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GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/10/16

Mar 10, 2016

The Illinois Primary is Tuesday and voters are hearing more from candidates across the state. There are three Democrats and two Republicans who are all vying for the position of U.S. Senate. IPR's Niala Boodhoo sits down with former Chicago Urban League CEO Andrea Zopp at her campaign headquarters.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/9/16

Mar 9, 2016

The week of action on domestic violence and awareness continues through Saturday. Willis Kern talks with organizer Kim Wells from the Bloomington-based national organization Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence. You’ll hear an Illinois Public Radio interview with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and an IPR report on Bill Clinton’s appearance in Illinois on behalf of Sanders’ opponent, Hillary Clinton. And the members of Bloomington’s Old Smoke band talk about moving the band forward.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/8/16

Mar 8, 2016

Following a Town of Normal Council Meeting, Chris Koos in in studio to take questions. For a half century, U.S. Presidents have received daily briefings on national security threats and opportunities. Author David Priess served during the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations as a briefer at the CIA and Desk Officer at the State Department. He sheds light on the important document. Wet, and not as cold.  That sums up this year's winter, according to a state climatologist.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/7/16

Mar 7, 2016

The rights of transgender individuals are fast becoming the next legal frontier. Here in the Twin Cities, Unit 5 schools amended its policies to better accommodate trans students. Judy Valente has tbe story on what it's like to be transgender -- and in high school. Young local performers strut their stuff on stage later this week at Normal Community West High School. They'll swing, they'll bop and they'll show just what a positive influence jazz is on a student's life.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/3/16

Mar 3, 2016

Illinois State University President Larry Dietz talks with host Willis Kern about the current state budget impasse, MAP grant funding, procurement and cyber-security. You’ll also take a tour through the latest permanent exhibit at the McLean County Museum of History titled Making A Home.  And Jon Norton talks with Rick Hall, the legendary record producer responsible for the sensational Muscle Shoals sound.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/2/16

Mar 2, 2016

Terri Lantz of Bloomington was all set to vote for Hillary Clinton in this month's Illinois primary. Then she started listening to her 16 year old daughter Bridget, a Bernie Sanders supporter. Hear how  a BHS junior too young to vote is impacting the presidential race. Plus, ISU politics and government professor Kerri Milita examines Super Tuesday results, another deep dive on an issue in the city of Bloomington, GLT's Grow, and a Black Lives Matter activist releases a music album.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 3/1/16

Mar 1, 2016

Bloomington's Assistant City Manager is the city's point person on solid waste, working to fix an imbalance in what it costs to pick up garbage, recycling, brush and bulky waste and what the program brings in from fees. In the first of a two-part interview, Steve Rasmussen talks about the solid waste pick up, council-staff relations, budget task force recommendations, and city's recently balanced budget,  -- a budget he first saw out of balance when  arriving in the community in mid 2014.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/29/16

Feb 29, 2016

Bloomington's Western Avenue Community Center is 90 years old. Director Amy Cottone says by the 100th year, she hopes current programs could be expanded. What started as a Presbyterian church in 1926 is now a multicultural social services setting. Charlie Schlenker has the interview, and Jon Norton checks in with Kentucky singer-songwriter Chris Knight, and delves into Knight’s past as a coal mine inspector.


GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/26/16

Feb 26, 2016

Interim Bloomington Library director Terry Lindbergh updates you on the search for his successor, and how updates to the BPL system could be implemented. The Oscars are Sunday. Sound Ideas culture maven Shari Zeck breaks down this year's Academy Awards event. Plus, Jon Norton talks with two members of the area band Rooster Alley their out with their first album in nearly 15 years.


GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/25/16

Feb 25, 2016

Illinois State University grad Michael Keane returns to campus to keynote business week activities with his address titled The Journey to a Sustainable future.  He stops by Sound Ideas. His songs are more legendary than he is, and Harold Arlin's biographer can explain it. Laura Kennedy talks with Walter Rimler about the composer responsible for Somewhere over the rainbow, Get Happy, Stormy Weather and others. And, just in time for a late winter blast, you'll go on a search for the snowy owl in the latest edition of Unknown Illinois.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/24/16

Feb 24, 2016

The Zika Virus has mostly been a threat for parts of South America. But new cases in the US have health care officials on guard. Melissa Graven of the McLean County Health Department says mosquitos that carry the disease have been identified in central Illinois. Hear about the Zika virus. Plus, the annual one voice trip to Washington DC is coming up....striking a chord not only for community development, but barbershopping, and an audio gem from the 1970s on the turntable.


GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/23/16

Feb 23, 2016

Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner discusses the proposed FY16 budget, discussed at last night’s council meeting. It is balanced, and closes the city’s structural deficit—for now. Also, coverage of the LGBT Legacy Wall, on display this week at ISU’s Milner Library. Tour the exhibit with its creator, you’ll  hear from Ithaca College’s Carlos Figueroa, who’s writing a biography of civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, featured on the Wall. And Mike McCurdy speaks with the McLean County Museum of History’s Bill Kemp about a transgenderd civil war soldier who later lived in Saunemin, IL.  

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/22/16

Feb 22, 2016

Illinois State University Politics and Government Professor Kerri Milita analyzes the results of the South Carolina GOP presidential primary and Democratic Nevada caucuses. Judy Valente talks with a representative of the McLean County League of Women Voters about a registration drive aimed at high school students. You’ll also hear from a student who volunteered at the Iowa caucuses. And Jon Norton talks with rock/roots pioneer Dave Alvin, who plays Bloomington’s Castle Theatre on March 5. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/18/16

Feb 18, 2016

After choosing a new County Board Chair, things in the McLean County government are getting back to normal. Charlie Schlencker talks with the new Chairman. Find out what's new at New Root Theater, including their latest project highlighting diversity. Plus, Laura Kennedy talks Oscars with Sound Ideas culture maven Shari Zeck.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/16/16

Feb 16, 2016

Town debt, the possibility of a TIF district and development in the downtown area of neighbor Bloomington are topics you'll hear Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos speak about during a live interview. Plus, Animal House explores Black Dog Syndrome. Then, Normal native and  saxophonist Ryan Weisheit returns
to the Twin Cities to play Jazz UpFront in downtown Bloomington tomorrow night.  And he brought with him another New York City Hot Jazz band: "Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess."

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/15/16

Feb 15, 2016

Pope Francis is in the midst of his second trip to the Americas in less than a year. After touching down briefly in Cuba on Friday, he traveled on to Mexico. His trip there will conclude with an outdoor Mass Wednesday near the U.S.-Mexico border. Judy Valente has more on the impact of this visit. Bloomington city council is considering plans to change the look of the downtown area, and Jeff Giebelhausen will speak at this evening's meeting about possibilities. It's a conversation with Giebelhausen live on Sound Ideas.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/12/16

Feb 12, 2016

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, but a County Financial advisor says couples should use the day to discuss their finances. Laura Kennedy talks with a George Gershwin biographer on this, the 92nd anniversary of the composer’s best-known song, “Rhapsody In Blue.” And Jon Norton talks with British Blues-rocker Davy Knowles ahead of the musician’s concert tonight at Bloomington’s Castle Theatre.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/11/16

Feb 11, 2016

It’s a recap of and reaction to President Obama’s speech to the Illinois legislature in Springfield. Plus, Charlie Schlenker talks with Bloomington Police Chief Brendan Heffner about last year’s crime statistics and police body cams. You’ll hear about this weekend’s premiere of ISU Theater’s production of Romeo and Juliet. And Jon Norton talks with The Sirens Records founder Steven Dolins.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/10/16

Feb 10, 2016

Hear a Central Illinois perspective on the New Hampshire primary results. Host Charlie Schlenker is joined by ISU Politics and Government Professor Kerri Milita . Also, get a preview of the upcoming BCPA show, Ragtime, and an introduction to a Republican candidate for Congress in the 13th district who says God chose him to run for office.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/9/16

Feb 9, 2016

Water is a resource we all need, but something we hardly think about, until a situation like Flint, Michigan. Hear about a new survey about attitudes in McLean County. Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner is in studio to talk about local water supplies and to take your questions. Plus, an archived interview with Pokey LaFarge ahead of his show at the Castle.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/8/16

Feb 8, 2016

The number of traffic tickets dropped 30% in Normal thanks to a law banning ticket quotas. Written warnings, however, rose. Hear Charlie Schlencker's conversation with Normal's Police Chief about crime rates in the city. Laura Kennedy walks you through an exhibit at ISU's University Galleries, featuring ISU's own artists. Plus, Talkin' Blues brings you a conversation with Davy Knowles.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/5/16

Feb 5, 2016

For GLT's 50th anniversary, hear archived audio from throughout the decades, and hear interviews from community leaders about the station's contribution to Central Illinois.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/4/16

Feb 4, 2016

One of the twelve-hundred Mitsubishi workers laid off spent twenty-seven years in the paint shop at the plant. Adjusting to the classroom has been challenging. You'll hear an interview in our series of conversations with former Mitsubishi workers. Hear about an opportunity to get a first hand Muslim experience, and get questions answered at one of Bloomington-Normal's mosques. During Talkin' Blues, Jon Norton talks with J.W. Jones.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/3/16

Feb 3, 2016

In his sculptures, Doug DeWitt uses objects that stand the test of time, including material his daughter used. DeWitt explains his relationship to art and the natural world, plus man-made material. Hear an IWU professor break down religious rhetoric in this year's Presidential campaign. Flashback to the sounds of the 1970s on an edition of What's on Your Turntable?

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/2/16

Feb 2, 2016

The Town of Normal is looking at a new way to get pedestrians across the train tracks in Uptown Normal. Mayor Koos in studio to answer questions. Bruce Bergathon talks with Dan Hubbard about his new album and the release party at The Castle this weekend. Plus, Laura Kennedy explores pet odors during Animal House

GLT's Sound Ideas: 2/1/16

Feb 1, 2016

Three months after the Mitsubishi plant in Normal closed, many workers are still struggling to find full time employment. GLT has another interview with a former employee about the difficulties of finding work without a college degree. Listen as the IPR politics roundtable dissects the Governor's State of the State address, and during Talkin' Blues, Karen Lovely talks about overcoming stage fright and turning it into a commanding stage presence.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/29/16

Jan 29, 2016

A former Mitsubishi employee finds a new passion in union activism. How sugar may poison you if consumed too often. Plus, Eddie 'The Chief' Clearwater talks blues with GLT's Jon Norton.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/28/16

Jan 28, 2016

A complete wrap up of Governor Rauner's State of the State address includes conversation on the missing budget and grants for in-state college students. 30 years ago the space shuttle Challenger blew up as it was reaching for the sky, killing its crew. Charlie Schlenker talks with Stacey Shrewsbury, the Director of the Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College, and Libby Norcross, the Flight Director at the center about the anniversary.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/27/16

Jan 27, 2016

Host Willis Kern is joined by McLean County United Way Co-chair Scott Preston, who gives and update on the campaign, which is short of goal and is being extended by several weeks. Also, Jim Browne talks with a student and professor who are a part of the “Breaking Barriers” program at Illinois State University, designed to boost the number of females in law enforcement. And Jon Norton talks with Kim Nalley during an edition of Jazz Next.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 1/26/16

Jan 26, 2016

About 1,000 Mitsubishi workers are no longer working at the plant, due to lay offs when the plant closed. Heartland Community College hasn't seen too many of them take advantage of free job search training. HCC Customized Training Coordinator Lindsay Thompson talks about efforts to help ex-production workers. Hear how light, time, and nature play into the artwork of Melanie Scott-Dockery. Laura Kennedy walks through a piece that utilizes items from the artist's backyard. Mayor Tari Renner addresses ground water contamination and the fate of the BCPA.