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WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/27/20

Feb 27, 2020

The head of the Central Illinois Regional Airport talks about passenger traffic trends. Eric Stock reports on the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for McLean County. And a mathematician from Bloomington-Normal is breaking barriers at Johns Hopkins University.

Emily Riehl
Johns Hopkins University

Bloomington-Normal native Emily Riehl found her passion early on. Before graduating University High School, her teachers recognized her gift in mathematics.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/26/20

Feb 26, 2020

Congressional Candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan says all the argument among presidential candidates about healthcare misses a key point. Listen to Londrigan's vision in a Ryan Denham interview. Plus, Bloomington Normal Economic Development Council CEO Patrick Hoban tells you about smart cities and the one voice trip to D.C. You can hear the organ and soul of Neal Francis. And Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy offer the enticing prospect of no more lawn mowing.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/25/20

Feb 25, 2020

As part of Black History Month in Mclean County, find out about a late 1800s brain drain of minority residents. Museum of History archivist and librarian Bill Kemp also introduces you to omnibus driver Absolom Hawkins in an episode of McHistory. Plus, Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner drops by. Ryan Denham tells you about a rural shortage. It's not internet connections or doctors. It's lawyers. And you will hear a folk-blues-rock mix of music from Taylor Steele and the Love Breakers.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/24/20

Feb 24, 2020

There is a nice, but unintended consequence from Governor Pritzker's big funding release for the Illinois Innovation Network. ISU's Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies John Baur [bower] also talks about a new ISU maker space. Plus, the winners of Illinois State University's three minute thesis competition tell you about their ways you will find fun and interesting. Project Guardian focuses on gun crimes. It calls for closer coordination between federal prosecutors and their state, local, and federal partners. The U.S.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/21/20

Feb 21, 2020

Future teachers of history say black history month is crucially important. And ISU history major Christian Johnson says the movements surrounding historic figures matter just as much as the individuals. Plus, how math and art can work together. McLean County Board Chair John McIntyre talks about how to spend tax revenue from marijuana sales. And the All American rejects are not something you'd want to reject. Jon Norton offers you their music.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/20/20

Feb 20, 2020

A leader at State Farm talks about taking the next steps toward policymaking on autonomous vehicles. You'll get a taste of Hot Sauce Universe ahead of their album release party Thursday night. And a McLean County Board member proposes establishing political caucuses in county government.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/19/20

Feb 20, 2020

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has laid his $42 billion proposed budget on the table for legislative review. Listen to his 2nd annual budget speech to the General Assembly.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/18/20

Feb 18, 2020

Bloomington Police Chief Dan Donath says he's working to change department culture to embrace the idea mental health service is better than jail for many. Chief Donath updates the community six months into the job. Plus, the nation is short millions of people to fill tech based jobs. A federal education department official visits Heartland Community College and lays out a road map to address the deficit. Guitar legend and singer songwriter Eric Johnson looks thirty years back for today's inspiration.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/17/20

Feb 17, 2020

Republican U.S. Representative Rodney Davis agrees with most Democrats something has to be done about the 4 billion dollars in student loan defaults. But, Davis would rather see private sector incentives for repayment plans than loan forgiveness. Plus, three Republican candidates for U.S. Senate come to town. A Bloomington high rise for low income seniors has some problems. Illinois State University creates a new high level position to coordinate diversity and inclusion efforts. And a legal pleading hand written by Abraham Lincoln comes to the McLean County Museum of History.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 2/14/20

Feb 17, 2020

A candidates forum with State Representative Dan Brady and challenger David Paul Blumenshine who are contesting the 105th State House GOP nomination.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/13/20

Feb 13, 2020

You'll hear from the chair of the Bloomington Public Safety and Community Relations Board about its first two complaints. Jon Norton previews the DeFrance show at Jazz UpFront. And the Illinois Symphony Orchestra's music director talks about the melodies of Russian composers. 

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/12/20

Feb 12, 2020

Four out of five Rivian Pre-order customers WGLT talked to haven't seen a vehicle in person. Find out what kind of person is first in line to buy a Rivian truck or SUV. Plus learn about the African American Dance Experience with the Lula Washington company. Sports teams are turning to brain scans to improve player performance. An Illinois Wesleyan University scholar is involved. WGLT's gardening podcast Grow teaches you the winter waiting game. And Chicago Farmer has a new album coming out. Jon Norton shares with you.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/11/20

Feb 11, 2020

The only way to really find out how many homeless there are in Bloomington Normal is to go where they hang out in underpasses and so on. Kimberly Maddox is one of the volunteers doing the annual homeless headcount on a drizzly winter night. Plus, Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner drops by. Learn about discrimination in Bloomington during Black History Month with a new episode of McHistory. And the YWCA of McLean County has a new director.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/10/20

Feb 10, 2020

Here's a message for parents of hearing and vision impaired children. Their kids can have regular lives with regular education and employment trajectories. ISU's Mary Beth Lartz says a big new federal grant will help create early intervention specialists. Plus Laura Kennedy gives you an opera valentine. Colleen Reynolds highlights the challenges of the invisible homeless in Bloomington Normal. And LGBTQ acceptance is only as firm as the teachers that emphasize it. Ryan Denham talks with a speaker who addresses those issues, when school districts let her.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/07/20

Feb 7, 2020

The head of the Bloomington-Normal Association of Realtors has a checkup on the local housing market. Charlie Schlenker previews ISU’s Red Note New Music Festival. And two retiring athletic directors share their view of the youth sports world.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/06/20

Feb 6, 2020

Leaders at University High School talk about standards-based grading’s rollout. ISU President Larry Dietz has an update on inclusion efforts after #AntiBlackISU. And WGLT’s Culture Maven previews the Oscars.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/05/20

Feb 5, 2020

Some people believe chocolate is a religious experience...but when it first came to Europe people weren't sure about it. Rabbi Deborah Prinz talks about the religious roots of chocolate. Plus, a Bloomington Normal college student shares his impressions of a trip to the Iowa Caucuses. The power of art to heal war trauma. And even in winter you can focus on your landscaping in WGLT's gardening podcast Grow.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 02/04/20

Feb 4, 2020

Seems like everybody has a podcast these days for every possible reason. Even Bloomington and Normal are getting into the podcast act. Plus, former McLean County State's Attorney, long time circuit judge, and foster care advocate Ron Dozier has passed away. We'll have an appreciation. Signs signs everywhere signs....not just a 70s song lyric, but a next to normal story slam episode. And the Mayor of Normal stops by.

WGLT Sound Ideas 02/03/20

Feb 3, 2020

Most people think the banjo came to America from Africa, but some believe the origin is further east. Banjo master Bela Fleck says folk music legend Pete Seeger told him America's instrument has its roots in Iraq. Your mileage may vary. Plus, The Illinois Politics Roundtable looks at the big splash from the corruption plea of former State Senator Martin Sandoval. A report on how the change in time out rules for students might affect Illinois schools. There's no waiting at all for Laura Kennedy and the new Heartland Theater production of Waiting for Godot. And John Norton brings us the music of 'Good Morning Bedlam.'

WGLT's Sound Ideas 01/31/20

Jan 31, 2020

McLean County law enforcement is finding out it' not necessarily true that addicts won't go into recovery until THEY seek treatment. Sometimes deputies can help crack the ice. Sheriff's Deputy Aaron King talks about a new partnership with police and health providers. Plus, Governors like to bring good news in person. Ryan Denham wraps up the Governor's visit to Illinois State University. Eric Stock reports on an NFL hall of Fame player from Bloomington. John Norton tears it up with Blues Rocker Brandon Santini.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/28/20

Jan 28, 2020

An economic stimulus tool mostly seen in developing nations has come to the west side of Bloomington. Bevin Choban of the West Bloomington Revitalization Project says microloans have a place in helping small business. More on the revitalization project's microlending program. Plus, ISU President Larry Dietz applauds a University of Illinois move to expand aid for low income students. Ryan Denham reports on intentional parenting. NPR Morning Edition Host Steve Inskeep has a new book on how the west was won. And native fish in the Illinois River have a shorter life span than they used to.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/20/20

Jan 20, 2020

With 50 shootings last year in Bloomington Normal kids are growing up used to it. Reverend Andrew Held talks about generational lack of empathy as a result. Plus appearances deceive and it's hard to look beyond them. A former Caterpillar Vice President has a new book that teaches us all to look up. And the Illinois Politics roundtable analyzes the sudden resignation of the Illinois Secretary of Agriculture, who has been connected to the Mike McLain email scandal.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 01/17/20

Jan 17, 2020

Weeks after that email referencing a political loyalist covering up a rape in's still a wow moment in Illinois. Hear from State Senator Bill Brady. Plus, what Martin Luther King Junior means to today's youth. Hear about the trauma to children whose parents are in prison. A federal grant is supporting a program in Peoria schools to help at risk youth. And a new exhibit explores the beauty, mysteries, and dangers of space in Infinite Sky.

WGLT's Sound Ideas 01/16/20

Jan 16, 2020

Bloomington Normal youth are feeling a bit salty about the benefit they DIDN'T see from the January increase in the minimum wage. Normal Community High School student Ari Whitlock talks about the growing gap caused by lobbyists for park districts. Plus, Bloomington Normal and Peoria are very different cities, but they might be similar in their realty markets. A political scientist scoffs at the idea a new Illinois law beefing up penalties for shootings in houses of worship will change the number of church shootings or make churches safer. The town of Normal is deep into budget planning.

The theme of ethics reform continues to percolate through Springfield, for instance whether lawmaker e-mails should be considered public. More on ethics from Governor JB Pritzker. Plus, the Publisher and Executive Editor of Crain's Chicago Business talks about the future of journalism. There's a talent pipeline from Decatur to Bloomington-Normal. Find out why. And baseball has the hot stove league in the winter. Gardeners have seed and plant's WGLT's gardening podcast Grow. 

Artist Melissa Oreksy combines plants and art, but not in landscape painting. Laura Kennedy has more about Oreski's exibit Growing Time. As marijuana becomes legal we look back at Prohibition as it began a century ago and the attitudes people held about alcohol. Some of the same feelings society has held about cannabis more recently. Plus, meet the new Unit 5 superintendent. And Jon Norton dives into the storytelling sensibilities of the band Them Coulee Boys.

WGLT correspondent Edith Brady-Lunny joins Charlie Schlenker to discuss a lawsuit filed against ISU over admissions at its lab schools. Colleen Reynolds reports from a crosscultural celebration at Wayman AME church in Bloomington. And learn about historical peak of mapmaking.

GLT Sound Ideas 1/10/20

Jan 10, 2020

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions often mean job cuts. What about Carle hospital buying BroMenn in Normal? Hear more from BroMenn CEO Colleen Kannaday on Advocate's sale of BroMenn to Carle. Plus, the new McLean County Health Department Director lays out her priorities as funding shrinks. U.S. Represenative Cheri Bustos talks about empowering Medicare to get better drug prices from pharmaceutical companies. And Jon Norton dives into the legacy of Chicago Blues in both preserving tradition and leading innovation.

GLT Sound Ideas 1/9/20

Jan 9, 2020

Many critics are all agog at the new movie version of the novel Little Women as a retelling of the classic for the modern era. But, one Louisa May Alcott Scholar says meh. ISU Professor Roberta Trites dishes about Meg, Jo, and all the rest of the Little Women. Plus, the number of shooting incidents rose significantly in Bloomington Normal last year. Ryan Denham reports on how cannabis expungement will work in McLean County. We continue the series Far From Home about housing Illinois special education students out of state. And sticking it out in a tough job you really love - from a Next to Normal Story Slam.