Sam Cullinane and her husband Patrick
Courtesy Sam Cullinane

After 10 years of marriage, Sam Cullinane and her husband Patrick were ready to call it quits. 

They filed for divorce, and Sam moved from Utah to Spain.

A year later, they decided to get back together—and are still married today.

Jay Percell
Breanna Grow / WGLT

What’s the point of points-based grading?

Jay Percell found himself asking that question a lot during his decade as a high school teacher.

A woman carrying fruit and dressed in African garb  speaks during s TedX talk.
TedX Normal

It is a cruel irony that the first Christian church in what is now the country of Ghana is built in a coastal fort directly over the holding pens for the slave trade.

Debra Joy Hart
Debra Joy Hart

There's a saying that tragedy plus time equals comedy. It's a formula, suggesting that even your worst moments may grow a little bit funny if you wait long enough.