Rauner Dodges Veto Override on Right-to-Work Zones | WGLT

Rauner Dodges Veto Override on Right-to-Work Zones

Nov 7, 2017

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Tuesday narrowly escaped having one of his vetoes overridden.

The legislation would have banned cities and counties from setting up “right-to-work zones.” That's where employees could opt out of paying union fees, even if they get union-negotiated pay and benefits.

Unions say it’s an attack on working people. But state Rep. Jerry Lee Long, R-Streator, said Illinois is in no danger of becoming a right-to-work state.

“We don’t have enough votes in this House to vote for right-to-work. There’s no way that we could make the state of Illinois right to work. All this is is political theater," Long said.

Long said he’s a third-generation union member, but for unions to survive, Illinois has become more business-friendly.

So far, Lincolnshire is the only Illinois town to have created a right-to-work zone. That led to a lawsuit that’s still being fought in court.

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