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Sangu Delle: How Does Toxic Masculinity Contribute To The Stigma Of Mental Illness?

Part 5 of the TED Radio Hour episode Erasing The Stigma.

About Sangu Delle's TED Talk

As a child, Sangu Delle learned "real men" don't struggle with emotions. But when he later experienced anxiety and depression, he realized seeking help was actually a sign of strength—not weakness.

About Sangu Delle

Sangu Delle is an author, entrepreneur, and investor.

He is the managing director of Africa Health Holdings, an innovative healthcare company based in Ghana. He also serves as Chairman of Golden Palm Investments Corporation (GPI), an investment holding company focused on building world class technology companies in Africa.

Delle is a clean water activist and co-founder of Cleanacwa, a nonprofit working in underdeveloped communities in Ghana to make sure that water and sanitation, basic human rights, are provided.

Delle graduated from Harvard College with degrees in Economics and African Studies. He's a recipient of the Soros Fellowship and has also completed two law degrees at Harvard.

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