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WGLT's Sound Ideas 09/25/19

Sep 25, 2019

The next episode in our series Enrollment Exodus, delves into why so many Chinese students came to study amid the cornfields. Plus, a conversation with an Illinois teacher of the year nominee from Bloomington. How the twin cities economy is doing. Mary Cullen has Bloomington-Normal by the numbers. And John Norton chats with guitarist Naeim Rahmani.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/23/19

Sep 23, 2019

Colleges and Universities in this state have been struggling to keep enrollment healthy for years because of competition from other states for Illinois high school graduates. It's going to get worse As part of our series Enrollment Exodus, delving into how private colleges and universities are trying to preserve market share, we look at how private colleges and universities are responding. Charlie Schlenker reports. Plus, a lengthy interview with Illinois State University Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Jana Albrecht about how ISU has managed to keep enrollment stable when so many universities have not. And student reporter Darnysha Mitchell talks with legendary sports reporter Dave Kindred.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/20/19

Sep 20, 2019

Ryan Denham gets the analysts' take on the Amazon order for 100,000 Rivian electric vans. Analyst Sam Abuelsamid says Rivian could produce other vehicles on contract as well. Plus, Laura Kennedy brings us a dark comedy in which people get caught up in class warfare and murderous mayhem at the Yellow Inn. The Coalescence Theater Project offers a Walk with My Ancestors to the slave dungeons of Ghana. And Jon Norton waxes nostalgic with an 80s synth sound in What's On Your Turntable.

WGLT's Ryan Denham talks with Illinois State University's Mennonite College of Nursing about how its nurse practitioner program can help patients in rural and underserved areas. Jon Norton previews Jason Hawk Harris' show at Nightshop. And Mary Cullen has another episode of McHistory.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/18/19

Sep 18, 2019

Hear the story of a young woman who got into Harvard on a swimming scholarship and realized she was trans and a he. Schuyler Bailar became the first trans male athlete in division one sports. He talks with Mary Cullen before an ISU appearance. Plus, there are some eerie parallels between the election of 1860 and 2020, according to political scientist Bob Bradley. WGLT Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy brings us a story that stitches together a communal art experience to give power to those seeking change. And Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy offer ways to avoid pouring money into your lawn in our gardening podcast Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/17/19

Sep 17, 2019

ISU President Larry Dietz has been a happy camper lately: a new dorm project announced, a multi million dollar gift to ISU announced, enrollment up, and things like that. He's telling the campus about it in his state of the university speech. A Bloomington-Normal college professor spent her summer interviewing children about the conditions at U.S. immigration facilities. Kathleen O'Gorman tells WGLT's Ryan Denham about her work with the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law. Plus, the abolitionist and suffragette Sojourner Truth came to Bloomington 140 years ago.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/16/19

Sep 16, 2019

The Illinois Red flag law to prevent dangerous people from keeping guns is not getting a lot of traction. That is what has happened in other states too. More with Marc Jones of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and WGLT's Ryan Denham. Plus, Illinois State University has received a 12 million dollar gift for the arts. That's the largest individual gift ever. We'll hear from the person who made the gift. Reporter Mary Cullen talks with State Senator Jason Barickman about vaping and other statewide issues. And Correspondent Breanna Grow asks a climate change activist if all the green new deal rhetoric is misplaced.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/13/19

Sep 13, 2019

Sometimes high school students who think they want to be teachers don't have a really good idea about what that means. Now, there's a class to help them learn it, before they commit to something they might not like. Normal Community teacher Margherita DiVita tells WGLT's Ryan Denham that the class could help address the teacher shortage. Plus, Laura Kennedy brings us the magic of storytelling in Heartland Theater's new production of Electric Baby. Jon Norton has an episode of What's on your turntable and a profile of  WIplot, the band. And Eric Stock dives into a new report Heartland Community College hopes will keep finances stable.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/12/19

Sep 12, 2019

Normal Community West High School is 25 years old and Principal Dave Johnson says the first principal Jerry Crabtree set out to have a defining personality to the new institution, kindness. More on the Wildcats first 25 years. Plus, WGLT Correspondent Edith Brady-Lunny stops by to tell us about Wednesday's oral arguments in the Alan Beaman case, close to 30 years after the killing of ISU student Jennifer Lockmiller. And the Girl Scouts have lost 39 percent of their membership in the last fifteen years in the U.S. more than a million kids...we'll check in on Central Illinois.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/11/19

Sep 11, 2019

It's getting hot in here. Meghan Hassett of the Union of Concerned Scientists says global climate change will make a big difference in central Illinois. Eric Stock has more. Plus, the Stephenson Center for Community and Economic Development is 25 years old. Mary Cullen looks at the anniversary. And WGLT's gardening podcast Grow looks at food free for the taking. The rules of foraging.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/10/19

Sep 10, 2019

An attorney who works with abused and neglected kids in McLean County says virtually all of them have had childhood traumas.Brenda Tempke says we can do a lot better in helping children who've experienced trauma. Plus, Laura Kennedy talks with an artist whose medium is silk and how politics gets in the way of art. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/06/19

Sep 9, 2019

Small farmers and groups that watch farmers say they are uneasy with aid payments to offset trade war harm to ag producers. It's part 4 of our series on market facilitation payments in central Illinois. Plus, family stories morph and change in their re-telling over the years. Breanna Grow has one such story from a Next to Normal Story Slam. Breanna also reports on what parents don't know...even now, about the dangers of vaping. Laura Kennedy talks with an artists who views the cloud as a landscape to explore digital mortality and sometimes melancholy human connections. And Ryan Denham reports on money management.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/09/19

Sep 9, 2019

Kate Brown of Bloomington is not a small woman and she gets reactions when she tells people she is a runner. Brown has written an article about running while fat. Plus, it's the 25th anniversary of the Children's Discovery Museum - Ryan Denham takes a look at what time has brought. And teachers at the start of  the school year are busy starting lesson plans and drilling kids about what to do in case of an active shooter. Eric Stock reports.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/05/19

Sep 5, 2019

Part three of the WGLT series on trade war farmer aid show this year will likely be similar to last year with more than half the aid going to ten percent of farmers according to the Environmental Working Group. Plus, this is the first year ever that the executive board of the NAACP in Bloomington Normal is all women. A talk with chapter President Linda Foster. Eric Stock catches up with Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton during a stop in the twin cities. And the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event is this weekend, by appointment only.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/04/19

Sep 4, 2019

WGLT’s series on the trade relief payments for farmers turns to politics. Political scientist Craig Curtis says the electoral impact of the trade dispute is not big as of yet. Plus, Bloomington Normal favorite son musician Adam Larson has a new album coming. Jon Norton has the deetz. What we think we know about the care of trees just might not be so. Patrick Murphy and Mike McCurdy deal with Tree Myths during WGLT's gardening podcast Grow. Mayor Chris Koos of Normal stops by to unpack the really dense analysis of Tax Increment Financing District performance and whether it's a good deal for taxpayers.

WGLT's Ryan Denham reports on the scope and impact of the USDA's trade relief payments on Central Illinois farmers. The Illinois Politics Roundtable discusses the first 100 days of Lori Lightfoot's term in Chicago. And we revisit an interview with a West Market Street Council leader looking to bring a grocery store to her neighborhood.

GLT Sound Ideas 09/02/19

Aug 30, 2019

This is a Labor Day Edition of Sound Ideas with a collection of stories from the Next to Normal Story Slam Podcast done with the help of Breanna Grow and slam producer Devon Lovell. You will hear stories of love, fear, and personal growth.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/30/19

Aug 30, 2019

Hear about the impact of a law that's supposed to reduce race based disparities in student discipline in Illinois Schools....not all that successful. Illinois State University Professor Charles Bell says his research shows the differences in discipline make absenteeism, drop out rates and educational attainment less for blacks than whites. Plus, State Representative Dan Brady talks with WGLT's Ryan Denham about his role on the Property Tax Relief Task Force. That's something lawmakers wanted to look at as well as a graduated income tax. Laura Kennedy is barefoot in the park with Community Players. And Correspondent Colleen Reynolds updates us on the Habitat for Humanity Hero House.

WGLT's Eric Stock reports on the new selection of a new Bloomington police chief. A new episode of McHistory brings you the story of a should-have-been Hall of Fame baseball player from Bloomington. And student reporter Tiffani Jackson interviews a national leader in African-American mentoring.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/28/19

Aug 28, 2019

Listen to a report on the sport that perhaps would benefit most from a multi sport complex, Cricket. The current field has a ditch running through it. Eric Stock reports on the need for full sized cricket grounds. Plus, Bloomington has a new police chief. Jon Norton previews the Peoria Blues and Heritage Festival with the duo Ida Mae, musicians who walked away from a big label and a successful band to do Delta inspired blues. Ryan Denham reports on a gun violence sentencing in Bloomington and broader issues raised. And Patrick Murphy and Mike McCurdy get all prickly - pear that is on WGLT's gardening podcast Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/27/19

Aug 27, 2019

A best-selling author plans to tell Illinois Wesleyan University students in this so-called post-truth era, be skeptical of everything you year. Michael Shermer, Publisher of Skeptic Magazine, will deliver IWU's President's Convocation next week. Plus, Illinois Wesleyan University today is starting to take delivery of several dozen Steinway Pianos as it becomes an all Steinway school. We'll tell you what that means. Mary Cullen reports on the rise of women in Illinois State University student governance...fir the first time an all female executive board. And the Mayor of Bloomington drops by.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/26/19

Aug 26, 2019

Hear about a note of hope for those wanting to preserve the State Farm building in downtown Bloomington. Jim Lindberg of the National Trust for Historic Preservation offers inspiration from across the country and other cities that have saved big high rises. Plus, if current trends continue it will take more than two centuries for women in the U.S. to gain pay equity with men. Some women tell Mary Cullen that 'aint right! And how to train a feral dog as a Ugandan Herd guard. Breanna Grow tells us more.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/23/19

Aug 26, 2019

Listen to a community sex educator talk about how to teach kids enough to protect them from molestation without traumatizing them. Nurse Ellen Ripley-Gataric talks sex ed with Mary Cullen. Plus, hear about a man who gave up the sport of LaCrosse for music. Jon Norton introduces us to Grant Milliren. Laura Kennedy takes us inside an art exhibit in Normal revealing that cuteness, fairytales and storytelling are intriguing avenues to explore deep ideas. And Breanna Grow peers inside a vacation of a lifetime that was more than Nancy Nickerson bargained for in a Next to Normal story slam episode.

Hear about the impact of a law that's supposed to reduce race based disparities in student discipline in Illinois Schools. It has not been all that successful. Illlinois State University Professor Charles Bell says his research shows the differences in discipline make absenteeism, drop out rates and educational attainment worse for blacks than whites. Plus, late summer is not too late to have your garden bloom. Patrick Murphy and Mike McCurdy tell you how in WGLT's gardening podcast Grow. Mary Cullen chats with new Economic Development Council CEO Patrick Hoban. And we have a report on books and barbers in West Bloomington.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/21/19

Aug 21, 2019

Hear about food insecurity in rural central Illinois and in some parts of Peoria where insecurity is a third higher than the state average. Tim Shelley talks with Jill Garrison of OSF and others about how to fix food insecurity. Plus, Colleen Reynolds talks with the finalists for Bloomington Police Chief and what they believe are the pressing problems of law enforcement in the city. Mary Cullen reports on central Illinois Congressmen Darin LaHood and Rodney Davis's appearance before the Chamber of Commerce. And Jon Norton brings us the politically aware music of Josh Ritter.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/20/19

Aug 20, 2019

Hear about one of the most thankless yet necessary jobs in human civilization. No one wants to see the coroner at the door. Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood and other coroners in the region talk with Eric Stock about the human part of their public office. Plus, Ryan Denham reports on the next piece of tech infrastructure needed for widespread adoption of electric vehicles, charging stations. Mary Cullen talks with a White House drug policy expert about rural addiction. And it's only the second day of class at Illinois State University. Already, three students have been disowned by their families for coming out as LGBTQ. That makes nine this year asking for help from a special fund.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/19/19

Aug 19, 2019

A Bloomington-Normal college professor spent her summer interviewing children about the conditions at U.S. immigration facilities. Kathleen O'Gorman tells WGLT's Ryan Denham about her work with the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law. She says it's worse than you've heard. Plus  the Community Healthcare Clinic in Bloomington Normal is 25 years old. A lot has changed, but there's a lot new as well. Director Mike Romanogli says the new dental clinic is swamped with business, and they have a couple new partnerships...including one with the developer of a new healthcare app. And the Illinois Politics Roundtable hashes out the landscape.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/16/19

Aug 16, 2019

Hear a music group that sometimes wants to sing and sometimes just wants to jam. WGLT's Jon Norton talks with Brian Burkhart of Groovement. Plus, State Senator Jason Barickman stops by to talk Rod Blagojevich, nativist rhetoric responses, and legislative accomplishments. And Laura Kennedy brings us a riot of color and lighthearted images brightening the Armstrong Gallery of the McLean County Arts Calendar.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/15/19

Aug 16, 2019

Hear about the new season of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. Assistant Performing Arts Manager Anne-Marie Dittman gives us the skinny on a new season of culture in the twin cities. Plus, GLT's Ryan Denham continues his reporting on the arrest and child molestation charges against Glenn School First Grade Teacher Jonathon Hovey in Unit 5. The annual beer fest and charitable fundraiser Bruegala hits a milestone. And there's a new policy for finals in Unit Five schools.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/14/19

Aug 14, 2019

Listen for a new episode of McHistory hearkening back to 1939 when the largely female telephone switchboard workers protested plans to automate the operators. Find out what happened when the Bloomington Normal Wabash telephone company replaced manual switchboards. Plus, the upcoming household hazardous waste collection event in McLean County will have a new format. Ecology Action Center Director Michael Brown says it will be by appointment, not drive up. The West Bloomington Revitalization Project sets up its bed blitz to provide a good night's rest for low income kids. And Jon Norton brings us the legendary Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials.