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Video Gaming

Joe Deacon / WGLT

Pizza, alcohol and gambling will be available at a longtime vacant Bloomington lot in the near future.

Vacant lot for new pizza restaurant
Eric Stock / WGLT

Bloomington could be promising a gaming license for a planned pizzeria, provided it opens on schedule.

Jamie Mathy and Donna Boelen
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Bloomington plans to start taking applications for video gambling licenses in mid-September, after agreeing to lift a moratorium that was intended to curtail an explosion of gambling in the city.

Tom Hubbard
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Bloomington City Council members support lifting the city's moratorium on video gambling licenses and want to start the discussion about how it will handle legalized marijuana, though members disagree about how best to gather input.

Jeff addresses the council
Mary Cullen / WGLT

Bloomington is still mulling over what to do with the city’s year-and-a-half long moratorium on new video gambling licenses. City council members agree they want video gambling to be limited in some way.

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Bloomington may have a moratorium on new video gaming machines, but the city will collect a $500 annual fee on existing machines beginning May 1.

Tim Gleason
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After meeting with aldermen over the last two days, Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason said he believes there's enough city council support for a 4-cent increase in the gas tax.

Kim Bray at a meeting
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Bloomington will keep its moratorium on video gambling until after state legislators have made key decisions about sports betting and marijuana.

Amelia Buragas and Joni Painter
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Bloomington aldermen plan to vote next week on a proposal to extend the city’s yearlong moratorium on allowing new video gambling machines in the city.

Illinois lawmakers are trying to gauge whether legalizing sports betting could help the state earn some much-needed revenue.  Experts say the plan has long-term benefits, but only if it’s done right.