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GLT Trivia Night

The Space Oddities ponder an answer

GLT Trivia Night

March 4, 2017
6:45 -7:15 - team check-in
7:15 - let the games begin
9:30 - awards ceremony

Castle Theatre
209 E Washington St, Bloomington, IL


Teams compete for incredibly valuable prizes and the bragging rights to the Smartest, Most Generous, and Best Team Spirit in the house. We're awarding First & Second places in all 3 categories and you'll have a chance to win other prizes throughout the night.

There are many ways to pad your score AND raise funds for GLT during the game. We'll have 5 rounds of 12 questions each. If the 8 heads on your team don't add up to an answer, you can buy a clue, bribe a GLT staff member to tell you the answer, or pay the big bucks for a guaranteed right answer. Sure, it's about how smart you are, but it's also about raising funds to keep GLT going strong.

Every dollar you spend is included in your team total for the most generous table. You can also pay to trash talk about another team. You can pay to have a staff member do something silly. And your waiter? GLT celebrities will wait on you hand and foot, so be kind and tip them well. It all goes to pay for the programming you love on GLT.

We encourage a clever team theme, costumes, and props. You are welcome to bring snacks related to your theme (or not), but NO outside beverages are allowed. The Castle offers a full cash bar including soft drinks and there will be bottled water on each table.