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Barb Dallinger says she was considered the Mom of her Illinois State University dorm floor until someone found out she was gay. Other students assaulted her, tied her up, gagged her, and then locked her in her dorm room. Things are better, but Dallinger says discrimination still happens. Plus, there's a new not for profit in town dedicated to getting women ready for apprenticeship programs and jobs that give them a sustainable wage. Katie Seelinger has more. And Jon Norton has the music of Lauren Jenkins.

Art by adolescents and an exhibit curated by adolescents gives you unexpected depths. 17 year old Jordan Davis says he is surprised at the darkness in some of the children's works in the exhibit at the ISU galleries. Laura Kennedy has more. Plus Eric Stock reports on how municipalities use social media. We have the view from France; a 16 year old French High School student reflects on U.S. Culture and community. And Mary Cullen runs down the economic indicators in Bloomington Normal by the numbers.

The 1970s saw the dawn of the gay rights movement, even in Bloomington Normal. Dave Bentlin of the Prairie Pride Coalition says poet Allen Ginsburg even came to town. History comes out of the closet with GLT Reporter Mary Cullen. Plus, Correspondent Breanna Grow has a story of love at first sight, one sided love, at any rate. Persistence pays off in the end. This month is the 100th anniversary of Illinois women getting the right to vote. And Bloomington's Mayor stops by to talk sales taxes and connect transit.

Police, fire, even city hall, hey are just like us when it comes to social media. They are looking for ways to get your attention. Bloomington Police officer John Fermon is putting his marketing degree from ISU to use as the department's public information officer. Plus, the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council has been focusing on several issues among teens in the twin cities. It's adding  one, gun violence. Ryan Denham reports. And State Senator Jason Barickman tells us now that the budget is done, what's next. Could it be pensions?

GLT's Charlie Schlenker chats with the Heartland Community College president and CFO about their latest budget and enrollment efforts. You'll hear about former Illinois Wesleyan basketball player Jack Sikma's latest run with the NBA champs. And Jon Norton previews the inaugural Black Dirt Music Festival in Downtown Bloomington. 

Paul De Jong is perhaps the most accomplished Illinois State University baseball player to make it in the major leagues. He has advice for his former teammates. De Jong could have ISU company in the majors. Five Redbirds were drafted this spring. More with Eric Stock. Plus, Ecology Action Center Director Michael Brown joins us to talk about planning for a household hazardous waste collection event. And Bloomington Public Works Director Jim Karch has the skinny on Smart Trucks.

Behavioral Health Coordinating Council advisor Trisha Malott says McLean County needs to figure out who its frequent flyers are in mental health services. Mary Cullen interviews Trisha Malott about the new triage center and other service startups. Plus, Eric Stock talks with an NBA player from Bloomington Normal who is stumping for more medical devices in public places. And Ryan Denham gives us "More Of That Please."

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/14/19

Jun 14, 2019

The Courts reporter for the Bloomington Pantagraph Newspaper is retiring. Edit Brady Lunny is sounding an alarm at the decline of community based journalism across the nation. GLT's Ryan Denham talks with Edith Brady Lunny about the institutions needed to keep Democracy strong. Plus, Laura Kennedy deconstructs our ideas of painting and sculpture with locally sourced recycled items. She previews a new exhibit with artist Katie Bell. And Bloomington's Parks and Rec Director talks improvement projects.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/13/19

Jun 13, 2019

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources was once a national leader in that space. New Director Colleen Callahan says, though it has been hollowed out by years of under funding caused by state financial troubles and political deadlock. GLT's Breanna Grow talks with Department of Natural Resources Director Colleen Callahan at the Ropp Dairy Farm. Plus, Eric Stock reports on how zoos can be engulfed in a media firestorm. And U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth visits with GLT's Ryan Denham about corporate sexual harassment policies and more.

GLT Sound Ideas: 6/12/19

Jun 12, 2019

An update on efforts to bring a new grocery store to West Bloomington. A Downtown Bloomington business owner recaps his closed-door meeting with Bloomington City Council member Jenn Carrillo. And another installment of the Next to Normal Story Slam.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/11/19

Jun 11, 2019

Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner talks about a budget maneuver that he says could put Connect Transit at risk. GLT's Charlie Schlenker asks U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis if it's time for impeachment. Mary Cullen reports on the impact of marijuana legalization on police dogs. And Laura Kennedy previews a new production of "Gypsy."

GLT Sound Ideas 6/10/19

Jun 10, 2019

What do the new state budget and capital bill mean for Central Illinois? GLT checks in with state Reps. Keith Sommer and Dan Brady, plus Illinois State University President Larry Dietz. And another installment of "What's On Your Turntable?" Jon Norton talks to an Illinois Wesleyan University grad about his research into Frank Zappa in the 1960s.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/7/19

Jun 7, 2019

Karen Irvin of Mom's Demand Action For Gun Sense in Bloomington Normal says the spring session of the General Assembly was a partial success for their group. But, Mom's Demand Action is still working toward a Fix the FOID bill. Plus, arts correspondent Laura Kennedy visits with Bruce Boeck about the Ten Minute Play festival. Boeck has the happiest laugh you will ever hear. Hear from a Tony Nominated producer of the Prom ahead of the Tony's this weekend. And Jon Norton has the music of Summer Concert Headliner Adia Victoria, right before tomorrow's concert in Bloomington.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/6/19

Jun 6, 2019

Congressman Rodney Davis is departing from the Trump Administration position that includes the latest tariff threat over a non economic problem. Davis says Trump is showing a lack of leadership on immigration reform. Plus, hear the voices of World War II veterans from Bloomington Normal as we observe the 75th anniversary of  the D-Day landings. Laura Kennedy delves into fan culture with the Psych Geeks. And Jon Norton introduces you to the GLT Summer Concert act, the Rebirth Brass Band.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/5/19

Jun 5, 2019

GLT's Ryan Denham reports on some positive new developments in Downtown Bloomington. Jon Music previews the first full-length album from Disorganizer ahead of its Friday nigth debut. And Mike and Murph hammer out the best way to build a treehouse on this week's episode of GLT's Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/4/19

Jun 4, 2019

Normal Mayor Chris Koos recaps last night's Town Council meeting, including a discussion about public comment rules. GLT Correspondent Colleen Reynolds reports from a Pride Month kickoff celebration that marks 50 years since a historic moment in the gay rights movement. And GLT's Eric Stock has an exit interview with retiring Marcfirst CEO Laura Furlong.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/3/19

Jun 3, 2019

GLT's Ryan Denham reports on the uncertain future of Steak 'n Shake, which was born in Bloomington-Normal. Our colleagues at NPR Illinois report on the busy end to the spring legislative session. And GLT Correspondent Breanna Grow files an adorable report from a Bloomington cat show competition.

GLT Sound Ideas 5/31/19

May 31, 2019

Here's hoping you will like As You Like it, at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, that you won't be 'Pride and Prejudiced' just because it's Austen and not the Bard, And that you will have a Caesar you have never seen before. Shakespeare Festival head John Stark talks with GLT Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy. Plus, GLT's new management agreement of Peoria Public Radio Station WCBU is about to go into effect. GLT General Manager RC McBride unpacks what that means. And a report on dead bodies and a high school learning experience.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/30/19

May 30, 2019

GLT's Ryan Denham talks with two medical cannabis users, who say they want the drug legalized for everyone. Eric Stock has an exit interview with retiring McLean County Administrator Bill Wasson. and Music Director Jon Norton previews some upcoming changes to GLT's music format, starting next week.

GLT Sound Ideas 5/29/19

May 29, 2019

Recycling isn't profitable, it's costly. Yet it would be less expensive if people figured out how to do it right. Illinois State University recycling coordinator Andrew Bennett and other experts talk with GLt's Eric Stock. Plus, Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by to talk with Ryan Denham about a public spat with Council Member Joni Painter. Mary Cullen dives into the archives of the history of addiction. Chestnut Health Systems has some of the most comprehensive in the nation. And GLT's Grow looks at a native plant in Illinois you might not expect, Prickly Pear cactus. 

GLT Sound Ideas 5/28/19

May 28, 2019

The next episode of McHistory shows us an early feminist and educator from Bloomington Normal. June Rose Colby grew to such prominence she had an ISU dormitory named in her honor. Plus, it's summer. People go on vacation and they stop giving blood. It's a critical shortage time for donations. Eric Stock has more. Jon Norton gives us the Rock of Ages. And a new report from Pro Publica shows State Senator Bill Brady has a significant financial interest in the Illinois Video gaming industry at the same time a gambling bill is up in Springfield. Pro Publica reporter Jason Grotto joins us.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/27/19

May 24, 2019

It's Memorial Day, but here's a memory of a different sort...of a Rock Festival near Heyworth on Memorial Day of 1970. Jon Norton brings you The Incident At Kickapoo Creek. Plus, a central Illinois group honors those who have served by taking them on a journey to the nation's capital to memorialize their comrades. Charlie Schlenker has more with volunteers for Honor Flights. Mary Cullen plays who's got the button, or more accurately, a half a million buttons. And, there is a Next to Normal Story Slam story from Jack Waddel, presenting a unique facet of himself.

GLT Sound Ideas 5/24/19

May 24, 2019

A new report measures the outsized role of manufacturing in much of downstate Illinois. Mark Denzler from the Illinois Manufacturers Association on what people don't know about what's made here in Illinois. Plus, it's high school graduation weekend in Bloomington Normal, a little early perhaps, but way early for a couple of grads Eric Stock talks with. Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy features poet and photographer Justin Hamm and his new exhibit. And Bluesman Patrick Sweany meets GLT's Jon Norton and YOU!

GLT Sound Ideas 5/23/19

May 23, 2019

Hear about central Illinois vaccination rates. Vaccine skeptic Susan Mitchell says media make too much of the issue, considering how little faith people have in government and drug companies. Erick Stock reports there are a few vaccination rate trouble spots in Bloomington Normal, but herd immunity is largely ok. Plus, a lack of diversity in culture has broad implications for society. But, a lack of diversity in scholarship, especially in the sciences, is a really big deal according to an IWU scientist. Ryan Denham has more. And Jon Norton has the music of Third Street Down

A six year old water quality sample in Bloomington showed the presence of toxic chemicals formerly used in teflon, though below levels the EPA considers a danger. Find out more about PFAs in Eric Stock's report. Plus, Sheriff Jon Sandage gives an update on the no operational addition to the Mclean County Jail. GLT's Grow tells you whether covering up exposed tree roots is really the thing to do. Jon Norton previews GLT Summer Concert Headliner Adia Victoria.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/20/19

May 20, 2019

You might think the trade war affects manufacturing, aluminum, and electronics. But, it's a lot more than that for one Bloomington business owner. Kristin Rae tells GLT's Mary Cullen her prices are soaring because of tariffs. Plus, cooking for five Presidents presents unique challenges. Correspondent Joe Deacon chats with a White House Chef. GLT's Beer Correspondent, [Well, that's not really a position even though it oughta be] Ryan Denham, previews a  new Fairbury brewery. And the Coalescence Theater Project gets some national recognition.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/17/19

May 17, 2019

Gaze into the face of a terrible bureaucracy, the intellectuals who supported Nazi plans for the Holocaust. ISU History Professor Katrin Paehler has a new book on Walter Schellenberg and Nazi intelligence services. Plus, Ryan Denham reports on a new way to keep historic buildings in Bloomington from the wrecking ball. The city historic commission will look at all tear down proposals on buildings older than a half century. Laura Kennedy brings you the annual children's opera from Prairie Fire Theater. and musician and high school teacher Stefen Robinson tells us where he got his real education, on the road in a hip hop group, as part of a Next to Normal Story Slam.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/16/19

May 17, 2019

Hear about a Bloomington Normal connection to the Tony nominated musical Betelgeuse. Costumer Savannah Wetzel talks about her journey from the twin cities to Broadway. Plus, Jon Norton previews the GLT Summer Concert June 9th by talking with the Rebirth Brass Band. Authors Steve Vogel and Edith Brady Lunny delve into the infamous Amanda Hamm and Maurice Lagrone murder cases. And Breanna Grow previews Kitefest.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/15/19

May 17, 2019

A panel of stakeholders says there are a lot of gray areas in the proposed marijuana legalization bill. Listen to a GLT discussion on legalization of recreational Marijuana. ISU Professor Ralph Weisheit joins defense attorney Brendan Bukalski, Chamber of Commerce representative John Walsh, and Linda Foster of the Bloomington Normal NAACP for a GLT Community Conversation supported by the Alice and Fannie Fell Trust at ISU.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/14/19

May 14, 2019

How to make insurance interesting. That's State Farm archivist Buck Farley's job. Ryan Denham reports on what's in State Farm's basement, and cameo from Ed Rust Jr. Plus, meet two foster parents; parents to kids, parents to rescued puppies. Yes, it will give you the feels. Jon Norton previews one of the acts in this year's GLT Summer Concert set for June 8th, the Something Brothers. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.