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GLT's Sound Ideas - Full Episodes

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GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/7/18

Dec 7, 2018

GLT's Ryan Denham and Mary Cullen dig into speeding tickets in Bloomington-Normal and find local police departments approach enforcement very differently. Eric Stock talks to experts about why the Mikey Cadena custody case has gone viral. Jon Norton previews the Bottle Rockets' show at the Castle Theatre. And IPR's Brian Mackey marks 10 years since Rod Blagojevich's arrest.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/6/18

Dec 6, 2018

You'll hear from a 20-year-old Illinois State University who's running for Normal Town Council. GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks to ISU President Larry Dietz about his work on Gov.-elect JB Pritzker's transition team. The McLean County Chamber of Commerce's top lobbyist weighs in on the potential for legalized marijuana in Illinois. And GLT's Grow talks about forest management and wildfires.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 12/4/18

Dec 4, 2018

Most people consider Illinois a blue state, given its voting history. But, not State Senator Bill Brady. Brady talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about GOP lessons learned from the political campaign...and what's next for the General Assembly. Plus, Mary Cullen reports on the opioid crisis and how Chestnut health systems is trying to better coordinate services for addicts. Eric Stock takes a look at the new makeup of the McLean County Board. And Mayor Chris Koos of Normal drops by to talk city council races, community development, and the changing state political landscape. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/30/18

Nov 30, 2018

There are so few mental health resources in Bloomington Normal people stop looking for help.  GLT's Mary Cullen reports on how health leaders are trying to help kids with mental health issues. Plus, GLT's Ryan Denham files his final piece of the week about the L-A Auto Show and Rivian Automotive's launch of two vehicles. He talks with the people behind the product. Eric Stock questions Stan Nord as part of the GLT series of interviews of Normal Town Council Candidates.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/29/18

Nov 29, 2018

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos wants more protections for the accused in campus student sexual misconduct cases. ISU Title Nine Coordinator Tony Walesby says it's a work in progress. Walesby tells GLT's Eric Stock about proposed new guidelines for handling sexual harassment. Plus, Mary Cullen shares a complex and tragic story of a depressed young woman, multiple waiting lists, a lack of doctors, and a lack of hope for change. Ryan Denham continues his reporting from the LA Auto Show.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/28/18

Nov 28, 2018

Rivian is making a splash at the LA Auto Show. How are EV and autonomous vehicle experts reacting to their pickup and SUV launch? EV industry watcher Chelsea Sexton says the price is a challenge, while other factors look good for Rivian. Chelsea Sexton and others tell GLT's Ryan Denham what they think of Rivian's big debut. Plus, Laura Kennedy reports on a haunting and poetic film exhibit at the Illinois State University Galleries.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/27/18

Nov 27, 2018

Stars came out to play as Rivian Automotive unveiled its new pickup at a glitzy event in Griffith Observatory in L.A., among them singer Rihanna. Mayor Chris Koos of Normal was there too and says Rivian has come a long way from the first look the town had at their financials. Ryan Denham reports from LA that backing includes a Saudi Conglomerate and a British bank, among others. Plus, Mary Cullen gets feedback from Unit Five Superintendent Mark Daniel about teacher frustrations at a lack of administration response. Correspondent Breanna Grow interviews Normal Town Council candidate R.C.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/26/18

Nov 26, 2018

Zero to sixty miles an hour in three seconds. 800 Horsepower. Rivian Automotive CEO RJ Scaringe is understandably proud of the startup electric vehicle company's rollout of its pickup truck. GLT's Ryan Denham is at the LA Auto Show for the Rivian rollout. Plus, GLT's Eric Stock visits with Normal Town Council Candidate Pat Turner about her run for office. Correspondent Laura Kennedy reports on a new approach to the holiday show at the McLean County Arts Center. And Jon Norton prrofiles Americana artist Gerald Rabin, who is playing the twin cities this week.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/22/18

Nov 21, 2018

Soon to retire McLean County Administrator Bill Wasson talks with GLT's Eric Stock about the jail addition, the new county budget and what's next for McLean County with an overhauled governing board. Laura Kennedy reports on a new approach to the holiday show at the McLean County Arts Center. Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy investigate Christmas trees.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/21/18

Nov 21, 2018

GLT News examines autonomous vehicles. Illinois transportation leaders want communities who will be willing to test driverless cars. Ryan Denham talks with Matt McAnarney, the lead project manager for IDOT's automated and connected vehicle initiative and with Ryan Gammelgard, one of State Farm's top voices on autonomous vehicles. He's a lawyer doing public policy work for the Bloomington-based insurer. Mary Cullen reports on how Bloomington Normal residents perceive autonomous vehicles. Eric Stock takes the temperature with McLean County transportation planners. Charlie Schlenker examines the ethical, philosophical, and legislative underpinnings for driverless vehicles. And Laura Kennedy takes aim at the cultural implications of autonomous vehicles.

GLT Sound Idea 11/20/18

Nov 20, 2018

When an out-of-town developer comes to Normal, Council candidate Joel Studebaker says the promises of property tax revenue and construction jobs can be attractive, but he'd like to avoid them. Normal Town Council candidate Joel Studebaker talks to GLT's Ryan Denham about his concerns over the town's economic development strategy. Plus, some worms can sense magnetic fields. An ISU researcher is finding practical uses for that interesting fact. Ryan Denham talks with Andres Vidal-Gadea. The centennial year of the Russian Revolution is now over and understanding that event helps us understand Russia today. We hear from U of I Historian Mark Steinberg in an interview with Charlie Schlenker. And the Mayor of Normal drops by to talk about Air BNB taxes,a and raising the age of legal vaping.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/19/18

Nov 19, 2018

GLT's Eric Stock talks to Karyn Smith about why she's running for Normal Town Council in the April 2019 election. Hear an exit interview with Paul Segobiano, who's served on the McLean County Board for nearly 50 years. And GLT's Jon Norton previews a Bowie and Queen-infused Silver Ball fundraiser at the Castle Theatre.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/16/18

Nov 16, 2018

GLT's Mary Cullen talks to the student entrepreneurs whose business plans turned heads at Illinois State University's Startup Showcase. Eric Stock talks to the United Way of McLean County's CEO about its shift toward youth poverty and violence. And hear from two diverse voices in music -- one who leans into sadness, the other an expert on crossing cultural boundaries.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/15/18

Nov 15, 2018

GLT's Ryan Denham recaps his behind-the-scenes visit to the Rivian engineering and design hub outside Detroit. Eric Stock talks to District 87 superintendent Barry Reilly. Laura Kennedy sends us an audio postcard from a new program at the Children's Discovery Museum, and she previews the 2019 season of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. And Jon Norton puts on some Groovement ahead of their Jazz UpFront show on Saturday night.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/14/18

Nov 14, 2018

Human beings get scared sometimes. The Next to Normal story slam explores frightening situations or experiences. Hear a harrowing tale of getting home late at night from the wilds of New York City, a ghost story from the south, and a strange and confusing trip through the University of Illinois campus.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/13/18

Nov 13, 2018

State Sen. Jason Barickman talks to GLT's Charlie Schlenker about why he wants a seat at the table if Democrats move to legalize recreational marijuana next spring. GLT's Eric Stock talks to McLean County Board chairman John McIntyre about all the new faces who just got elected to his board. And Jon Norton previews the heavy, propulsive, and melodic music of Moon ahead of their Friday show at Nightshop.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/12/18

Nov 12, 2018

GLT's Eric Stock talks to an Illinois Wesleyan University about his new book, "How To Get Rid Of A President." Ryan Denham previews a highly anticipated farmland auction that could yield millions for three local nonprofits. Charlie Schlenker talks to another IWU alum who's written about the grisly origins of modern-day surgery. And a sit-down with NPR correspondent and Radio Faces guest Allison Aubrey.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/9/18

Nov 9, 2018

Many women have barriers to jobs that can offer them a livable wage. Retired Social Work Professor Mary Campbell has a program for that. It's called Dreams Are Possible. Eric Stock reports. Plus, the music of Lee Ann Womack. Jon Norton reports her road began in childhood with east Texas blues, went into traditional country, and is edging back to her beginnings. What's next for the normal Corn Belters minor league baseball team as new ownership and a change in league develop. And Mary Cullen reports on life after the election. What do people do after they have run and tried and lost?

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/8/18

Nov 8, 2018

Bureau County Emergency Management Director Keenan Campbell says drones are no longer just for hobbyists and recreation, they do serious work. GLT's Ryan Denham delves into drone use for firefighting and tornado damage assessment. Plus, Mary Cullen talks with famed journalist Maria Hinojosa. Musician and Griot, Cheick Hamala Diabate talks about his tradition of African music and storytelling with Jon Norton. And ISU's Shelly Clevenger tells Mary Cullen about the ongoing stir among sexual assault victims and their families from the Kavanaugh hearings.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/7/18

Nov 7, 2018

The mid term election is in the books. Now comes the analysis Starting with McLean County Democratic Party Chair Erik Rankin and GOP county head Connie Beard, who both find positives for their parties. Plus, Colleen Reynolds talks with GOP State Representative Dan Brady about how to work with Governor Elect JB Pritzker. And ISU Political Scientists Kerri Milita and Tom McClure say blue wave? What blue wave!

GLT's Sound Ideas: 11/6/18

Nov 6, 2018

Wheelchair Tennis brings those with disabilities together to play with able bodied people. GLT's Willis Kern reports on the growing sport of wheelchair tennis. Plus, Jon Norton talks with Musicians about what makes a good performance space in the twin cities. Ryan Denham reports on keeping election processes secure from cyber-tampering. And Mayor Chris Koos of Normal drops by

Candidates for Congress in the 13th district tangle over healthcare during a debate at the Normal Theater. Incumbent Republican Rodney Davis and challenger Betsy Dirksen Londrigan also questioned each other's statements about the tax bill, the deficit, bipartisanship, and education funding.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/29/18

Oct 29, 2018

Kevin Crouse from Illinois State University's Information Security Office says it's dangerous to have just one key for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Facebook, and all the other on line accounts you have. Ryan Denham reports on Cybersecurity. Plus, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Laura Kennedy reports on Community Players take on the ever fresh farce. The ISU Civic Chorale performs and director John Koch talks about the bane of his existence, the letter S. Mary Cullen reports on war in Uganda with Adong Judith. And Ryan Denham has found a bat boy; not altogether a Halloween story, but a boy trying to help preserve these valuable insect eaters.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/25/18

Oct 25, 2018

GLT's election preview continues with a story about a confusingly worded question on the ballot concerning the Bloomington Election Commission itself. We'll also introduce you to more candidates for McLean County Board in Districts 1 and 10. GLT's Ryan Denham talks to an expert in therapeutic humor ahead of her TedX Normal Talk this weekend at Illinois State University.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/24/18

Oct 24, 2018

Some McLean County Board Candidates think county government is doing what it should. Some do not. Hear coverage of the latest GLT and League of Women Voters Candidates Forum concerning candidates from Districts 2, 8, and 9.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/23/18

Oct 23, 2018

Judge Jeffrey Ford says drug, mental health, and other problem solving courts can have great results, but they don't work all the time. Judge Ford talks with Ryan Denham about when NOT to place offenders in a problem solving court. Plus, A teacher and local food producer lost his home in a fire and is thanking people for the overwhelming public support. GLT's Eric Stock talks with Brad Dearing. A climate change policy expert visiting the twin cities tells Mary Cullen about the economic hit Illinois will take from warming.

GLT Sound Ideas 10/10/18

Oct 19, 2018

Chris Peacock of Lexington grew up as part of a classic American football family. Now, she's not letting any of her four kids play the game. Chris Peacock is not alone. Eric Stock reports on the cloudy future of football. Plus,the state budget crisis slashed non profit agencies to the bone and the ones that are left still have not recovered. Ryan Denham reports they're trying to find their way into new collaborations to keep their missions alive. Jon Norton brings you the music of Bret Conlin. And Illinois Symphony Music Director Ken Lam previews the first concert of the new season.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/18/18

Oct 18, 2018

State Rep. Keith Sommer meets his Democratic challenger Jill Blair for a debate hosted by GLT and the League of Women Voters of McLean County, held at Illinois State University's Alumni Center. Sommer represents the 88th House District, which includes parts of Bloomington, Morton, and Washington.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/17/18

Oct 17, 2018

McLean County Administrator Bill Wasson talks to GLT's Eric Stock about social media use by county employees. GLT Correspondent Bryan Bloodworth introduces you to a man who's run 50 marathons in 50 states, including last week in Illinois. And Jon Norton previews two shows this week at the Castle Theatre -- Edward David Anderson and the Dead South.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 10/16/18

Oct 16, 2018

Jeff Fritzen has spent 32 years on the Normal Town Council and he's sharing advice on how to lead now that he's ending his service. Plus, the head of the national immigrant justice center is in town. Mary Meg McCarthy says the nation is about a year away from significant economic impacts from the squeeze the Trump administration is putting on immigrants. And Mary Cullen reports on Run Hide Fight; how to choose what to do in an active shooter situation.