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GLT's Sound Ideas - Full Episodes

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GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/7/15

Dec 7, 2015

Hear from one of the democratic candidates for US Senate in Illinois. Andrea Zopp stops by the GLT studios to chat with Charlie Schlenker. Plus, Mike McCurdy visits with a Bloomington-Normal pastor about the phenomenon known as "prayer-shaming." Then, Laura Kennedy talks with local Indian/American fusion band Exit 167.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/4/15

Dec 4, 2015

On this episode of Best of Sound Ideas, hear from nationally-recognized urban planner Tom Murphy. The former Mayor of Pittsburgh weighs in on business district revitalization plans in both Normal and Bloomington.

Plus, Charlie Schlenker talks with the new president at Illinois Wesleyan University, Eric Jensen.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/3/15

Dec 3, 2015

Hear from Mary Kay Holloway, a registered dietitian at the Community Cancer Center. After 23 years, Poetry Radio is coming to an end. Hear one of producer Bruce Bergethon's favorites. Plus, a walkthrough of an antique house with Jim Browne and the Old House Society.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/2/15

Dec 2, 2015

Hear from retired ISU English professor Curt White, whose new book We Robots is another critique of modern culture. During an edition of GLT's Grow, Laura Kennedy and Murph talk trees, and what looks best as you bring the perfect one home for the holidays.

Plus, Chicago bluesman Dave Weld talks about why he ventured to the south and west sides of Chicago to see the blues as a young man.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/1/15

Dec 1, 2015

Hear what two Bloomington Aldermen are proposing to fix the city's Rental Property Inspection Program. 85% percent of rental properties in the city receive a failing grade. Mike McCurdy talks with Aldermen Amelia Buragas and Karen Schmidt. During an edition of Animal House, find out how the holiday season can pose threats to your pets. Then, during an IPR report, hear about homeless children inside Illinois public schools.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/30/15

Nov 30, 2015

Hear from Illinois Wesleyan’s new president, who thinks liberal arts colleges are in a strong position to stimulate a conversation about diversity. Eric Jensen tells Charlie Schlenker having a conversation about race is not easy. During Jazz Next, New York Voices member Kim Nazarian talks about her first solo effort. Plus, Laura Kennedy talks with a Bloomington-Normal native who is now with the famed a capella group the

GLT’s Sound Ideas: 11/24/15

Nov 24, 2015

Many Mitsubishi workers are going through job searches right now. But, it's complicated by the fact the company still needs some people to stay on till complete shutdown next year.

GLT’s Sound Ideas: 11/23/15

Nov 23, 2015

Many Mitsubishi plant workers have no idea what will happen to them now that the plant is closing.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/20/15

Nov 20, 2015

Hear from a twin city native who was in Paris when the terrorist attacks hit last week. Musician Ryan Weisheit describes how the region is slowly returning to routine. Laura Kennedy delves into the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes. There is a Holmes film being screened this weekend at the Normal Theater. Then, explore the life of Orson Wells thanks to a new biography about the great innovator's life.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/19/15

Nov 19, 2015

GLT News is checking in periodically with three different Mistsubishi workers. Hear from worker Jerry Harcharik about how he and other workers are coping. Less than two weeks of production remain at the plant. Mike McCurdy talks with the organizer of a peace vigil in Uptown Normal organized in reaction to recent terror attacks.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/18/15

Nov 18, 2015

Hear about progress that's been made in the thirty years since "Life CIL" opened its doors in Bloomington, helping people with disabilities gain work and live independently. Laura Kennedy takes you through an exhibit of self-portraits on display at Illinois Wesleyan that documents the ravages of Alzheimers disease. Then, hear about the soundtrack of a German horror film currently playing at a Twin City record store.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/17/15

Nov 17, 2015

Hear from a Bloomington-Normal musician on the ground in Paris. Ryan Weisheit is a saxophonist for Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers. Their gig at a wine bar in the Latin Quarter in Paris for Tuesday night has been canceled because of the attacks. Charlie Schlenker talks with an ISU expert on middle-east security who says ISIS attacked Europe out of desperation. Plus, Mayor Chris Koos and Councilman Kevin McCarthy are in studio to

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/16/15

Nov 16, 2015

Hear an interview with NPR's White House Corrsespondent Tamara Keith, who's in central Illinois as this year's GLT Radio Faces speaker. Plus, GLT's Jon Norton checks in with twin city native and world-renowned jazz musician Adam Larson.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/13/15

Nov 13, 2015

13th district Congressman Rodney Davis talks about presidential politics, immigration and a mental health measure he supports.An interview with pianist Mitchel Forman explores his new album "Puzzle".

And you'll hear from nationally-recognized educator Pedro Noguera who speaks at ISU Monday night.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/11/15

Nov 11, 2015

You’ll hear Willis Kern’s interview with Illinois’ 13th district U. S. Representative Rodney Davis of Taylorville. They discuss immigration reform, presidential politics and mental health care. Jim Browne talks with a recently retired ISU history professor who has written a book contrasting wars played out on the big screen against the real impact of combat. And Patrick Murphy offers tips on grasses during Grow.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/10/15

Nov 10, 2015

Hear from one of America’s most important voices for a healthy public education who says kids need the opportunity to learn and if not, the child's civil rights are being violated. Education activist and UCLA Professor Pedro Noguera  talks with GLT’s Jon Norton before he speaks at ISU. During Animal House, GLT's Laura Kennedy talks cuisine for our furry friends. Plus, Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio following the Bloomington Council meeting to take your questions.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/9/15

Nov 9, 2015

You'll hear about a recent study that points out how judicial races are becoming increasingly politicized. Last year's campaign for the Illinois Supreme Court stands as the poster child. Laura Kennedy talks with a photographer who turned her portraits of 100 women reading, into an exhibition of photos and film currently on display at ISU.  Then, during an IPR roundtable, hear the latest on budget woes from Springfield.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/6/15

Nov 6, 2015

During Best of Sound Ideas, Bloomington-based singer/songwriter Edward David Anderson talks about his new CD "Lower Alabama-The Loxley Sessions." Plus, Judy Valente interviews activist Rudy Lopez about the problem of wage-theft, ahead of an upcoming national rally. Then, Laura Kennedy looks at the power women held in the early years of the film industry.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/6/15

Nov 6, 2015

During Best of Sound Ideas, Bloomington-based singer/songwriter Edward David Anderson talks about his new CD "Lower Alabama-The Loxley Sessions." Plus, Judy Valente  interviews activist Rudy Lopez about the problem of wage-theft, ahead of an upcoming national rally. Then, Laura Kennedy looks at the power women held in the early years of the film energy.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/5/15

Nov 5, 2015

Hear from an urban redevelopment expert who says cities should aim for excellence and not fall victim to the "it'll do" disease. Senior Resident Fellow with the Urban Land Institute, Tom Murphy talks with Mike McCurdy about successful public-private partnerships to redevelop downtowns and the ingredients found in competitive communities. Phone lines will be open. Murphy is in Normal to address an EDC dinner. You’ll hear from John Ginty, a blues organist playing for big acts for years.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/4/15

Nov 4, 2015

Hear a wide-ranging interview with "Nuns on the Bus" activist Sister Simone Campbell. Judy Valente catches up with Sister Simone, who first visited Sound Ideas two years ago. During GLT's Grow, Murph and Laura Kennedy are talking trees, and more specifically, the beauty of the colors changing. Then during Blues Next, you'll hear from pianist Anthony Gerasi about his long career playing with legends BB King, Big Mama Thornton and others.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/3/2015

Nov 3, 2015

Wage theft, where corporations find ways to shortchange employees, is a wide spread but little known problem. Activist Rudy Lopez says wage theft costs workers about $50 billion each year. He speaks with Judy Valente prior to a nationwide protest. Our series of conversations with speakers at an upcoming TED X event in Normal continues; hear about the ability to teach innovation. And Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos is in studio to talk about an increased property tax levy.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/2/2015

Nov 2, 2015

You’ll hear from ISU Criminal Justice Professor Jason Ingram. He speaks on "Police Use of Force: Myths and Policy Considerations," during an appearance at the Normal Public Library Wednesday evening (7 P.M.)  Also, we begin a series of week-long interviews with some of the speakers at the TEDx conference Saturday at the Normal Theater. Charlie Schlenker interviews Jessica Tenuta, who helped found the college textbook company Packback Books. And Jon Norton talks with Darden Purcell, who sings jazz Thursday night at the Iron Post in Urbana.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/29/15

Oct 29, 2015

The McLean County Heath Department suggested cutting nearly half of the drug core treatment money in the budget, and eyebrows went up. Explore the issue with Charlie Schlenker. Springfield believes they have an education bill that both sides of the spectrum will agree on. Then, Jon Norton talks with bluesman Chris O'Leary about his return to Champaign-Urbana.

GLT's Sound Ideas

Oct 28, 2015

It's not ghosts or goblins that make most young adults frightened this time of year, it's affordable housing. Then, hear how surprisingly easy it is for law enforcement to get juveniles accused of serious crimes to confess. Later, Jon Norton talks with members of the Steepwater Band ahead of their Halloween show in Bloomington.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/27/15

Oct 27, 2015

The Bloomington City Council is working to solve decades of budget issues. Mayor Tari Renner and Ward 5 Alderman Joni Painter are in studio to take your questions. Results from the most recent Household Hazardous Waste event seem promising; Charlie Schlenker talks with the director of the Ecology Action Center. Then, Animal House shows you the benefits of adopting an older pet.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/26/15

Oct 26, 2015

It's the first part of an occasional news series on the central Illinois water supply. Judy Valente  traces what happens when you flush that toilet. This is the 40th anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Laura Kennedy delves into the cult classic ahead of its upcoming screening at the Normal Theater. Pledge now to help your public radio station at

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/23/15

Oct 23, 2015

Best of Sound Ideas: You'll hear a GLT interview with NPR's Kelly McEvers about her work covering the crisis in Syria and her new role as co-host of NPR's All Things Considered. Then, you'll hear how a Chicago jazz singer became a powerhouse in western swing music. Later, hear how contributing to public radio can help build homes in your community.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/22/15

Oct 22, 2015

Hear from the founder of Bloomington-Normal's first food pantry. Tina Sipula says Clare House will close. Mike McCurdy talks with Sipula about how Clare House mission has changed and what's been called the "war on poor people." During Talkin Blues, hear about Albert Castiglia’s (kah-STEEL-yahs) new album and his early days with playing with Junior Wells. Also, find out how you can build homes for your community and contribute to public radio, all from the comfort of your own home.

NPR’s Kelly McEvers talks with GLT’s Charlie Schlenker about her work as a war correspondent in Syria, and her new post as host for NPR’s All Things Considered. You’ll also hear Laura Kennedy’s story of close calls, ironic twists and perseverance called “How Can You Mend a Broken Harp?”  And Jon Norton talks with jazzman Mort Weiss. Host: Willis Kern.