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GLT's Sound Ideas: 9/30/15

Sep 30, 2015

City of Bloomington Communication Manager Nora Dukowitz talks about the new “myBloomington” app. It allows users to report problems they may see around town, such as an unmowed lawn or bad street pothole.  Laura Kennedy talks with the director of the ISU production of “Fences.” You’ll hear from Illinois Symphony Orchestra Music Director Alistair Willis. The new season debuts Friday at the BCPA. And Judith Valente talks with ISU Children’s Literature expert Jan Susina about the 150th anniversary of Alice In Wonderland. Host: Willis Kern.

Sound Ideas, 9/29/2015

Sep 30, 2015

Host Willis Kern talks with Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner about the final report from the city’s budget task force. IPR’s Tony Arnold and Amanda Vinicky report on the “proxies” being used by Democratic and Republican Party leaders as the state budget impasse drags on. And Laura Kennedy searches for tips on dealing with a feline urinary condition during Animal House.

Sound Ideas, 9/28/2015

Sep 28, 2015

Jim Browne talks with Alfred Lopez, a Cuba scholar who has written a book on Jose Marti’, a Cuban revolutionary and contemporary of Abraham Lincoln. Lopez spoke recently at Illinois State University. Also, you’ll hear from Chris Breu, an ISU English Professor and author of the book Insistence of the Material: Literature in the Age of Biopolitics. And Jon Norton talks with Mardra and Reggie Thomas ahead of their appearance at JazzUpfront in downtown Bloomington this weekend. 

Sound Ideas, 9/25/2015

Sep 28, 2015

Best of Sound Ideas for the week of 9/21. You'll hear from GLT's Judy Valente , who is traveling with a group of central Illinois Catholics to see Pope Francis speak in Philadelphia this weekend. Plus, hear another segment in the coverage of the Normal 1-5-0 celebrations. Also, you'll get the scoop on Bloomington's sales tax increase from two members of the city's special Budget Task Force.

Sound Ideas, 9/24/2015

Sep 28, 2015

Hear about wearable art. Tattoos date back more than 5-thousand years. Working class Europeans had them and so did the very rich and powerful. Alexis Wollstein with ISU’s Milner Library and Laura Kennedy tour the library's tattoo exhibit, Your Body, Your Canvas." Then, you’ll hear another in our series of Normal 1-5-0 interviews, observing the town’s sesquicentennial this time on a topic not to be celebrated: racial segregation. Later, during an edition of Sound Money, GLT's Jim Browne explores the costs of taking care of a furry friend.

Sound Ideas, 9/23/2015

Sep 28, 2015

You’ll visit the Dickson Mounds museum, which is set to close next week due to state budget cuts. You’ll meet Alan Harn, who’s been studying the Native American remains on the site for more than a half-century. Laura Kennedy takes you to an art exhibit in Bloomington that reflects feelings drawn from the Mexican college students who went missing last year. Aimee Ingalls of the EDC stops by to preview tomorrow’s "BN By The Numbers" event in Normal. And Jon Norton talks with blues harmonica player Bob Corritore during an edition of Talkin Blues. Host: Willis Kern

Sound Ideas, 9/22/2015

Sep 22, 2015

Hear from an astronomer and TED fellow riding her bike 300 miles from Chicago to St. Louis. Her journey is designed to get people excited about space science, technology, engineering and math. Same sex marriage is the law of the land in Illinois, but what's next for the LGBTQ movement? Hear a report on the movement. And during jazz next, you'll hear about the latest album from the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/17/14

Dec 17, 2014

The Town of Normal is now one of three area organizations in 2014 receiving "bicycle friendly" status from the League of American Bicyclists. Hear from Town of Normal Planner Mercy Davison about what it takes to become bicycle friendly and why it's important to pursue it.  You'll hear from Bloomington Public works director Jim Karch about the Bloomington Bicycle Master Plan in development. And it's a conversation with two year-round bike just starting and another who's been biking in all conditions for years.