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Kingsley Jr. High Dress Code Conversation Grows

Unit 5 signage

Concerned parents want the Unit Five School Board to lighten up on the dress code and focus on what they view as more important issues. 

Kingsley Junior High's Principal recently told parents to curb female clothing, but did not mention male attire in the message.

A group told the school board being an adolescent is already a difficult time and that degrading actions by classmates can make the teenage years even worse.

Kingsley Junior High Parent Wendy Roberts told the board she was shocked to hear of a recent situation between a male and female student. 

"A boy in P.E. (physical education) told her about another conversation he was having with another one of the boys about whether or not he would rape her, what kind of sex moves he would  use on her, and whether or not he wanted to be with this girl," said Roberts. 

Roberts also said girls should never have to accept male students or others saying sexist remarks, even if it is later claimed to be joking. School officials Unit Five should spend more time teaching students respect for each other instead of focusing on clothing, she said.

Several speakers at the meeting agreed female attire isn't the problem. Roberts said that teacihng boys to act appropriately is a bigger issue.

"These boys don't understand when they cat call or say things, it affects these girls on a deeper level. It affects all people on a deeper level than just, oh, it was just a joke," said Roberts.

District policy prohibits clothing that does not adequately cover the body.

School officials have previously said the policy on dress code is gender neutral. They did not respond to the comments during the meeting.

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