the blood supply.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 03/10/20

Mar 10, 2020

McLean County health leader look back to 2009 for an indication of what the area might face this year with the Coronavirus. Health Department Assistant Director Kathy Coverston Anderson says remember H1N1? Yeah, could be like that. Plus, women get over looked in many fields not just politics....Ryan Denham reports it happens even in toy making. How a Serbian native and woman overcame doubt to crash the male dominated blues music scene. Eric Stock reports on proposals to fill the gap in police training funding. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 3/9/20

Mar 9, 2020

Regional Superintendent of Schools Mark Jontry games out school district procedures as the Coronavirus edges in. Plus, you will hear a story of a Coronavirus caused shortage. Dawn Dannenbring of Illinois People's Action tells you about efforts to green the future economy, the clean energy jobs act which would create 13 regional jobs centers. The Chair of the McLean County Republican Party tells you why she is vaccine hesitant.

State Farm is far from the only insurance company to get out of banking. The one-stop-shopping convergence strategy never lived up to its promise industry-wide. Economist Steve Weisbart of the Insurance Information Institute looks at industry trends as State Farm gets rid of its bank. Plus, a fact check of tax increase campaign claims in the Dan Brady - David Blumenshine State House Primary race. Learn what Democratic 13th District Congressional candidate Stephanie Smith wants to see in healthcare changes. And art answers the call of the wild in a new exhibit Laura Kennedy will share.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 03/05/20

Mar 5, 2020

A Bloomington City Council member pitches for a new sick-leave policy that doesn't let workers accumulate as much time.  Plus, a former farmer creates a mobile play space for kids.  And WGLT's Jon Norton previews a local jazz show happening Friday.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 03/04/20

Mar 4, 2020

McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage takes issue with the Governor's proposal to eliminate cash bail. Sandage and other law enforcement leaders say there are other ways to address problems identified by the Governor. Plus, the Democratic Candidates for McLean County Board in District 8 tell you why you should vote for them. Peoria musician Jared Grabb talks about how his love of art and music affect his work on stage. And WGLT's gardening podcast Grow explores the reasons for the rising price of trees.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 03/03/20

Mar 3, 2020

Partisanship seems to increase even on the McLean County Board, but one candidate says you can prevent a breakdown of comity and dialog. Democratic County Board candidate George Gordon takes his turn during political candidates week on Sound Ideas. Plus, two McLean County School districts are asking voters for tax increases for building projects. The U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois talks about the techno arms race in child exploitation and pornography. And the redeveloper of the old State Farm headquarters goes in a new direction.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 03/02/20

Mar 2, 2020

A new law to make court fines and fees fairer has the unintended consequence of removing the revenue source for state required police training. Police Departments have to eat the cost for now. Police Chief Rick Bleichner of Normal says it's not clear how or who can fix the issue. Plus, it's political candidate interview week on WGLT. Republican primary McLean County Auditor challenger Tricia Malott is up first. Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren has a connection to Bloomington Normal. Ryan Denham tells you who they are.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/28/20

Feb 28, 2020

It's possible to live a full life with HIV in central Illinois, but challenges include a lack of specialists in Bloomington Normal. Pam Briggs of Positive Health Solutions says it's tough for some to get a treatment plan if they can't get to the only HIV specialty clinic in the region - in Peoria. Plus, some business owners in Bloomington are grumbling about the way video gambling licenses are handed out and their place in line for a limited number of licenses.