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GLT Sound Ideas 08/13/19

Aug 13, 2019

Hear what it's like to get your rage on at a smash club in Bloomington Normal. Rage Room Owner David Kagel tells WGLT all about it. Plus, we'll talk with the young ham radio operator of the year in the United States. Dhruv Rebba is a high school student in Normal. And the Mayor of Bloomington stops by.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/12/19

Aug 12, 2019

Hear about the American Passion Play in Bloomington and unlikely support from one part of the country. Passion Play Board head Lars LaBounty says the event will go on for its 97th year. Plus, Eric Stock reports on youth soccer groups fundraising efforts for a new home to replace the Prairie City Soccer League Complex south the Central Illinois Regional Airport.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/07/19

Aug 12, 2019

Hear from foreign policy expert Max Boot who says the Trump trade war has so far not hurt the U.S. economy enough to cause the administration to cry uncle. It's a special sound ideas broadcast of the Peoria Area World Affairs Council interview with Max Boot.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/09/19

Aug 9, 2019

Hear a report on STDs. McLean County is doing alright for Chlamydia and Ghonorea, syphillis rates not so much. Mary Cullen talks with the state public health director. Plus, the pathways of desire aren't what they sound like. Think more along the lines of human game trails. Ryan Denham has the story. Breanna Grow brings us a Next to Normal Story Slam episode. And Laura Kennedy brings us Autism Friendly Contra Dancing.

State Farm, Rivian, AutonomouStuff central Illinois has a lot of big players in the automated mobility space. But are they working together? Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association Executive Director Jerry Quandt talks to WGLT's Ryan Denham about getting everyone on the same page. Plus, Bloomington Council member Jenn Carillo takes the temperature of her ward on what to do with the State Farm building GLT's gardening podcasters Patrick Murphy and Mike McCurdy find out palm trees are not out of place in the humid Midwest.

Gloria Hursey didn't just work in public housing. She lived there. And now she's calling it a career after nearly 30 years. Hursey talks about the changing face of public housing during her career at the Bloomington Housing Authority. Plus, a new restaurant is opening soon in Bloomington Normal We'll talk with Bob Dobski, owner of Rob Dobs about the place of restaurants in society. And Charlie Schlenker talks with Dr. John Vozenilek,  the vice president and Chief Medical Officer of the Jump Trading and Simulating Center in Peoria about medical futurism.

WGLT's Charlie Schlenker talks to a Bloomington-Normal psychotherapist about how parents should address the recent sexual abuse allegations against a Unit 5 teacher. Eric Stock visits with the U.S. attorney for central Illinois who's working on proactive violent crime prevention. And Ryan Denham explores a 2017 murder case that's headed to trial next week.

The mother of murder victim Haileigh Eichhorn is still waiting; still hoping police will solve the case. Ryan Denham reports on the six year old murder near Stanford and a perhaps coincidental drowning death of a man about that time. Plus, a new health needs study of McLean County shows people are getting less healthy. Eric Stock reports. Laura Kennedy interviews author Jim Plath about his new book of important literary characters. And, the McLean County Relay For Life is trying to recoup from a rainout.

Hear whether Illinois farmers can count on Trump administration efforts to soften trade war effects with deals for new exports. American Farm Bureau economist Veronica Nigh speaks with Ryan Denham. American birth rates are falling. This is international Child Free Day celebrating those who choose to not parent. Dana Vollmer talks with a Bradley University Scholar about the reasons people make that decision. The Islamic Center of Bloomington Normal is partnering with the west market street council to help low income kids get ready for school.

Coming soon distracted human drivers will interact with autonomous vehicles. Ryan Denham gets State Farm's best guess on how that's going. Planning for the 2020 election cycle is already under way and it will be an expensive one to run. Colleen Reynolds talks with McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael. Hear from the Philly based pop punk band the Menzingers. They're not overtly political...overtly. Vocalist and guitarist Tom May talks with Jon Norton. And sometimes it's better not to handle a home gardening problem by yourself.

We like to think class distinctions are silly. But, if so why do people still have fun watching HMS Pinafore. Bob Mangialardi invites us to join in the silliness of Gilbert and Sullivan as the Prairie Fire Theater production gets under way later this week. Plus, Normal City Manager Pam Reece updates us on a variety of projects and potential initiatives from the Trail East Project to the Uptown Underpass, to road repair season. Eric Stock has more on the Italian Odyssey of the ISU Men's basketball team.

Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason is deep into interviews for a new police chief and he has a panel of community leaders right along with him. Eric Stock talks about the first year on the job for the Bloomington City Manager. Plus, Ryan Denham delves into the huge transition the state's child welfare agency is going through. He talks with Doris Houston, director of Illinois State University's Center for Child Welfare and Adoption Studies. Tim Shelley reports on gun stores going out of business because state police are not putting out licensing rules.

The multi resident complex recycling ordinance is going into effect in Normal in just a few days. GLT's Ryan Denham checks into whether Mayor Chris Koos of Normal is right. It's harder to tell than you might think. Plus, the Governor of Puerto Rico has resigned after massive protests. ISU's head of Latin American Studies unpacks that movement. And Laura Kennedy brings us grand opera on the prairie.

WGLT's Ryan Denham talks to an Illinois Corn Growers Association scientist about a new Farmer Data Cooperative initiative involving NASA. Another episode of McHistory looks back at a trailblazer in the General Assembly. And Adam Fox from the Normal Theater talks about the influence of 1979's "Alien" ahead of this weekend's screenings.

New U.S. Citizen Mauricio Sadicoff of Bloomington says there's a lot of bureaucracy in becoming a citizen. He even had to leave a legal job once because of hoop jumping. More than a hundred central Illinois residents became citizens last week. Plus, some teenagers who feel out of place in the regular school environment turn to Youth Build of McLean County. GLT Correspondent Willis Kern is not a blowhard, but he reports on some people who are blowing hard to keep lung capacity healthy with Harmonica Therapy. The Mayor of Bloomington stops by.

President Trump is showing signs of making the election about immigration. Congressional Candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan says it's healthcare. Ryan Denham has the interview. Plus, Willis kern reports on the history of bicycles. River communities in Illinois are getting studies back after spring flooding showing why flood walls failed. IPR reports on problem gambling. And the Illinois Politics Roundtable chews over new federal restrictions on public health funding designed to limit abortions, and the response from Governor JB Pritzker.

The State Farm building in downtown Bloomington will be torn down. Commercial Realtor Greg Yount says there are opportunities for that downtown location. An in depth report on the startling development coming up. Plus, Great Caesar's Ghost. Laura Kennedy presents a modern political take on Shakespeare's classic. John Norton has something from Baaad Boyz ahead of their concert. And a thoughtful discussion about the disappearance of a mural in the community (No, not THAT mural) and what murals say about us as a society.

WGLT's Mary Cullen reports on the newly named Normal Citizen of the Year, Dodie Dunson. Correspondent Steve Fast chats with musician Denise LaGrassa ahead of her weekend show in Uptown Normal. And learn all about Bloomington's connection to the "Wizard of Oz."

GLT Sound Ideas 07-17-19

Jul 17, 2019

Eight man football teams are becoming more common in Illinois, to save the sport in small schools, homecoming rituals, and all that goes with football. Illinois High School Association Executive Director Craig Anderson says 8-man football in Illinois only began two years ago.  Plus, ISU basketball great Jaci McCormick shares her post college story and the road that lead her to a tribal court in Washington state. And Normal Town Council member Stan Nord is ruffling feathers. We'll have a report.

Connect Transit is doing better than many other bus systems. Connect Transit Manager Isaac Thorne says gas prices have a lot to do with recent ridership trends.  Mary Cullen has an episode of McHistory dealing with Bloomington Normal favorite son Presidential Candidate Adlai Stevenson. And, the Mayor of Normal stops by. 

Poverty and child poverty continue to drag at the state of Illinois even in an expanding economy... because the social service support network remains badly eroded. The Heartland Alliance Social Impact Research Center tells Eric Stock what that means in central Illinois. Plus, the Challenger Learning Center celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. And a look at poverty and child poverty in Bloomington Normal.

Back in the 70s Russell "Huck" Willis didn't think much of snowmobiles. Too cold. Then someone gave his son one. 150 plus snowmobiles later, welcome to the Willis Snowmobile museum in Hopedale, Illinois. Plus, Adam Kinzinger was a very very young Mclean County Board member. Then he was a very young Congressman. Now the U.S. Representative might be on the way to becoming a U.S. Senator. Ryan Denham has more. Meet the new head of the Bloomington Normal EDC, Patrick Hoban. Jon Norton has the music of Illinois Rail. And Laura Kennedy brings us the Inside Out Arts Fair. 

WGLT's Eric Stock reports on the rise of discount stores in rural Illinois, and their impact on the rest of the economy. And Mike and Murph bring you another episode of WGLT's Grow.

McLean County State's Attorney Don Knapp talks about why he wants to sue drugmakers and distributors over the opioid epidemic. WGLT's Ryan Denham visits the Iron Spirit Pro independent wrestling company based in Normal. And WGLT correspondent Steve Fast talks to Snow & Snow about their album being released this week.

WGLT's Eric Stock reports on the changing dynamics on the Normal Town Council. You'll meet a competitive eater from Bloomington who just lost to Joey Chestnut in the famous Fourth of July competition in New York. And WGLT Student Reporter Tiffani Jackson talks to local youth outreach director Andrew Held about his new role at Western Avenue Community Center.

Bloomington City Council member Kim Bray talks about Connect Transit's future, marijuana legalization, the search for a police chief, and more. WGLT's Ryan Denham chats with local youth soccer players about the U.S. women's World Cup run. And Laura Kennedy visits a new exhibit showing off the permanent collection at ISU's University Galleries. 

GLT Sound Ideas 07/03/19

Jul 3, 2019

Losing a job can be an opportunity, especially for retail and restaurant workers who are the main target of layoffs right now in Bloomington Normal. Ryan Denham talks with a business service representative and trades planner at Career Link in Normal who says there are 900 fewer retail jobs than last year in Bloomington Normal. Plus, the history of Sibley Illinois includes once being the center of perhaps the nation's largest farm. Jon Norton gives us the music of Cracker. Theater leads to lasting love. A Next to Normal story slam story with correspondent Breanna Grow. And deciding when to try to save and when to cut down a long established tree in your yard, during GLT's Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 07/02/19

Jul 2, 2019

With marijuana legalization just 6 months away, who's going to be most inclined to use it? Mike Williams from Mother Murphy's talks to WGLT's Mary Cullen about running a head shop in a new era. There are too many beds available in state boot camp programs. Another look at the down side of DNA technology. Sometimes's it's too easy to collect too much. And Normal Mayor Pro Tem Kevin McCarthy stops by to unpack what's in a name and other issues.

WGLT's Ryan Denham talks to Bloomington-Normal Association of Realtors President Danell Moberly about trends in the local housing market. WGLT correspondent Brenna Grow reports on more homeowners turning to solar power. And the Illinois Politics Roundtable unpacks the newly signed $45 billion state capital bill.

Half of the hotel rooms in Bloomington Normal sit empty. And Hotel Motel Association head Ray Ceresa says average room rates are down three dollars from last year. Ryan Denham reports on the lowest metro area hotel occupancy rate in the state. Plus, Tim Shelley reports on how much the loss of grocery stores hurts rural communities and how four small central Illinois towns are trying to recover those community centers. Mary Cullen talks with McLean County Democrats about how in the world they will wade through 24 candidates to decide who they want.