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A study done by Illinois Wesleyan University scientists finds nearly half of deer meet processed in central Illinois has fragments of lead shot in it. The story from professors Aaron Schultz Wilson and Given Harper. Plus, a discussion of state finances and how the proposed change in the income tax structure would change them. And there's no sign the pandemic caused jump in pet adoptions is slowing. 

Heartland community college will likely take a couple months to recover from that destructive October 5th cyber attack. Chief Information Officer Scott Bross says the FBI is investigating. Mayor Tari Renner of Bloomington says he's had enough time in office. Plus, outbreaks of COVID-19 at eight Bloomington Normal long term care facilities now outpace the numbers at nursing home during the early part of the pandemic. And nine new restaurants are serving meals amid the pandemic. Hear a check in on the Bloomington Normal Restaurant Scene. 

Unlike in March, health departments have better direction and more tools for schools to address coronavirus flareups and outbreaks. Hear more on school reopening and contact tracing. Plus, a report on the graduated tax initiative. A central Illinois candidate for Illinois Teacher of the Year offers his philosophy of education. And even in the middle of a pandemic, nine restaurants are under construction in the twin cities. Larry Carius talks about the Bloomington Normal Restaurant Scene. 

There was a student spike in COVID cases at ISU at the start of the semester. What about next semester? ISU President Larry Dietz says that's one reason the university will begin testing up to 13 thousand people a week. Plus, hear about the challenge of busing children to school in a socially distanced way. Unit 5 Schools Superintendent Kristen Weikle talks about teacher student bonding during the pandemic. And it's a good year for pumpkins and pumpkin sellers. 

13th district Congressional candidates are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars this year on Facebook. Learn more about social media political campaign strategy this election. Plus, 'a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a virtual horse!' There's a new production of Richard III coming to a screen near you. The federal government will spend more money to reduce human trafficking in central Illinois. And our series on contact tracing continues. 

Rhetoric from the Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate in Illinois raises the prospect of a new civil war. Hear why even races that used to require mainstream approaches to be successful aren't attracting mainstream candidates. Plus, our series on contact tracing continues. Outgoing Illinois State University Athletics Director Larry Lyons shares how new initiatives on diversity training and racial insensitivity are going after his misstep earlier this year. And Ameren Illinois joins the electric vehicle caravan with a network of charging stations. 

On today's episode, WGLT's series on contract tracers continues.

Democratic McLean County Board candidate Hannah Beer says Illinois State University student voices have often not been heard the way they should be. Hear coverage of election 2020 and the county board district that covers the ISU campus and uptown. Plus, the Illinois School Nurses Association Nurse of the Year tells you how very different things will be in Bloomington Normal school buildings. And Eric Stock reports part one of our weeklong series on contact tracing.

On today's episode, you'll hear from McLean County Democratic Party chair Nikita Richards and McLean County Republican Party chair Connie Beard discuss the graduated income tax proposal. Find all of our election coverage at 


On today's episode, Sen. Dick Durbin talks about the prospects for another round of coronavirus relief. You'll hear about the physical toll of pandemic stress. And ISU and IWU make alternative plans for Homecoming. 

On today's episode of Sound Ideas, you'll hear a debate between two candidates running for McLean County Board in District 3, which includes southwest Bloomington. They are Democrat R.J. McCracken and Libertarian Derek Evans. 

WGLT's Sound Ideas - 10/06/20

Oct 7, 2020

On today's episode of Sound Ideas, you'll hear from Normal Mayor Chris Koos about developments in Uptown Normal. Heartland Community College discloses a computer systems breach. And WGLT courts reporter Edith Brady-Lunny follows an unusual development involving alleged looters in McLean County.

WGLT's Sound Ideas - 9/25/20

Oct 6, 2020

You'll learn about how the Normal Theater plans to reopen safely amid the pandemic. And you'll hear from a Libertarian running for McLean County Board in District 7. 

In tonight's episode of Sound Ideas, you'll hear portions of our candidates forum for the 88th House District, including Republican Rep. Keith Sommer, Democrat Karla Bailey-Smith, and Libertarian Ken Allison.

Sometimes a virtual event can have something an in person event doesn't. Take the annual Museum of History Cemetery Walk, for instance. Candace Summers with the museum says they'll also have photos to supplement actor performances of people from the past. Plus, one of the state's most important Republican leaders reacts to President Trump's word choices on white supremacy in this week's debate. Hear from state Sen. Bill Brady. Eric Stock reports on District 87 parents who worry about their young elementary school children getting sick if they go back to school.

Hear from one of the candidates for McLean County Coroner, Abby Sorrels. Incumbent Kathy Yoder didn't respond to requests for an interview. The economic recovery picture in Bloomington Normal has some bright colors and some dingy ones. Economic Development Council head Patrick Hoban paints the picture. And take a long strange trip inside your dog's mind. Hint: it's mainly the nose that counts.

Learn about a new ethics reform proposal from Illinois Senate Republicans that allows states attorneys not just judges to have wiretap authority. State Senator Jason Barickman tells you why the idea won't get into constitutional trouble. Plus, a fight over masks and bars de-escalates. Bloomington Liquor Commissioner and Mayor Tari Renner tells why. The pandemic and stressed out irritation go hand in hand...hear how to resist flaring. And Illinois Wesleyan University explains a new mental health initiative for student athletes. 

MADD National President Helen Witty says we don't know enough about marijuana and driving. Yet, a survey by State Farm Insurance shows one in eight adults admits to driving under the influence of marijuana. Plus, hear from the Democratic candidate in the very red 18th congressional district. Attorney George Petrilli talks healthcare and safe seats. And hear about hanging loose and staying resilient amid the stress of the pandemic. It's not that easy.  

Lead paint contamination is a tricky thing that can hurt people. Hear about a couple million dollar grant to remove lead from Bloomington houses. Plus, men have traditionally held most of the power in politics. That's changing, including in Bloomington Normal. Twin cities women talk about it. And WGLT Program Director Mike McCurdy has spent close to four decades in broadcasting and three at WGLT. He's turning off the Microphone this week.

There is still a little bit of in-person entertainment in Central Illinois - hear about the southern rock music of Blackberry Smoke

Illinois State University and the University of Illinois had different approaches to the fall semester, but both have faculty unhappy with what went on. A tale of two schools. Plus hear a candidate for McLean County Board in District 2 make the pitch for votes. And game design and interdisciplinary elements are part of the new Creative Technology major at Illinois State University.

Hear what Irving school in Bloomington tries to do during a pandemic to attach to students who move in and out of schools more often than average. Principal Messina Lambert says students who move frequently have more learning challenges. 80% of Irving School students in Bloomington come from low income families. Plus, we'll review the take from a big data dump of several hundred complaints about pandemic safety enforcement in McLean County, or the lack thereof. Normal Town Council member Stan Nord advocates working against town safety enforcement measures - and the clap back from that.

You'll hear about a troubling rise in domestic violence in McLean County since the pandemic began. Dana Vollmer reports on the challenge facing employers and employees about disclosing COVID-19 information. And Jon Norton previews a new album from Bloomington musical artist V8 Vast Change.

There are three candidates for Mclean County Board District 5 in Normal. Libertarian Jo Litwiller says she has a unique point of view that sees both sides of the spectrum. Republican incumbent and County Board Chair John McIntyre says he has always thought himself fortunate to be able to work with so many good people both Republicans and Democrats. And Rachael Lund says it is time to elect a new generation of leadership. Election 2020 coverage continues with a joint interview of the candidates.

The McLean County Nursing home factors into all eight of the competitive races for McLean County Board Seats. Hear two of the candidates for District 7 as part of WGLT coverage of Election 2020.

Domestic violence cases are up. Way up possibly because the pandemic makes everyone feel a little lost. And family violence incidents are getting more serious in McLean County. Plus, an epidemiologist says schools like Illinois State University that don't have clear guidelines on when to shut down or interim steps are running a risk. A Bloomington candy maker takes steps to prevent or limit COVID-19. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner talks about buying marijuana on Veterans Parkway.

McLean County Board candidates sometimes tout how they fight for principles. Others avoid righteous stands and talk about peacemaking. Hear the candidates in District 9. Plus, the pandemic has made child welfare agency problems worse.

A Bloomington-based long-term care company joins a drug trial that could prevent COVID-19 infection. McLean County's sheriff weighs in on a controversial ordinance proposal. And a Normal family is growing an unusual crop in its front yard.

Hear the candidates for McLean County Board District 8 talk about their solutions to the issues facing the county.

Governor JB Pritzker says college campuses like Bradley University that require self isolation and campuswide quarantines are doing a good thing to limit the pandemic  Hear more about the Governor's visit to Bloomington Normal. Plus, it takes a lot to keep faculty and student tech up and running during on line learning. Hear from one of the squad members who does that at Illinois State University. Against some odds Colleges and universities in Bloomington Normal now feel pretty good about their fall enrollment numbers.