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Bloomington To Consider New Rules Limiting Mayor’s Power To Set Agenda

Jun 24, 2018

As Bloomington prepares to hire a new city manager Monday night, aldermen are also expected to consider new limits on the mayor's power to put items on the council's agenda.

The proposal would require the mayor and aldermen to submit a form outlining cost, staff time, and other considerations to get a proposal discussed at the council’s monthly Committee of the Whole meeting. From there it could be placed on the council agenda if a majority of aldermen approve.

Currently, the mayor has no such constraints, while alderman need majority approval to get an item placed on the council agenda.

Mayor Tari Renner and aldermen have butted heads in recent months over agenda-setting, including over the proposed Welcoming City ordinance. Renner has expressed opposition to changes in agenda-setting rules. Aldermen who support the change said it's primarily aimed at protecting city staff's limited time and resources, and not specifically a move to reduce mayoral power.

The council on Monday is also expected to approve Tim Gleason's contract as city manager. Steve Rasmussen has been serving as interim city manager since David Hales left in November to become the city manager in Joliet. Gleason's first day on the job would be July 23. 

The council is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. at city council chambers.

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