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(1:22) ISU professor Julie Webber talks about her new book about the state of political comedy. (17:09) Another Redbird Scholar, Catherine O'Reilly, tells GLT's Eric Stock about an international study on climate change which shows lake ice is disappearing across the Northern hemisphere. (29:07) Laura Kennedy talks with artist Tyler Lotz about his new exhibition of sculptures. (39:17) And Jon Norton hears from Chicago-area keyboard player Neal Francis ahead of his Friday night shot at Jazz UpFront.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/31/19

Jan 31, 2019

Congressman Rodney Davis says Democrats have not said what they want on border security and it will be their fault if the government shuts down again. Davis also says he does not think either side should threaten shutdowns. Plus, Gardening injuries and how to avoid them. Patrick Murphy and Mike McCurdy bring you GLT's Grow. And Jon Norton talks with famed recording engineer and producer Steve Albini about Nirvana, The Ramones, the Pixies, and the music biz.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/30/19

Jan 30, 2019

Mercy Davison of the Town of Normal says electric scooters could be coming soon, though renters will have to take a picture when they're done to prevent littering scooters around town. Davison tells Charlie Schlenker, the Town is considering a pilot project for scooters, of course once the weather warms up. Plus, we all know things don't work very well when it's this cold outside. Eric Stock talks with a chemist about that. And Ryan Denham interviews the new U.S. Attorney for the central district of Illinois.

(42:02) Baby Fold Vice President Aimee Beam says the new tax law has changed charitable giving, but not necessarily cut it. Eric Stock reports on charity fears that the increase in the standard deduction created by the new tax law would sap philanthropy. (6:54) Plus the GLT Newsroom tells you about the cold weather heading our way and how the community is getting ready for it. (22:47) And Governing Magazine has put out an investigative series on segregation in central Illinois communities including Bloomington Normal, Springfield, and Peoria.

(1:25) Midwest Renewable Energy Association training coordinator Julie Brazeau, says solar installation jobs are a big job opportunity. Ryan Denham reports on training programs that are helping to get the central Illinois workforce ready for a big increase in solar energy projects. (10:52) Plus, Eric Stock takes the temperature of race relations in America in an interview with Michael Eric Dyson the Martin Luther King Cultural Dinner speaker at ISU this year. (20:37) And the ACLU reacts to Bloomington Police policy in interactions with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

(1:25 ) Bloomington Police Chief Clay Wheeler says the policy on contacting immigration authorities is much like the one in the town of Normal. Wheeler talks with Eric Stock months after a welcoming city ordinance failed at the City Council level. (32:03) Plus, Illinois Symphony Orchestra Music Director Ken Lam talks about the cold nights and warm music of Scandinavia, previewing a concert of the music of Grieg, Nielsen, and Sibelius. (44:14) And GLT Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy has a trivia conversation, not a trivial one, with the Friends of the Arts. 

(1:23) GLT's Jon Norton talks to an Illinois Wesleyan University professor and author who says fighting against racism requires more than simply ignoring race. (17:42) Mary Cullen talks toxic masculinity (and that now-infamous Gillette ad) with an Illinois State University scholar. (42:20) And hear about local musicians Stone & Snow and their big trip to LA.

(26:41) Normal Police Detective Nicole Bruno says consent education should focus on what sexual assault is rather than what it is not. Mary Cullen reports it's often difficult to change minds on the definition of consent. (40:45) Plus, GLT's Eric Stock takes you inside the tired life of a snow plough driver. (17:57) Connect transit considers a fare increase.  (1:25) And Normal Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Fritzen drops by to talk about community pushback to a new fire station proposed at Shepard and Hershey Roads.

(23:23) Perry Cline never thought he’d go to college. He spent years in and out of prisons. But he graduated in December and says finally getting an education made all the difference. The importance of education for inmates and former prisoners and how far higher education has yet to go. (1:26) Plus Ryan Denham reports on the workers at the Rivian Auto plant. It might be electric. It might be high tech. It's still manufacturing. (7:16) And Colleen Reynolds reports on Habitat Heroes.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/21/19

Jan 21, 2019

Activist Charlene Carruthers says various social movements are coming together, feminists, African Americans, and LGBTQ movements. Carruthers talks with GLT's Mary Cullen ahead of an MLK teach-in at IWU. Plus, an ISU professor of ethnomusicology takes a spiritual journey to African slave dungeons in Ghana and shares it as part of a Ted X Normal address. Correspondent Colleen Reynolds reports on poverty in the twin cities. And Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy presents us with a look into the lives of Native Americans in a new exhibit.

(1:27) The defense attorney for the lead Coliseum defendant breaks his silence after a transcript of the grand jury proceedings becomes public. Steve Beckett talks to GLT's Ryan Denham about why he thinks the Coliseum fraud case is a business dispute, not a criminal matter. (25:35) Plus, Bloomington Council candidate Chip Frank lays out his priorities as GLT continues its series of candidate interviews. (41:29) And Jon Norton brings you the band Sunday Afternoon.

(1:23) GLT's Eric Stock talks to a National Weather Service meteorologist who's still keeping central Illinois safe, despite not being paid because of the partial government shutdown. (27:16) You'll hear from McLean County Board chairman John McIntyre about why he thinks a new blue-ribbon panel will help find the right county administrator. (39:46) And Jon Norton previews a new album from Hoosier Daddy.

lllinois State University Police Chief Aaron Woodruff says Governor JB Pritzker's goal of legalizing recreational marijuana use won't help college and university leaders do their jobs.  Mary Cullen also reports on other college complications from legalized pot including federal funding risks. Plus, it might be snowy out, but Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy tell you how green it will get during GLT’s Grow. And GLT talks with a State Farm representative about the big changes of the year past and how 2019 will go.

Brandt Industries McLean County Plant Manager Hans Rasmussen says it's not your typical dirty manufacturing facility. GLT's Eric Stock takes a tour of the Brandt shop with Hans Rasmussen. Plus Jon Norton brings you the music of C.J. Chenier. Ryan Denham reports on the insurance industry labor shortage. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.

There's a new gubernatorial administration in the state of Illinois. Governor JB Pritzker, Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton, and Attorney General Kwame Raoul give their first official speeches in office during IPR Special coverage of inauguration day.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/11/19

Jan 11, 2019

Climate change expert Naomi Oreskes says deniers are stoking confusion the same way the tobacco industry denied science for decades. GLT's Eric Stock talks with the science historian and author about trusting science. Plus, State Senator Jason Barickman talks about financial disclosure and blind trusts for soon to be Governor JB Pritzker, salaries for some of Pritzker's people, and looks at Pritzker policy proposals. And Laura Kennedy has a profile of the new exhibit at the ISU Galleries.

GLT's Ryan Denham talks to a central Illinois farmer about how the trade dispute with China is impacting his bottom line. IPR's Brian Mackey previews the Pritzker administration agenda. GLT's Mary Cullen talks to a local birding expert about the latest bird census. And Jon Norton catches up with the bluegrass group Trampled by Turtles ahead of their show at the Castle Theatre.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/09/19

Jan 9, 2019

U-high senior and League of Legends gamer Caleb Gonzalez says he thinks of video games as a way to get college scholarships. GLT's Eric Stock previews the first E-sports tournament coming to Grossinger Motors Arena this weekend. Plus, a furniture salesman taps his poetic muse and versifies about McLean County. Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy talk about the ups and downs of squirrels on GLT's Grow. And Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy chats with GLT Culture Maven Shari Zeck as we head into movie awards season...the word of the day for them is 'REMAKE.'

GLT Sound Ideas 01/08/19

Jan 8, 2019

Normal Police Detective Nicole Bruno says consent education should focus on what sexual assault is rather than what it is not. She says excuses she has heard include 'we were flirting at the bar before hand.' She says the idea it turned into sexual assault the moment there was no consent seems hard to get through to come people. Mary Cullen reports it's also often difficult to change minds on the definition of consent. Plus, Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason has hired a new Deputy City Manager, a diverse hire, and one he's worked with before.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/07/19

Jan 8, 2019

Bloomington Council Candidate Julie Imig says the city should allocate taxpayer dollars based on need so residents can enjoy the same quality of life. She also tells GLT's Ryan Denham older neighborhoods like those in her ward have lots of infrastructure needs. GLT continues its series of council candidate interviews. Plus, the jazzy soulful folk trio Sarah & the Underground has released its debut album. Jon Norton reports.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/04/19

Jan 4, 2019

Normal City Manager Pam Reece says the town might ask former tenants of an artists co-op to pay for preservation or a mural located on land slated for a five story multi use development. One of those former tenants argues federal law protects the mural. Reece also talks with Charlie Schlenker about 2018 and the new year...and a new Assistant City Manager hire. Plus, Eric Stock reports on police body camera implementation. And Laura Kennedy dives into a twin cities theater group presentation of Little Women.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/03/19

Jan 3, 2019

GLT takes a last lingering visit to the holidays with a Next To Normal Story Slam episode. Central Illinois people think back about holiday memories such as ornaments, food, candles, pine needle smell, and wood smoke. Story Slam producer Devon Lovell also asked storytellers to reflect on those themes as well as the genre of tale known as holiday weird. Elena Wieczack, Bruce Boeck, Abby Scott, Lynda Straw, and Lynda Reddick told their stories during the slam held at the McLean County Arts Center.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/02/19

Jan 3, 2019

At year end, GLT brings you encore editions of some of the significant stories of 2018 including efforts in the twin cities to limit food waste, the lack of child psychiatric services in the region, a decade of smoke free public indoor spaces, efforts to coordinate opioid addiction services in Bloomington-Normal, pandemic drills, and training on how to respond to a shooter.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/31/18

Jan 3, 2019

As we approach the end of the year and all the football bowl games, we're using Sound ideas to reflect back on the year in Sports in Bloomington Norma including the future of Football, a marathoner who has run at least one such race in all fifty states, growing popularity of Lacrosse, a baseball player who has beaten cancer twice, and wheelchair tennis.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/28/18

Jan 3, 2019

As we approach the end of the year, GLT looked back on some of the notable stories and interviews from 2018 with a musical Chapter of Sound Ideas, courtesy of Jon Norton and his coverage of the Bloomington Normal Music Scene. This includes encore presentations of stories on Chicago Farmer, Edward David Anderson, The Something Brothers, Leah Marlene, and Flaccid.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/27/18

Jan 3, 2019

2018 was a huge year of uncertainty for people at Bloomington Normal's largest employer. But,company representatives told GLT's Charlie Schlenker the pace of change in 2019 will be far less rapid in Bloomington Normal. GLT's Jon Norton and Ryan Denham go over the list of best of music and stories on the GLT web site in 2018. Eric Stock reports on a pilot program incorporating aspects of yoga to help children get ready to learn and take charge of their own social and emotional health.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/26/18

Jan 3, 2019

As we approach the end of the year, GLT is looking back on some of the stories and interviews from 2018. Today, we bring you our show on the advent of autonomous vehicles including what the state of Illinois is doing to promote testing of them, and the cultural, ethical, insurance, and public reception aspects of autonomous vehicles. 

As we approach the end of the year, GLT is looking back on some of the stories and interviews from 2018. Today, we bring you a selection of books and authors of local interest. Laura Kennedy talked with an award-winning children's book author who fought back against a triple threat of learning disabilities at a time when schools were little able to cope with kids who were different. The gender columnist for the Washington Post visited her home town of Bloomington Normal to accept a distinguished alumni award from University High School and talked with Charlie Schlenker about her new young adult novel 'The War Outside.' Jon Norton interviewed Frank Cicero about the slave legacy of Illinois at its founding. Political Scientist Bob Bradley also tackled the Illinois Bicentennial and court cases that have shaped the state. And ISU Professor Cara Rabe-Hemp wrote about women in policing and how far they have come.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/20/18

Dec 20, 2018

It has been a decade since Newspaper Photographer David Proeber took an iconic photo of a serial bank robber in the median of an interstate. GLT's Ryan Denham talks to Proeber about that dangerous day -- and his surprising view of Sylvester's life. Plus, some high schools are not at all thrilled with the new centralized scheduling process for football games. Eric Stock reports. And a new study is out on how to implement the Complete Streets plan in Bloomington Normal. Ryan Denham interviews Jennifer Sicks of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/19/18

Dec 19, 2018

Normal Town Council Candidate Dave Shields says he's satisfied with current management and council representation, but wants to see Uptown development advance even more. Shields also tells GLT's Mary Cullen that the economic development organ BN advantage is not reaching its full potential as part of a series of interviews of council candidates. Plus, McLean County Board Chair John McIntyre says video psychiatric services might be the wave of the future. Eric Stock has the interview. The freeze thaw cycle is bad for roads, but maybe good for gardens...Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy Grow our knowledge on that. And as people prepare to fly home for the holidays. A former flight attendant recalls air travel the way it used to be, during a Next To Normal Story Slam.