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GLT Sound Ideas 05/13/19

May 13, 2019

We'll give you the nitty gritty of the recreational cannabis legalization bill. Find out why State Senator Jason Barickman yanked his support for the marijuana measure and its prospects moving forward. Plus, Eric Stock talks with Stew Salowitz. Who is he? He's the long time sports information director for Illinois Wesleyan University, now retiring after 31 years. Stew talks about the shift from offering numbers to producing stories for the university.

GLT Sound Ideas 5/10/19

May 10, 2019

GLT's Eric Stock talks with the new interim director of the McLean County Health Department about taking over. A teenager from Normal goes off-script in the latest installment of the Next to Normal Story Slam. GLT Music Director Jon Norton previews the unique blend that is GangstaGrass. And Laura Kennedy catches up with some old friends who are now playing chamber music as "...and friends."

GLT Sound Ideas 05/09/19

May 9, 2019

Meet a cop turned prosecutor turned legal defender for those looking to get their life back on track. Bruce Zywiec talks to Ryan Denham about his unusual career path and his perspective on the criminal justice system. You'll hear from a Unit 5 parent raising concerns about how race plays into discipline and hiring in the district. And a new episode of our McHistory series goes back to the dawn of settlement in central Illinois and what the prairie looked like before the plow.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/08/19

May 8, 2019

Tony nominated producer and Illinois Wesleyan University graduate Bill Damaschke says his latest production pokes the establishment in the eye. Eric Stock talks about the musical, the Prom, up for seven Tony's with Bill Damaschke. Plus, Jon Norton previews My Pharaoh, My King during 'What's On Your Turntable,' and Patrick Murphy and Mike McCurdy run their toes through alternatives to the stereotypical suburban green lawn on GLT's Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/07/19

May 7, 2019

Nearly five years after the killing of Pamela Zimmerman in Bloomington, a jury has acquitted her ex-husband Kirk of the murder. Hear from defense attorney John Rogers, prosecutors, and GLT reporters in the wake of the case. Plus, there's a shortage of EMTs in rural areas. Ryan Denham reports why. Eric Stock highlight's Libertarian party efforts to peel off Chicago from the rest of Illinois. And the Mayor of Normal stops by.

GLT Sound Ideas 05/06/19

May 6, 2019

An ISU Historian says the power of pardons is in some sense anti-democratic. And certainly pre modern. Amy Wood talks about a new book Crime and Punishment in the Jim Crow South. Plus, Eric Stock reports on a partnership to address the Illinois teacher shortage. And Correspondent Willis Kern has more on a new monument to hall of fame pitcher Old Hoss Radbourn.

GLT Sound Ideas: 05/03/19

May 3, 2019

(1:22) GLT's Eric Stock talks with Friends of the Constitution Trail leaders as the trail celebrates its 30th anniversary. (13:10) Charlie Schlenker talks to a former Obama administration health policy advisor ahead of his Illinois Wesleyan commencement address. (33:58) Laura Kennedy previews a new show at the McLean County Arts Center. (41:16) And Jon Norton talks to the front woman from the folk duo Dead Horses.

GLT Sound Ideas: 05/02/19

May 2, 2019

(1:22) GLT's Eric Stock talks to the four new Bloomington aldermen about working together. (7:03) Mary Cullen visits a local rabbi in the wake of another shooting targeting Jewish Americans. (27:58) Ryan Denham previews a new play about mental health being staged by local high school students. (15:17) And the latest in our weeklong series State of Cannabis.

GLT Sound Ideas: 05/01/19

May 1, 2019

(1:25) The series the State of Cannabis continues. IPR looks at various angles of the cannabis industry as Illinois lawmakers develop legislation to legalize recreational consumption of marijuana. (14:24) Plus, area unions are saying Rivian Automotive is not being a good neighbor. (30:52) GLT's Grow talks botanicals for face, food and drink. (40:12) And a teacher tells his harrowing story of a school hostage situation.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/30/19

Apr 30, 2019

(1:25) The series the State of Cannabis continues. IPR looks at various angles of the cannabis industry as Illinois lawmakers develop legislation to legalize recreational consumption of marijuana. (19:02) Plus, Mary Cullen reports on the economic state of McLean County. (40:44) Jon Norton brings us the music of the Allman Betts Band. (25:04) And foodies sit up and pay attention! Larry Carius tells us about the Bloomington Normal Restaurant Scene.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/29/19

Apr 29, 2019

(1:25) The Mueller report itemized about a dozen instances where President Trump tried to halt or influence the special counsel's investigation. But, GOP Congressman Darin LaHood says that's not obstruction. LaHood On Mueller and more. (11:18) Plus, GLT brings you the start of a week long series from IPR called the State of Cannabis, documenting the changes in attitude, industry, and economics as the general assembly works toward a legalization bill for marijuana.

GLT Sound Ideas 04/26/19

Apr 26, 2019

(14:00) Go inside a medical marijuana growing operation in central Illinois with GLT's Ryan Denham. It uses recycled air, carefully filtered water, and a lot of precision. The economic impact of cannabis. (1:24) Plus, part two of GLT's series on stolen guns in Mclean County. (41:23) Spider Saloff sings. (26:47) Eric Stock reports on autism friendly recreation and business. (19:44) And the Central Illinois Figure Skating Club prepares to showcase local talent. 

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/25/19

Apr 25, 2019

(1:23) GLT's Ryan Denham reports on lost and stolen guns in McLean County. (12:20) You'll hear from an auto-industry expert about why the Rivian and Ford partnership makes sense for both companies. (29:29) An ISU research team explains their plan to make more environmentally friendly construction materials. (38:59) And Jon Norton talks to local musician Dan Hubbard about his new album.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/24/19

Apr 24, 2019

(1:25) Ford is investing 500 million dollars in Rivian Automotive, which has an auto plant in Normal. We'll unpack what that might mean. (10:54) ROTC Cadets are helping kids learn at Fox Creek Elementary School in Bloomington. Third grader Austin Dorris looks out the school window every Friday to see if his Army Dude buddies show up. Eric Stock reports. (15:55) Land of Lincoln Honor flights has been helping aging veterans visit memorials for their wars in Washington DC. We'll talk with a veteran and a volunteer with the program.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/23/19

Apr 23, 2019

(27:13) People with a big passion about small things tell their stories. Button collectors and sellers like Gary Brockman talk with Mary Cullen about the world reflected in buttons. (13:25) Plus, GLT prepares to say goodbye to a mainstay of this place.  Jon Norton talks with Pat Peterson about her radio career supporting members of the station. (33:32) A Next to Normal Story Slam performer talks about getting schooled. (1:25) And Mayor Tari Renner of Bloomington stops by.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/22/19

Apr 22, 2019

(17:48) Experts in childhood trauma say kids have more than just a fight or flight's fight or flight or freeze. GLT's Willis Kern talks with Baby Fold Clinical Director Rob Lusk about trauma informed care for youth. (31:17) Plus, Eric Stock reports healthcare leaders in Bloomington Normal are sounding the alarm about measles. (1:23) IWU becomes an all Steinway School of music. We talk pianos. (41:43) And Laura Kennedy introduces the new season for Heartland Theater including a wildly funny classic of existential theater.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/19/19

Apr 19, 2019

(1:24) The business of agri-tourism is not that easy. GLT's Eric Stock reports on barriers from bureaucracy to capital in starting an agri-tourism venture. (17:48) Plus, the state of the Mclean County Democratic and Republican Parties. We'll hear from the party chairs of both major parties in Bloomington Normal. (42:57) And Mary Cullen brings you an episode of McHistory...hear from an abolitionist from the 1840s who put himself in danger exercising his free speech rights in Bloomington.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/18/19

Apr 18, 2019

(1:23) General Manager R.C. McBride shares the latest on WGLT's plans to take over operations at Peoria Public Radio (WCBU) starting this summer. (8:10) GLT's Ryan Denham talks with the hosts of NPR's new history podcast. (35:45) And Jon Norton previews the "What's So Good About Good Friday" art show.

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GLT Sound Ideas: 04/17/19

Apr 17, 2019

(40:02) Overcoming fear to live a life of purpose. Former AOL executive Jean Case returned to her home town of Bloomington Normal to write that book. GLT's Eric Stock talks with Jean Case. (12:36) Plus, the Executive Editor of the Pulitzer Prize winning Post and Courier in Charleston South Carolina, Mitch Pugh, joins us to talk about journalism today. (1:25) And we have an interview with the incoming McLean County Administrator, the first woman to hold that job.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/16/19

Apr 16, 2019

(21:56) A noted environmentalist says U.S. farmers have the wrong idea about feeding the world. Vandana Shiva [VAHN-duh-nah SHEE-vuh] is the speaker for the Stevenson lecture series. Shiva says the word 'yield' is a trap that creates a false definition of the word farm. (14:40) Plus, Mary Cullen brings us a second report on the business of gambling and the economic trade offs Bloomington Normal sees. (40:39) Jon Norton highlights a new album Ancient Now: Simple Secret. (31:32) We'll have a story from the Next to Normal Story Slam. (1:25) And Mayor Chris Koos drops by.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/15/19

Apr 15, 2019

(1:25) The social costs of gambling can be high and for individuals, ruinous. A gambling addict we'll call Susan says the cost to cities may be as high as the cost to people. GLT's Mary Cullen brings you the first of a two part series on the price of gambling as the state considers legalizing sports betting. (14:20) Plus, Governor JB Pritzker talks to journalists in Normal. The Illinois Politics Roundtable talks about the governor's graduated income tax proposal. (36:09) You might have seen a message on a car window around town: wanted a kidney, type O.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/12/19

Apr 12, 2019

(39:08) The late music promoter Denny De Bourbon was a character. And everyone, it seems has a Denny De Bourbon story including the time he superglued a hotel room door shut. Alan Wright of Kool Ray and the Polaroidz talks with Jon Norton about the beloved Denny De Bourbon. (24:17) Plus, Laura Kennedy and the Psych Geeks unpack the value of nostalgia in the popularity of such films as Grease.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/11/19

Apr 11, 2019

(1:22) You'll hear about a new study from the Insurance Information Institute about the impacts of legalized marijuana on impaired driving and crashes. (16:29) GLT correspondent Willis Kern brings you up to speed on one of the fastest-growing participation sports in the country: pickleball. (35:48) And Jon Norton has another episode of "What's On Your Turntable."

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/10/19

Apr 10, 2019

(1:25) An environmentalist and documentary maker says the global system of extraction to produce economic growth is the root of the current crisis for civilization. And Renee Scheltema says climate change is only a symptom. Hear more from Renee Scheltema about substitute currencies and other solutions ahead of the screening of her film Normal Is Over. (18:10) Plus, preparing the way for autonomous vehicles. Ryan Denham reports on infrastructure planning that needs to happen. (37:32) And Laura Kennedy helps us celebrate the 90th anniversary of Gamma Phi Circus in Bloomington Normal.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/09/19

Apr 9, 2019

(23:18) Noted author Temple Grandin says advances in diagnosing young people on the autism spectrum don't just help the young people. Listen to Eric Stock's interview with Temple Grandin ahead of her speech at ISU. (37:28) Plus, Ryan Denham finds out what kids gather from observing primates. An interview about life in the wild and life in captivity per students from Bloom Community School. (1:25) And Mayor Tari Renner talks Bloomington Budget and street repair.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/08/19

Apr 8, 2019

(1:24) The defendants in the murder trials of Maurice LaGrone and Amanda Ham back in 2003 had very different outcomes. Reporters Steve Vogel and Edith Brady Lunny delve into why in a new book on the case. Ryan Denham interviews Vogel and Brady Lunny about the book "The Unforgiven." (37:14) Plus, Jon Norton brings us the music of the Dire Wolves. (21:32) And Mary Cullen takes us back to a time of typhoid and death in Bloomington Normal in an episode of McHistory.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/05/19

Apr 5, 2019

(1:26) Unit 5 schools recently approved a cash payout and separation agreement for a top level administrator. GLT news has learned it relates to workplace misconduct by the head of Human Resources. Hear the complaints of women who've said sexually explicit comments created a hostile work environment. (39:12) Plus, the Illinois Symphony Orchestra is premiering a new work by Illinois State University Composer Carl Schimmel. (28:34) Laura Kennedy talks about an engaging six foot rabbit and the drama that bears his name.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/04/19

Apr 4, 2019

(16:31) 2017 was a brutal year for the Central Illinois Regional Airport. Last year?Much better with freight, fuel sales, and passengers all up significantly. An in depth interview on central Illinois commercial aviation with Carl Olson the Director of Bloomington Normal's Airport...covering everything from federal funding and drones, to airline consolidation and the 737 max 8 safety situation. (1:25) Plus,  Jon Norton reports on a training program for women truck drivers at Heartland Community College.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/03/19

Apr 3, 2019

(1:25) The Mayor of Normal says he expects the town council will continue to work well together, even with two new right of center candidates winning election. A wrapup of both the Normal and Bloomington city election races. (38:31) Plus, it's Bloomington Normal by the numbers, a snapshot of the local economy. (22:03) And it's the 30th anniversary of the start of the Bloomington Normal Sister Cities relationship with Vladimir Russia and Canterbury England. Eric Stock looks at the cultural exchange three decades on.

GLT Sound Ideas: 04/02/19

Apr 2, 2019

(1:25) Don't count on the bill to legalize marijuana in Illinois surviving in its current form. ISU Criminal Justice Sciences Professor Ralph Weisheit shares his thoughts on the march to legalization with correspondent Colleen Reynolds. (19:27) Plus, Ryan Denham looks at the impact of the minimum wage change on the affordability of childcare. (41:17) And Eric Stock goes to apprenticeship school as the laborers union tries to address workforce needs of the future.