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The head of the United Way of McLean County said distributions to social service programs this year will be down about down about $260,000. This is also the end of a three-year funding cycle under which agencies were supposed to receive a set amount, said United Way CEO David Taylor.

Candles and photos mark a memorial for one of the victims of the June 10th shootings of four people on Orchard Road in Bloomington.
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The Not In Our Town movement and United Way of McLean County said seven recent killings in the Twin Cities make it appear youths are in crisis in the community.

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Direct contributions to the United Way continue to decline as companies nationwide and in McLean County reduce the number of workplace campaigns and allow workers to make individual choices where their money goes.

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How badly did the Community Health Care Clinic need a new website?

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The United Way of McLean County is responding to the overall decline in charitable donations in McLean County by reinventing its fundraising methods.

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The United Way of McLean County is collaborating with a fast-food giant to try to meet its 2017 fundraising goal.

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The United Way of McLean County has a new strategic plan to address changing giving patterns in the U.S.

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The United Way of McLean County is dramatically reducing support for human service agencies.

United Way of McLean County

BLOOMINGTON-- The extended United Way of McLean County drive ended Thursday with a total of $3,533,444 raised for more than 60 social service and non-profit programs.

The campaign began in late August with a goal of investing 8 percent more over the 2014 effort,  in dollars and volunteer hours, in-kind donations, etc. The previous campaign finished more than a year ago, raising $4.2 million. The total dollar amount announced Thursday represents a 16 percent decrease.

The United Way of Mclean County is 21% of the way toward its annual fundraising goal in the early going. Last year, the United Way chapter that serves Bloomington and Normal distributed $3.2 million to member social service agencies. This year United Way leadership is hoping to boost that by eight percent.

CEO David Taylor says with many changes and uncertaintees around the state and locally, the United Way hopes the community will recognize  the urgency to solve the situation as much as possible in McLean County.