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Comparing The COVID-19 Vaccines

We're explaining the difference between the available COVID-19 vaccines.
We're explaining the difference between the available COVID-19 vaccines.

Americans are desperate to get vaccinated against all the strains of COVID-19. When the technology permits, appointments are snapped up in seconds. However, despite the demand for protection against the coronavirus, Americans have questions about what that protection might look like. Several pharmaceutical companies around the world have developed vaccines that protect against COVID-19, the most prominent of which are Moderna and Pfizer. The varieties of vaccines have some asking: What’s the difference? Which one should I get?

And now they have another option. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine on Saturday. Initial reporting about it raised some eyebrows about its effectiveness. But a new study, released with the FDA, indicates their vaccine prevents people from hospitalization due to the disease.

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What should Americans know about how the different COVID-19 vaccines work?

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Amanda Williams