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Dietz Addresses ISU Orientation Rape Case, 2017 Illinois Budget

Jul 22, 2016

ISU President Larry Dietz addresses the Board of Trustees. (From left: Secretary Anne Davis, President Larry Dietz, Chair Rocky Donahue, Trustee Mary Ann Louderback.)
Credit Michael Hill / WGLT

Illinois State University president Larry Dietz commented on an alleged rape that happened during an ISU Preview orientation program. Speaking at the Board of Trustees meeting earlier today, Dietz said this is the first time this has happened since the event was founded in 1966.

“Preview is an acclaimed and award-winning program that, for 50 years, has prepared students and their families for Illinois State University,” he said. “Never in those five decades has a situation like this occurred before.”

Dietz said that, while the situation leaves the university troubled, angry and offended, he is pleased that the alleged assailants were captured by police.

“We can find some closure in the facts that the victim courageously reported this incident, and reported it quickly, and that the ISU Police Department investigated the crime and made an arrest very quickly,” he said.

Dietz also spoke about ISU’s financial situation. The university is continuing its cost containment measures due to the lack of a state budget for this fiscal year. Dietz said the university will continue its policy of leaving non-faculty positions vacant following retirements or resignations and making sure to keep up with expenses such as maintenance and equipment purchases. Dietz said ISU entered the budget year financially stable.

“I do not currently foresee a circumstance this fiscal year that would lead to layoffs or furloughs,” he said. “And we will also provide up-front [Illinois] MAP funding for students.”

Dietz said funding the Illinois Monetary Award Program for low-income individuals is the right thing to do.